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    Would You Like To Test Drive A FORD RANGER RAPTOR This Weekend?
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    The Ford Island Conquest is back in Bacolod on its second year, providing car enthusiasts an all-in-one custom arena where customers can check out a display of Ford’s best-selling vehicles and test drive them in one venue. It’s a cross between a scaled-down showroom and a test drive venue that put consumers in an immersive driving experience.

    The Ford Island Conquest will take place at the N4 North East Perimeter in SM Bacolod on November 16-18, 2018. Customers can check out and test drive the first-ever:

    • Ranger Raptor
    • The NEW Ranger
    • The NEw EcoSport
    • Ford Everest

    Come Test-Drive A Ranger Raptor & Get Discounts and Prizes

    Over P1.2 million worth of cash prizes will be given away to customers who will reserve a vehicle during the 3-day event.

    Aside from test drive activities, the Ford Island Conquest also serves as a platform where owners and interested buyers can learn more about and avail of Ford’s after-sales and service offerings such as Premium Extended Warranty and Scheduled Service Plan (SSP), as well as various vehicle accessories.

    Yesterday’s Event Promoting Driving Safety

    As part of its road safety advocacy, Ford Philippines is also bringing its United Nations-recognized safe driving program Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) to Bacolod City for the first time as part of its commitment to educate drivers on the benefits of smart, safe, and fuel-efficient driving as well as the necessary driving skills to help minimize road accidents, altercations, and traffic congestion.

    The DSFL in Bacolod will be held at the SMX Convention Center on November 15, 2018 and will be attended by over 200 private and PUV drivers, traffic enforcers, road safety advocates, and student drivers.

    Now on its 11th year in the Philippines, the DSFL program is a combination of classroom training that includes modules on vehicle handling, driving in special conditions, anti-distracted driving, and fuel-efficient driving, as well as a hands-on driving simulation that allows participating drivers to apply their learnings from the classroom sessions. The DSFL program is offered to participating drivers for free.

    In an effort to increase DSFL’s relevance to today’s driving environment, the program tightened its focus on training more public utility vehicle drivers (PUV) covering the likes of bus, jeepney, school bus, and taxi drivers to be safer and more responsible drivers.

    Since 2008, DSFL has trained over 22,000 Filipino drivers nationwide in partnership with Tuason Racing School (TRS), the program’s long-time trainer and facilitator. In 2017, Ford reached close to 3,000 private and public utility vehicle (PUV) drivers nationwide as DSFL participants. For the first time since its launch, Ford conducted its DSFL program in key provinces such as Pampanga, Batangas, Cebu, Davao, as well as several educational institutions in Metro Manila. Ford also increased the number of hands-on driving sessions to ensure that participants are able to apply their learnings from the classroom sessions.

  • Blogapalooza 2018 - Mea in Bacolod
    Blogapalooza 2018: What Every Influencer Should Learn
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    Blogapalooza, a partner in influencer marketing, has been making headway in terms of providing a means for influencers to get to the next level of their careers. This year, I, as well as some of the Negrense Bloggers, was fortunate enough to have attended the event held at the Nobu Hotel Manila, City of Dreams. I learned so much so I wanted to share the key takeaways during the Blogapalooza 2018.

    Blogapalooza 2018: What Influencers Have To Understand

    In our line of work, we usually learn everything as we go along. Things like positive SSL, Google Ranking, Instagram hacking, and all of that – we pick up along the way. Fortunately, help is available from fellow influencers, several blog resources, and, of course, events like Blogapalooza. This year, I learned that influencers (bloggers, Instagram-mers, YouTube-ers, and those on Facebook) can reach the next level through the following ways:

    1. Don’t forget about creativity

    Blogapalooza 2018 - Mea in Bacolod

    L-R: Emman Nimedez, Camille Trinidad and Jayzam Manabat (JaMill), and Viy Cortez (YouTubers). Janelle Tee (Host), Ace Gapuz (CEO)

    We can’t just write the same kinds of content over and over again. We also can’t allow ourselves to be stuck in a creative rut when it comes to content. Based on the talks of Emman Nimedez, Camille Trinidad and Jayzam Manabat (JaMill), and Viy Cortez, it’s important to find inspiration even in the mundane. A boring chore, such as washing dishes, can become interesting if our angle for the content is unique, entertaining, and engaging.

    2. Never ignore what your data is telling you

    Miko David of David & Golyat

    As a Bacolod blogger, one of the main things I focus on is writing and SEO. Miko David of David & Golyat emphasizes that it isn’t enough. Aside from writing, influencers also have to think about data because it can tell you a lot of things. Data can give you insights into your audiences’ minds so you know the kind of content you can create and improve aspects of your site or content that need it the most improvement.

    3. Work on your Instagram

    Nix Eniego of Social Media Academy

    Again, I used to just focus on writing. I’ll be happy if I can write what I want all day. I didn’t use to pay that much attention to my Facebook Page or Instagram. However, Nix Eniego emphasized the relevance of Instagram today. Brands take a look at social media profiles, particularly IG, not just blog site statistics.

    4. It’s possible to be positive in the midst of haters

    Blogapalooza 2018 - Mea in Bacolod

    Rui Mariano, Matmat Centino, and Francine Garcia

    The beautiful ladies on this panel face hundreds, if not thousands, of haters on their social media profiles. Each one of them handles it with humor and we should all too. Negativity has no power over you if you don’t recognize that it has power int he first place.

    5. The traditional can transition into the new

    Negrense Bloggers with Christine Bersola Babao

    We usually believe in the saying, “You can’t teach old dogs new tricks,” but Ms. Christine Bersola Babao proves otherwise. She talked about a lot of her experiences with blogging, vlogging, and managing social media. I love that she admits that everything is still a learning process for her, but she is zealous in learning the ropes especially with vlogging.

    To say the least, the Blogapalooza 2018 was a success. I am looking forward to what the team has next year. For now, I am more than equipped to make progress with my blogging thanks to everything I have learned.

  • Megaworld Corporation Introduces The Upper East
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    So what’s new in the City of Smiles? Things are looking up as real estate development plans unfold. Last July 30, 2018, Megaworld Corporation, a company known for building high-end residential condominiums and commercial properties, unveiled The Upper East.

    Megaworld - Upper East Bacolod

    Everything You Need To Know About The Upper East in Bacolod

    “The Upper East” is the first Megaworld township to be built on a 34-hectare property that used to be the Bacolod-Murcia Milling Co. (BMMC). This was designed to be Bacolod’s version of an upscale lifestyle district. There will be residential condominiums, malls and commercial centers, BPO offices, tourism and leisure facilities, as well as recreational parks and open space, mostly inspired by the Big Apple’s affluent Upper East Side district.

    L-R: Rachelle Peñaflorida, Vice President for Sales and Marketing, Harold Geronimo, Head of Strategic Marketing & Communications

    Other Upper East Features To Look Forward To

    The Upper East township is also designed to be flood-proof with an underground cabling system for power and utility lines. Bacolodnons can also expect LED and solar-powered streetlights, fiber-optic technology, and a drip irrigation system for landscaping and water reuse facilities. Those who are into riding bikes will be glad to know that it will have its own biking network facilities. Free public Wi-fi will be made available in most parts of the township, as well.

    The First To Rise: One Regis

    Among the first to be built in the township will be the nine-story residential condominium, to be called One Regis. The mid-rise residential development offers units ranging from studios of the following sizes:

    • 37 sq m
    • 58 sq m
    • 73 sq m

    There will be some units that will have a “lanai,” an exclusive balcony that has a view of the Upper East landscape or the amenity deck’s pool and indoor park. The second floor’s amenity deck will have facilities such a swimming pool and a kiddie pool, pool lounge and seating areas, fitness center, events hall, male and female shower rooms, and a walk park. Definitely, this is a real estate development to look forward to.

  • EigasaiPH Bacolod Schedule - 12 Movies To See For Free At SM City Bacolod | Mea in Bacolod
    EigasaiPH Bacolod Schedule: 12 Movies To See For Free At SM Bacolod
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    Last year, EigasaiPH graced the City of Smiles with a treat for those who are fans of Japanese films. They brought several FREE MOVIES for the public to watch. This year, they are coming back to do it all over again. EigasaiPH is making its way to Bacolod this August 2018. For the EigasaiPH Bacolod Schedule, read below.

    EigasaiPH Bacolod Schedule And Everything Else You Need To Know

    In case you didn’t know, EigasaiPH is a Japanese Film Festival organized by the Japan Foundation, Manila for enthusiasts of Japanese cinema, arts and culture. The organizers go from one Philippine city to another to show popular films from Japan. The best part about this is that they show the films for FREE at SM City Bacolod.

    August 2018 Movie Schedule

    EigasaiPH Bacolod - 12 Movies To See For Free At SM City Bacolod | Mea in Bacolod

    The best way to remember the EigasaiPH Bacolod Schedule is to bookmark this post or you can LIKE EigasaiPH on Facebook to get alerts and updates about the upcoming festival. I grabbed the photo from their Facebook post (with permission) and it did say that the schedules might change without prior notice.

    How To Watch EigasaiPH Movies For Free

    It’s actually very straight-forward. For you to watch EigasaiPH’s FREE FILMS at SM City Bacolod, just show up at the cinema on the dates and times posted on the EigasaiPH Bacolod Schedule. If you’d like to watch Tori Girl, for example, just show up at the cinema on August 9, Thursday, 12:30PM.

    Frequently Asked Questions Watching EigasaiPh Films

    Do you need a movie ticket?

    Last year, movie-goers would go straight to the theatre, but I’m not 100% sure this year. I will ask, and then update this post so everyone can be informed.

    First Come, First Serve

    Just like last year, you cannot reserve seats. The arrangement is first-come-first-serve. If you are dying to see ReLIFE, you have to arrive early so that you still have seating.

    See You At EigasaiPH Bacolod

    Based on the schedule, a total of 12 films will be shown. The festival only does this once a year so we really have to grab this chance to appreciate Japanese films together with people who have the same interest. See you at SM City Bacolod this August 2018 for EigasaiPH.

  • Petron Best Day: Running Around Negros Occidental With Mea in Bacolod
    Petron Best Day: Experiencing The Negrense Hospitality
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    Petron Best Day – When you think of Negros Occidental, that is if you even heard of it, the first word that probably comes to your mind is “probinsiya.” Commonly, those of you who have not visited my hometown yet might have images of Negrenses (people from here) riding water buffalos around town. That does happen from time to time, but we do have cars here and a lot of it. We also have a local art scene, plenty of restaurants offering a variety of flavors, a chiller than chill nightlife, and a rich history that we are very proud of. So, when I was invited to join the Petron TriAction Performance Run Team to visit interesting places on my island, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to step-up and represent.

    Petron Best Day: Going Around Negros

    Petron Best Day: Stop 1 - Lakawon Island, Cadiz Viejo

    Off To The Island

    Eight (8) cars with a total of sixteen (16) drivers were on their way to the island to experience what Negros Occidental has to offer. Our first stop? Lakawon, a small, white-sanded island in Cadiz, Viejo that has become a popular local destination for photo-shoots and mini-trips with friends and family.

    What To Do At Lakawon?

    Petron Best Day: Stop 1 - TawHai Floating Bar, Lakawon Island, Cadiz Viejo

    • Photos – The very first thing that you do when you jump out of the boat and step on Lakawon’s sand is take photos. There’s a reason why the place has become the subject of a lot of Instagram and Facebook posts.
    • TawHai Floating Bar– You should never miss the chance to go on TawHai, the very first and biggest floating bar in Asia. The Petron TriAction Performance Team did not waste any time. After several photos, we immediately headed to the famed floating bar, where Pinoy movie stars were often photographed on.
    • Eat – The experiences you’re going to have at Lakawon won’t be complete unless you grab a bite to eat and open a bottle to sip. We had a good spread on the floating bar, but since the drivers were going to drive some more, we skipped the beers.

    The Taj Mahal Of The Philippines

    Petron Best Day: Stop 2 - The Ruins, Talisay City, Negros Occidental

    The next stop was The Ruins, located in Talisay City, Negros Occidental. I love going to this place because I have a natural affinity for anything vintage. Plus, the story behind The Ruins, also known as the Taj Mahal of the Philippines, is one for romance novels. This is the home of the family of a wealthy sugar baron named Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson who built the house in the early 1900s, in memory of his Portuguese wife, Maria Braga Lacson.

    What To Do At The Ruins?

    • Photos – This place is a photographer’s dream. There are plenty of spots that can be backgrounds of interesting photos. At night, lights are shined on the walls. These lights bring out a secret – the glistening walls are a product of egg whites and cement.
    • Tour – If you go to The Ruins as a big group, you’ll be given your own tour and you’ll learn about why the house was built, who it was built for, the family’s history, why it was burned down, and so on.
    • Shopping – The Ruins has a souvenir shop that you can visit right after the tour.
    • Eat – Aside from the souvenir shop, there’s also a restaurant that serves different fusion dishes. My guess is that the restaurant is open for lunch, snacks, and dinner.

    Aside from the above activities, the Petron Team was treated to a performance by the winning dance group from this year’s Masskara Festival. For dinner, in the true tradition of Bacolod, my city and the capital of Negros Occidental:

    • Chicken inasal
    • Bbq-ed chicken innards
    • Garlic rice
    • Plenty of chicken oil

    …were served. For dessert? Of course, piaya, another delicacy my city is known for.

    Final Stop: Petron Best Day Negros Occidental & Bacolod Tour

    Petron Best Day: Stop 3 - Petron Station, Lacson Street, Bacolod City

    The third and final stop of the day was at the Petron Station along Lacson Street. The eight cars had to fuel up for their next tour in Iloilo City. My time was indeed a Petron Best Day! And, although I just met the group and spent time with them for a few hours, I felt welcomed. I’m hoping to see the same bunch the next time Petron has its next TriAction Performance Run.

    Other Details:

  • City Mall Cinema Opening - City Mall Mandalagan City Mall Victorias | Mea in Bacolod
    City Mall Cinema Opening: Mandalagan & Victorias
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    I love to watch movies. About a year ago, there was a point in my life where I watched about three (3) movies per day. Whenever I went on a break from work, I grabbed my phone and streamed indie, black and white, or French movies. Fast forward to now, I learned to stop binge-watching through my phone. I realized that I might appreciate certain movies more when I take the time to watch them in the cinema. This is just my short segway. What I really want to tell you guys is that you can now enjoy movies at the newly opened City Mall Cinema at Mandalagan and Victorias.

    City Mall Cinema Mandalagan & Victorias Now Open

    I may be from the East part of town, but if there were a mall with a cinema near from where I am currently living, I would be happier. Those of you who are at or near the Mandalagan area, consider yourselves lucky. You don’t have to go to Robinson’s anymore just to see a movie. Those in Victorias should feel the same way since you don’t have to travel far to see movies on the big screen.

    What You Need To Know

    Last December 1, 2017, I got to experience how it would be to enjoy a movie in both cinemas. So far, here is what I know about the two (City Mall Cinema Mandalagan and Victorias) movie theatres:

    City Mall Cinema Mandalagan


    • Ticket price: P190-P200. The price will usually vary depending on what movie is showing.

    • The number of seats: 104 seats for the regular cinema in Mandalagan. And, 104 seats at Victorias.

    • Concession: There will be snack booths outside both City Mall Cinemas. I especially like the cinema in Victorias because SaveMore is just right across where the cinema is. You can grab a quick snack at the grocery isles and slip inside without much walking involved.


    City Mall Cinema Victorias

    Date Night With Sharon And Robin

    Other bloggers and I were treated to “Unexpectedly Yours” starring Robin Padilla and Sharon Cuneta. The movie was fun and relatable, surprisingly. I do recommend that you watch it, but what I want to highlight with the cinemas is that the chairs are suitable for dates. The armrests can actually be raised so you and your partner can feel like you’re sitting on a love couch (a couch only meant for two).

    The Wide Screen Awaits

    City Mall Cinema Victorias

    City Mall Cinema Victorias

    City Mall Cinema Mandalagan

    City Mall Cinema Mandalagan

    If you don’t have any plans for the weekend yet, go ahead and see the new cinemas for yourself. As I am writing this, the movie that’s currently showing is Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The same movie is showing at City Mall Cinema Victorias. Check the links below to see the exact time of the screenings for this movie:

    •City Mall Mandalagan Movie Schedule HERE

    •City Mall Cinema Victorias movie Schedule HERE

  • Rotary Club Of Bacolod South - Free Legal Consultation
    1st Free Legal Consultation Of the Rotary Club of Bacolod South a Sucess
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    As I write this, I remember when I was young, about six or seven years old. My mom brought me and my sister to her friend’s house. I was expecting my mom and her friends to have tea or coffee, as I and my sister quietly play at some corner of the living room. But, no. We were greeted with a sea of books. Next to them, boxes, a lot of them. As my mother explained, our task was to help her and her amigas organize the books inside the boxes. They were to be sent to children from different schools who needed books to read. My mother was a Rotarian.

    The Rotary Continues To Contribute To Society

    I’m already thirty years old and the Rotary is still contributing to society. I recently attended an event that was successfully conducted by the Rotary Club of Bacolod South, spearheaded by current President Elena Gatanela. They offered FREE legal consultation last August 21, 2017, at SM City Bacolod, Northwing.

    Legal Consultation Available To Anyone

    The event focused on providing legal consultation to anyone and everyone who passed by the setup that day. At first, people were hesitant to come closer but upon the encouragement of eager Rotarians, there were plenty of people who had some light shed on a legal question they have been pondering for years.

    Why A Legal Consultation?

    Actually, the better question on my mind is “Why not?” There are plenty of legal issues that many feel like are unsolvable because they cannot afford a sit down with a lawyer. Sure, there are other pressing issues in society, but the way I see it Rotary Club of Bacolod South is focusing on one issue at a time.

    Personally, I haven’t attended other events similar to this one so I grabbed the chance to ask one of the participating lawyers a question that has been on my family’s to-do list in 2018. Of course, I won’t tell you guys about it, but the advice the lawyer gave was legitimate. I’m glad that he was able to give me precise direction with regards to the solution to my legal query.

    More From The Rotary Club of Bacolod South

    It does a heart good to help people in need. That’s what my mom always says and that’s probably the main reason why she joined the Rotary Club. Although I wasn’t on the giving end during the event, it still did my heart good to see my fellow Bacolodnons line up and talk to the participating lawyers. And, the eagerness I saw in my mother as she packed the books into the boxes, I also saw in the Rotarians that were present that day.

    Rotary Club Of Bacolod South - Free Legal Consultation

    If you want to know more about other activities organized by the Rotary Club of Bacolod South, make sure you like their Facebook Page or you visit their official website here.

    Activity Partners:

    • Integrated Bar of the Philippines- Negros Occidental Chapter, which provided 12 volunteer lawyers
    • SM City Bacolod which provide free space.

    RCBS would like to thank the following lawyers:

    • Atty. Josephine Maria Natalaray
    • Atty.  Pauline T. Nuega
    • Atty Nino Jandy P. Calitis
    • Atty. Gabriel P. Sinco
    • Atty. Ericson T. Cepida
    • Atty. Kristin Abunda
    • Atty. Erwin Cabarles
    • Judge Gorgonio lbanez
    • Atty. Glen Mortel
    • Atty. Solomon Lobrido
    • Atty. Eli Gatanela
    • Atty. Vanessa Encabo


  • SM City Bacolod Christmas Tree Display 2017 - Disney Christmas
    A Disney Christmas At SM City Bacolod
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    SM City Bacolod has always celebrated the holidays with the lighting of their gigantic Christmas tree. This year, the mall has upped their display with an even grander tree, complete with all the bells and whistles, and a touch of Disney. Yep, you can start your Disney Christmas already by taking your picture with the tree as well as Mickey and Mini Mouse.

    A Grand Disney Christmas Launch

    In the true spirit of the Holiday and of Disney, the launching, which was held last November 11, 2017 (Saturday) was celebrated with Christmas songs, ballet and dance numbers, and, of course, the presence of kids and their parents. After the speeches and performances, the crowd gathered around the 40-foot tree as it was lighted. Balloons, in the same color as Mickey Mouse, were released and the monumental event was topped off with lots and lots of confetti, floating down like the first snow of winter.

    It’s only the middle of November, but why not start Christmas early? We, here in the Philippines, don’t get to have a Disney Christmas often so grab your loved ones and head over to SM City Bacolod. Your kids will love it and so will you.

  • Masskara Festival 2017 & October Events | Mea in Bacolod
    MassKara Festival 2017 & October Events
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    It’s October and, per usual, the City of Smiles is slowly morphing into a vat filled to the brim with beer, making way to a seemingly unending stream of merry-making. The MassKara Festival 2017 is upon Bacolod. If you’re planning to go out with friends, or visit the city during the MassKara highlights, you’re going to need a complete guide for events happening all over the metro and all throughout October.

    Complete Schedule of The MassKara Festival 2017 and Other October Events

    This October, the city government has released the official schedule of the MassKara Festival 2017. Below, you will see specific dates for events as well as the dates for the highlights. Move the arrows of the slider to the left and right to check out events from October 1 until October 22.


    MassKara Festival Events To Watch Out For

    • Nights of Mardi Gras – October 10 -12, 2017 – Bacolod Public Plaza
    • MassKara Drum Beating Contest – October 17 – 18, 2017 – Bacolod Public Plaza
    • National Fireworks Display Competition – October 19, 2017 – Bacolod City Government Center
    • Electric MassKara – October 20 – 22, 2017 – Tourism Strip, Lacson Street

    Other October Events

    Aside form the official MassKara Festival 2017 events, you can also enjoy other October events happening in Bacolod City. To learn more, all you have to do is click on the event of interest and you’ll get all the information you need like contact numbers and locations. Enjoy and I hope that you have the best time in my city this October!

    No Events are found.
  • EIGASAI Bacolod 2017 - Opening Night Film Review | Mea in Bacolod
    EIGASAI Opens at SM City Bacolod with Her Love Boils Bathwater (Movie Review)
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    It’s not everyday that the City of Smiles is graced with a foreign film festival. In fact, we haven’t had any foreign film fests at all until yesterday. Through the partnership with SM City Bacolod, EIGASAI, a film festival that has been celebrated in Manila for about 20 years, has extended their reach to Bacolod City, giving birth to the first ever EIGASAI Bacolod Film Festival.

    EIGASAI Bacolod 2017 | Mea in Bacolod

    Opening Night of Eigasai Bacolod

    I was invited to the opening and as expected the turn out was turnt up. City officials, several organizations, local media, Japanese citizens living in the city, bloggers (myself included), students and some of the general public were able to enjoy EIGASAI Bacolod’s opening night. The first ever film shown was “Her Love Boils Bathwater”.

    No Spoilers Opening Night Movie Review – 9/10

    Her Love Boils Bathwater is a film that many will appreciate. It’s rated PG and hits close to home as it portrays common familial issues. The film depicts troubles in a marriage, parenting difficulties, extramarital affairs, friendship, and, most of all, a mother’s unconditional love. Rie Miyazawa, main actress, was superb in the film. The rest of the cast was nothing short of amazing too.

    What to Expect

    One shouldn’t expect an artsy film nor a film with a lot of action scenes, but what “Her Love Boils Bathwater” will give you is something closer to your heart and that’s what makes it a must-see. Important FYI: Bring your tissues. A whole box of it. As you may have guessed, it’s a drama film and I know that most of you reading this will probably discount the film because of its genre but I’m telling you that this is far from the usual “chick flicks” you’ve seen on screen. It’s going to be a waste if you don’t see this film – trust me.

    EIGASAI Bacolod Brings You FREE Movies

    Did I mention that the EIGASAI Bacolod Film Fest brings you films for FREE? Yes, that’s absolutely right. This is not a typo. It’s really FREE – all 12 films you can watch with your friends at SM City Bacolod free of charge. Here’s the schedule. I suggest that you go early because the films are under a first-come-first-serve basis.

    EIGASAI Bacolod Trailers

    Don’t forget to LIKE Eigasai PH on Facebook as well as the Mea in Bacolod FB Page for more event updates. You can see all the trailers on my friend DhaDha Garcia’s blog the Blue Ink. Check the trailers here.

  • Global Filipino School Program by Globe Telecom | Mea in Bacolod
    21st Century Learning and Cyberwellness Training via Globe’s Global Filipino School Program
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    With today’s technologically advanced generation, it’s high time for our schools to be equipped with training and lessons that are of the 21st century. Traditional education, in my opinion, is still effective to some degree, but we have to crank it up a little higher to cover topics like social media etiquette, cyberbullying and everything under the cyberwellness umbrella. That’s why I was glad when I was invited to attend Globe‘s event for their Global Filipino School program (GFS program) in Cebu City National Science High School (CCNSHS).

    Miguel Bermundo | Pillar Leader for Education Speaking About the Mobile ICT Cart | Mea in Bacolod

    Globe Telecom Citizen Divison Manager Miguel

    What is the Global Filipino School Program?

    The Global Filipino School program provides select public schools with infrastructure support and ICT equipment such as the Globe Digital Learning Lab – a mobile cart of ICT gadgets composed of netbooks, tablets, and projectors powered with superior internet connectivity. The Lab can be used to teach different subject matters whether inside or outside the classroom to encourage creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking.

    The program also has a teacher training component to empower the teachers with skills to seamlessly use ICT tools in their subject expertise. In turn, the schools under the GFS Program serve as a teacher training hub for the Department of Education and are responsible for carrying out teacher training to neighboring schools.

    For CCNSHS, the school we visited during our trip, it has 38 teachers and 1,004 students. Globe turned over:

    • 20 tablets with mirroring capability for projectors and LCD screens
    • 2 projector kits with projector screen
    • 10 Globe Prepaid Supersticks
    • 1 mobile cart which also serves as a charging station
    • And, free 10mbps internet connection


    CCNSHS is the 10th school in Cebu province which benefitted from the GFS program which now covers 142 schools all over the country. The program, which started in 2012, intends to transform at least one school in each of the 221 school divisions under the Department of Education into centers of ICT excellence within the next four years. I can’t wait for this program to reach Visayas.


    What is the impact of the Global Filipino School Program on students?

    A Student of Cebu City National Science High School Sharing the Effects of Global Filipino School Program

    Arianwen Rollan, student of Cebu City National Science High School (CCNSHS), sharing how the program has improved their learning.

    We had the chance to ask one of Cebu City National Science High School’s students to find out whether the program is actually making an impact or not. As expected, the students are responding well according to this young lady. She accounts that she is learning about how to use social media responsibly and how technology can improve lives. Her horizon and perspective broadened because of what she is learning.

    I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. She replied that she wanted to be a doctor but might just change her mind because of all the new possibilities that she was introduced to by the lessons she learned from the Global Filipino School program.

    ICT Coordinator Training

    Meanwhile, Globe held a Digital Thumbprint Program (DTP) training for 44 ICT coordinators of Mandaue City School Division held at the Mandaue City Science High School. The coordinators, representing 42 public elementary and schools in Mandaue City, will in turn conduct DTP workshops for students in their respective schools. Through DTP, the students will learn about the responsible use of technology, be it through gadgets, website browsing, or social media platforms that will allow them to avoid social media mistakes and becoming victims of cyberbullying and cybercrimes.

    Words from Globe’s Senior VP for Corporate Communications

    “Quality education goes hand-in- hand with ICT which allows learning to take place not only within the classroom but even beyond it. Mobile internet adoption and the availability of affordable data-capable gadgets make it easier now for both students and teachers to access a vast library of information previously out of their reach. We believe that by providing the teachers and students with the tools they need, we can help uplift the state of Philippine education one classroom at a time,” said Yoly Crisanto, Globe Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications.

    “Being a company which focuses on technology and digital lifestyle, Globe also wants to equip its customers with the knowledge and tools to protect themselves online. Through our #MakeITSafe campaign, we are tapping DTP to help guide them in making safe and responsible choices in their online activities,” Crisanto adds.

    Digital Thumbprint Program (DTP) Training

    DTP offers three exciting modules for students. Each module is designed to increase students’ knowledge of digital citizenship and cyber safety by taking a critical look at their online behavior and helping them develop insights into the influences of the online world and the choices they are making.

    The Digital Insight workshop provides activities to help students discern proper online behavior, Digital Impact tackles issues on technology’s impact on students’ social activities, while Digital Ambition equips them with skills on how to use technology to achieve life goals.

    L-R: CCNHS teacher Rex Ebarle, Cebu City Division Assistant SDS Dr. Danillo Gudelosao, CCNHS Principal Evelyn Pielago, Globe Telecom Citizen Divison Manager Miguel Bermundo, Globe Telecom Broadband Marketing Head Barbie Dapul. DepEd Region VII Regional Director Dr. Juliet Jureta, and Globe Telecom Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications Yoly Crisostomo

    These are the kinds of programs that parents look forward to. We might be able to teach our children at home but lessons on cyberwellness and other topics about technology will be more effective in a school setting. Like I said, it is 2017 and it is about time that someone spearheads this kind of program for the next generation.

  • Expo Mom Negros 2017 #TeamMom | Mea in Bacolod
    EVENT: Expo Mom Negros #TeamMom 2017
    Posted in: Events

    Heya everyone! Mea in Bacolod is really excited to announce that Expo Mom Negros 2017 is happening tomorrow, June 24, at the District North Point from 10 AM – 9 PM. You might not have heard of Expo Mom before so here’s all the information you need:

    What is Expo Mom Negros?

    Expo Mom is a big event which happens, I think, every year. The event started in 2008. It was well-received by mommy attendees, and so its first-ever success propelled it to the event it is today. It’s basically an expo with a mommy theme.

    What will you do at Expo Mom Negros?

    Expo Mom will not only bring in the most modern mommy and baby products and services to the Visayas, it will also be a wellspring of parenting trends, mommy solutions, and inspiring advocacies.

    I think it was last year when I dropped by the expo just to check things out. I was just in time for Dr. Jenny Uy-Kho’s talk about preserving your child’s cord. She is my Gyne. Make-up Doc, the lovable Doc Kath, was also there to give her talk about, if I am not mistaken, breastmilk.

    That’s the thing with Expo Mom. You don’t just go there to check out what mompreneurs are selling. You can attend to get parenting tips, learn about new parenting trends and so much more.

    What is this year’s theme?

    Last year, I can’t remember what the theme was but this year it’s all about #TeamMom.

    We are stronger together. That’s what moms have come to realize when faced with the multitude of issues and concerns that come with motherhood. When a mom has a group of mothers behind her, the business of taking care of the everyday just seems easier. She has an ear that would listen to her worries, a smile that would brighten up her mood, and a hand that would hurry along the accomplishment of important tasks.

    Who are the Sponsors this year and featured exhibitors?

    Caltrate Plus joins Expo Mom Negros #TeamMom as a major sponsor, together with Sun Life Financials and PLDT Home as co-presentors. Some of the featured exhibitors include:

    • Cycles and Cradles
    • Electrolux
    • Nestle Cerelac
    • Sanicare
    • Tempra
    • BabyZone
    • doTERRA Therapy
    • Halo Sleepsack
    • Vpharma
    • Footsie Toesie, a mompreneur business based in Negros, will also be joining Expo Mom Negros #TeamMom

    #TeamMom CONTEST & Grand Giveaway

    Motherhood brings different moms together. We share the same ups and downs, we empathize with other moms, and we have this sense of belonging and community. It’s no wonder then that every mom has a #TeamMom behind her, borne out of the same interests, hobbies, advocacies, challenges, or goals. Every mom has a #TeamMom cheering her on.

    This year, Mommy Mundo wants to recognize and appreciate #TeamMoms all over the country with a grand giveaway, the biggest Mommy Mundo has ever had!

    1. Like Mommy Mundo on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.

    2. Post a photo of your #TeamMom on social media and write a short caption on why you love your team, or you can also drop by our Expo Mom events and have a photo taken with your #TeamMom there. (1 entry per post)

    • May 5 to 7: Expo Mom kickoff (Glorietta, Makati)
    • June 17: Expo Mom Cebu (Ayala Center Cebu)
    • June 24: Expo Mom Negros (North Point Mall)
    • July 2: Expo Mom South (Alabang Town Center)
    • July 15 to 16: Expo Mom North (TriNoma)
    • September 2: Expo Mom Davao (Abreeza Mall)
    • October 21: Expo Mom CDO (Centrio Mall)
    • November 10 to 12: Expo Mom Holiday (Glorietta, Makati)

    3. Share it via Facebook and Instagram, and don’t forget to tag @mommymundo and use the hashtags #MommyMundo #TeamMom #ExpoMom2017

    4. Posts published between April 1 to November 12, 10 pm, will be deemed valid.

    5. The draw dates for the Mommy Mundo #TeamMom Grand Giveaway are as follows:

    July 31, 2017: Home appliances for your team from Electrolux: One (1) ZMO1530 MobiOne Vacuum Cleaner, One (1) ETG724GK Tabletop Gas Stove, One (1) ETD29PKB Portable Induction Cooker, One (1) EMM2003W Microwave Oven

    August 30, 2017: Win a vacation for you and three of your friends at Hotel Kimberly in Tagaytay

    October 9, 2017: Marie France treatments for 4 worth Twenty Thousand Pesos (P20,000) each

    November 9, 2017: Win a 3D/2N trip for you and 3 of your #TeamMom friends to Taiwan courtesy of Jeron Travel

    *The winners will also be invited to be special guests at Expo Mom Holiday 2017 and have their story featured on Mommy Mundo!

    *Terms and conditions apply.

    What are you waiting for? Be proud and be loud! Show your #TeamMom love to the world!

    1. Mommy Mundo #TeamMom Grand Giveaway will be valid from date of announcement until November 12, 2017.
    2. Your #TeamMom must have at least two members, including the person who posted, who are moms, or are expecting.
    3. Winners will be chosen based on the following: 70% content and 30% creativity.
    4. All accounts must be set to public during the whole duration of the contest.
    5. Multiple posts are allowed, for as long as each entry is a different photo or different #TeamMom.
    6. All prizes are non-convertible to cash, not for sale, and non-transferrable.
    7. This contest is open to Philippine residents. For the trips, however, winner must come from Manila.
    8. The person who posted will be authorized to choose who gets the prizes and who goes to the trips.
    9. Should the current winner not be available to take the trip or any of the prizes, Mommy Mundo has the right to choose the next winner.
    10. The company reserves the right to document the trip and use the materials (photo / video) for its purposes.
    11. The following terms and conditions for the trips will apply:

    * For Hotel Kimberly, an overnight stay for up to 4 people are provided, including transportation to and from the destination.

    * For the overseas package:
    – Round trip airfare (exclusive of other taxes) based on V Class
    – 3D/2N quad sharing accommodations, breakfast packages will be provided
    – Visa costs, meals, and incidentals and passport requirements will be shouldered by winner/s
    – Travel dates must be within 1 year from the awarding date
    – Exclusive of use for holidays and peak seasons

  • Fine Dining with Bacolod Academy for Culinary Arts | Mea in Bacolod
    A Night of Fine Dining with the Bacolod Academy for Culinary Arts
    Posted in: Events, Services

    If you still don’t believe that food in my city is legit, maybe this will convince you even more. Bacolod is home to BACA (Bacolod Academy for Culinary Arts) which is founded and directed by Gunther Sanin, an Austrian who had his humble start in a remote area in Dumaguete city.

    The BACA (Bacolod Academy for Culinary Arts) Edge

    It’s not clear as to when the center in Bacolod City was first started, but what’s crystal is that the Bacolod Academy for Culinary Arts is the only school in the Negros Island that has a majority of foreign instructors. BACA’s programs have been designed to prepare its students for international hospitality setting. Patterned from Germany’s Dual Education system, students will have the chance to go through intensive hands-on training, experience what’s happening from the front and from behind the scenes, and learn about the international culinary industry.

    BACA Gala Dinner by Graduates of 2017

    Last May, I was invited to a dining experience created by the Bacolod Academy for Culinary Arts’ 2017 graduates. They created a full-course dinner which was paired with Moncigale Côtes Du Rhône Eclat Du Rhône 2009. Below are photos I took of the different dishes the BACA graduates served.

    Moncigale Côtes Du Rhône Eclat Du Rhône 2009 | Mea in Bacolod

    I highly recommend this wine, by the way. It’s an easy drink, very smooth and not too dry. Picture from: BACA Bacolod Facebook Page

    1. Beef in Aspic

    Bacolod Academy for Culinary Arts - Menu 1: Beef in Aspic

    2. Capeletti filled with Lamb Ragout

    Bacolod Academy for Culinary Arts - Menu 2: Capeletti filled w/ Lamb Ragout | Mea in Bacolod

    3. Deconstructed Caprese Salad

    Bacolod Academy for Culinary Arts - Menu 3: Deconstructed Caprese Salad | Mea in Bacolod

    4. Chicken Gelatin

    Bacolod Academy for Culinary Arts - Menu 4: Chicken Gelatin | Mea in Bacolod

    5. Pork Liver Pate

    Bacolod Academy for Culinary Arts - Menu 5: Pork Liver Pate | Mea in Bacolod

    6. Sous Vide Pork Tenderloin

    Bacolod Academy for Culinary Arts - Menu 6: Sous Vide Pork Tenderloin | Mea in Bacolod

    7. Sweet Trio

    Bacolod Academy for Culinary Arts - Menu 7: Sweet Trio| Mea in Bacolod

    8. Pralines

    Bacolod Academy for Culinary Arts - Menu 8: Pralines | Mea in Bacolod

    Fine Dining Experience

    In Bacolod, we have plenty of fancy restaurants you can visit, but most of the restaurants here don’t serve dishes in small portions, arranged like gastronomic art, so this night was definitely a treat for me. The servers were on-point, making sure that my goblet was always filled with water and empty dishes were cleaned up. I loved that the servers explained what the dishes were because it added a bit of panache to my dining experience.

    How Can You Enroll with BACA?

    If you’re interested, BACA is accepting new enrollees. Their Professional Culinary Arts Course will start on June 19, 2017. To better learn about BACA’s programs, you can visit their Facebook Page here. They constantly post different updates for their programs. As I said, the latest one is on June 19, 2017 – more details here.

    It’s also helpful to visit BACA’s official website here. I recommend that you read the following within the website:

    Contact Details

    To contact BACA and inquire about fees, you can go through the website, Facebook or this number: (+63) 0917 7761 999. You can also visit them at 12th Lacson Street, Mayfair Place, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental, Philippines. Their office (and center) is at the same spot as Tyrol Restaurant.

     Congratulations Graduates

    I would like to personally thank the BACA graduates of 2017 for preparing a fabulous dinner! You guys are one step closer to your dream and with what I tasted during the dinner, you guys are going to go a long way. Congrats to:

    • Cristina C. Molo
    • Brandon Jay V. Deleon
    • Al Benjamin V. Rayos
    • Chester John B. Cuadras
    • Charmelle U. Luz
    • Miken John Malazarte

    The graduates, the servers, and the instructors #TeamBACA


    Don’t forget to LIKE MEA in BACOLOD on Facebook

  • Something Colorful This Way Comes – CM Blacklight Bacolod Run
    Posted in: Events

    29 May 2017 – Manila: After the recently concluded CM Challenge Cebu last May 14, that drew thousands in attendance; Bacolod folks who can’t wait for their turn to have that Color Manila experience, can now look forward to the next CM Blacklight Bacolod run, set to take place on the night of June 3, 2017.

    The run will be held at The District North Point, Bacolod, and is part of the 3-city CM Blacklight Tour that includes Manila and Davao City.

    For a quick preview of what to expect, runners will be immersed in glow-in-the-dark vibrant colored powder in a series of color stations. They will also be wearing the CM Blacklight headlamps to heighten their blacklight experience. For Rockstar and Challenge categories, they will also have face paint applied on their faces.

    Of course, runners can look forward to the signature Color Festival at the end of their journey, wherein everyone throws colored powder up in the air (and at their friends), while the latest beats are playing and everyone just dances to the music.

    Participants can choose between three race distances – the 3K, 5K and 10K categories, and 3 types of kits – the Deluxe, Rockstar and Superstar kits. The Deluxe kit is priced at Php750, with the kit containing a singlet, props, race bib, drawstring bag, finisher’s medal and a color packet. The Rockstar kit, priced at Php1,050, comes with a drifit shirt, race bib, headlamp, drawstring bag, color packet and finisher’s medal. The Superstar kit, priced at Php1,500, comes with a drifit shirt, race bib, headlamp, 3 drawstring bags, headwear, CM sticker, color packet and finisher’s medal.

    Registration is ongoing at www.colormanilarun.com and at SM Ticket counters. Prepaid cards are also available at Chris Sports at The District North Point and Planet Sports at Robinson’s Place

    Race Kit Claiming will be from May 31 to June 2, 10am to 7pm at Corte Area, The District North Point.

    For more information about the CM Blacklight Run Tour, please visit www.colormanilarun.com or https://www.facebook.com/ColorManilaRun.

  • Alaska Basketball Power Camp in Bacolod 2017 | Mea in Bacolod
    Alaska Basketball Power Camp in Bacolod 2017
    Posted in: Events

    Basketball – it’s one sport that Filipinos cannot get enough of. It’s common for you to see daily basketball games taking place within neighborhoods during late afternoons. On a personal note, my husband plays basketball with his friends maybe twice or three times a week. It’s like the sport is ingrained within every Filipino’s DNA makeup. Filipinos take “Ball is Life” to a whole new level. It’s one of the reasons why basketball camps, like the Alaska Basketball Power Camp, become so successful.

    Alaska Basketball Power Camp in Bacolod

    Every year, Alaska organizes a basketball program under the Alaska Power Camp. It’s a 10-day activity supervised by Alaska Basketball Camp Director Jeffrey Cariaso. These camps are open to boys and girls ages 6 to 18 years old. This year, Alaska has seven basketball camps:

    Alaska Basketball Power Camp – Cities and Schedules

    1. Quezon City
      • April 19, 22, 23, 26, 29, 30
      • May 3, 6
      • Ateneo de Manila College Covered Courts
    2. Subic
      • April 8, 9, 10, 11, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21
      • Columbian College Barretto
    3. Lucena
      • April 20 – 27
      • Inigos Sports Complex
    4. Batangas
      • April 1 – 8
      • Faith Tanauan
    5. Baguio
      • June 4 – 11
      • Philippine Military Academy
    6. Bacolod
      • April 17 – 25
      • Tay Tung High School
    7. Cebu
      • April 20 – May 1
      • TBA

    We, in Bacolod, are super lucky to have had this camp this year. I hope to enroll my son next year, I know his dad will support it. This brings us to how you can enroll your child into the Alaska Basketball Power Camp:

    How to Register to Alaska Basketball Power Camp

    The following are websites and offices you can visit as well as Facebook pages or emails you can contact for you to know more about the basketball camp or enroll your child in the program.

    1. Alaska Website
    2. Play PH Website
    3. Alaska Office
      • CK Kanapi or Rogen Estioco 840 4500 loc. 205/209
    4. Email
      • CMKanapi@alaskaaces.com
      • RMEstioco@frieslandcampina.com
    5. Ateneo de Manila University PW Dept
      • 4266-001 loc. 5016 (Contact Person – Edwin)
    6. Facebook.com/Alaska Basketball Power Camp

    Fees to Pay

    If you’re in Metro Manila, you’d have to pay P4000 to enter your child in the camp or you can show proof of purchase (of Alaska products, of course) in the same amount. For provincial areas, the fee is P2500 or you can show proof of purchase (of Alaska products) in the same amount.

    What’s included:

    • Reversible jersey
    • Basketball
    • Gift pack of Alaska products

    For more events and updates in Bacolod, don’t forget to LIKE Mea in Bacolod on Facebook. You may also visit Alaska’s: Facebook.com/Alaska Basketball Power Camp.

  • Chinkee Tan Event Bacolod | Mea in Bacolod
    GIVEAWAY: Chinkee Tan Bacolod Event Ticket + Book
    Posted in: Events

    Let’s talk money. I’d like to think that I’m good at handling money. It’s all thanks to my parents, in my opinion. When I was younger, my dad gave me and my sister our weekly allowance every Monday. He would give it to us whole so we know how to budget our money for the entire week. My mom, on the other hand, run our family business which was a printing press. She’s pretty good with numbers.

    So, I guess you could say that we were taught how to handle money well. I’d like to think so, but I still have a lot to learn, especially with investments and business. That’s why it’s so important for me to grab every chance I get when a learning opportunity presents itself. It so happens that one is coming up MAY 6, 2017 (SATURDAY) at IKTHUS NORTH, MANDALAGAN HIGHWAY.

    Event Poster

    Chinkee Tan Bacolod Event | Mea in Bacolod

    Event Details

    Why would you be interested in the event? You’ll learn how to grow, handle and protect your wealth in a way that will allow you to retire by the age of fifty! Get money to work for you instead of you working for money. Here’s what you will learn:

    • How To Grow Your Wealth
    • Learn the ins and outs of investment
    • Learn how to invest like Warren Buffet
    • Learn how to earn income while you are sleeping
    • How to Handle Wealth How to save an extra P28,000 a year

    Check Full Event Details Here

    Ka Chink! Giveaways

    Good news for you if you’re interested. The Negros Bloggers have teamed up with the Best Selling Book Author and a famous Life and Wealth Coach, Mr. Chinkee Tan to give you a chance to attend for FREE to his upcoming Wealth Conference in Bacolod City – KA-CHINK! HOW TO RETIRE AT THE AGE OF 50 on May 6, 2017 at Ikthus North, Mandalagan Highway.

    This giveaway is open to all residents of Negros Island. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. The Giveaway Contest will start from 04/04/17 at 12:01 a.m. and ends 05/04/17 at 11:59 p.m.

    ka chink giveaways

    7 winners will be selected:

    • 3 Winners will get 1 Ticket to the event and 1 book from Chinkee Tan – Secrets of the Rich and Successful
    • 4 Winners will 1 book from Chinkee Tan – Secrets of the Rich and Successful

    Secrets of the Rich and Successful | Mea in Bacolod

    The winner will have 24 hours to respond to notification email to claim their prize or a new winner will be selected.

    See Rafflecopter below to Join the contest.
    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Team #NegrosBloggers are responsible for giving the winner their prize, all prizes must be claimed in Bacolod City. Hopefully, I will see you there the event. Don’t miss this opportunity because you’ll never know when a talk like this might be held next.

  • Affordable Everyday Footwear at the Simply Shoes Shoe Stores
    Simply Shoes Opens Shoe Stores All Over Neg Occ
    Posted in: Events

    We don’t need to over-think about which shoe stores in Bacolod sell the most affordable, everyday footwear without sacrificing quality. Simply Shoes is in town and they are making it easier for us to shop for stylish, everyday footwear that can fit our budget.

    Simply Shoes Shoe Store in Mandalagan and Victorias | Mea in Bacolod

    Simply Shoes Open At City Mall Mandalagan, Victorias City and Kabankalan City

    Simply Shoes Ribbon Cutting | Mea in Bacolod

    L-R: Elizabeth Tinio, Simply Shoes Business Unit Head; Herson Sy, Savemore; Ferdinand Sia, COO, Double Dragon Properties; Eugene Saw, Senior Vice President Simply Shoes and SM Shoes & Bags Business Unit Head; and Rocky Gomez, AVP Regional Manager SM Shoes & Bags Business

    Last February 15, 2017, Simply Shoes opened their twenty-second branch at City Mall Victorias. The day before that, Simply Shoes opened another one of their many shoe stores in Kabankalan City. Not to be left behind, people from Bacolod also have access to one shoe store which is at City Mall Mandalagan.

    What Kinds Of Shoes Can You See At Simply Shoes Shoe Stores?

    Simply Shoes carries brands like World Balance, Kicks, Sling Beach Walk, Toeberries, Sugar Kids, and Parisian, to name a few. They basically have shoes for the entire family. Some brands are more expensive than others but don’t let it stop you from visiting the shoe stores at City Mall Mandalagan, Victorias, and Kabankalan because there are plenty of other brands in Simply Shoes that are P500 below.

    Should You Buy Affordable Shoe Brands?

    P500 and Below Budget

    Simply Shoes’ goal is to bring affordable yet quality footwear to people living in Negros Occidental. The company delivered its promise because I bought three quality items for the price of P500 (with a change of P2).

    P500 Below Budget | Bought for P99.75

    Bought for P99.75

    My son loves Pokemon so much so I bought him a pair of these adorable Pokemon slippers. I also bought two backpacks for the price of one (P399). So with my P500 budget, I still had change to spare.

    P500 Below Budget | Bought for P399

    Buy 1 Take 1 Deal at Simply Shoes

    Shoes For Him, Her, and the Kids

    The entire store is practically filled with shoes for him, her and the kids. What’s great is that you can earn points on your SM Advantage Card when you shop here because Simply Shoes Shoe Stores are an affiliate of SM Retail. Here’s a peek at the styles and brand of shoes that you can see:

    And let’s not forget that Simply Shoes also has bags and backpacks that you can check out.

    For more updates about Bacolod City and Metro Bacolod, hit the Subscribe Button on Youtube, LIKE Mea in Bacolod on Facebook and Subscribe to the Blog using your email.

    Simply Shoes @ City Mall Victorias – YouTube

  • Speed Dating Event in Bacolod 2017 | Mea in Bacolod
    Speed Dating 2017 At Tippy’s Bistro – FEB 11, 2017
    Posted in: Events

    Have you ever tried speed dating before? You may say no because dating events like this do not happen very often in the City of Smiles. But, this Feb 11, 2017, you’ll get your chance to give speed dating a try. Tippy’s Bistro, located at the 10th Street Lacson, is going to have a Pre-Valentines Speed Dating event for Straights and LGBTQs.

    Speed Dating Poster at Tippy's Bistro

    Speed Dating FAQ

    1. Do I need to register?

    Yes, you’ll need to fill out this form: CLICK ME, then answer the questions on the form.

    2. How much do I need to pay? And, why should I pay?

    To confirm your registration, you have to pay P200 at Tippy’s Bistro. Do you go on free dates? Of course not! Your payment’s going to go to your food and drinks, and all the other material necessary for you to date successfully and enjoy the night.

    3. What is speed dating?

    Have you watched the movie “My Amnesia Girl” before? You’ll get a sneak peek at what speed dating is from that movie. Another movie that you can refer to is the classic “The 40 Year-Old Virgin”. Here’s a short clip:

    This is how speed dating works but without the cussing. In a nutshell, the ladies will be seated at tables and it’s up to you, gentlemen, to chitchat your way to making the lady like you.

    4. How many people am I going to date during the event?

    It’s a surprise! You have to sign up though because slots are limited!

    5. What rules do I need to follow?

    I’m going to be hosting the event so yours truly will brief you on the DOs and DONTs on the day. For now, here are general rules you need to know about:

    1. Everyone will get to meet everyone.
      1a. Straights – Girls stay put while men go in circles.
      1b. LGBTQ – You’ll be circulating darlings! Don’t worry.
    2. You have 4-minutes to make those first impressions.
    3. Host Mea of Mea in Bacolod then signals everyone to move on to the next date on the next table.
    4. NO giving out of private information during the event. But, after xempre pwede.
    5. Then after everyone has met everyone, the event comes to a halt.
    6. BE ON TIME. 5PM Sharp.
    7. There will be one section for STRAIGHTS and another for LGBTQs. No changing of teams.

    6. Why should you go to the event?

    It’s NEW so why not give it a try if you’re not doing anything on Feb11? You’ll meet new people, you’ll probably meet your date for Feb14, and you’ll be entertained right after the event because it is #HUGOT Night with stand-up comedians The 3-Little Birds.

    7. But I’m shy. What do I do?

    Indi ma shy kay basi amu na rason kung ngaa wala ka date. To the ladies, instead bala na mapa haircut kamu to change your life this love month, palabaa na lang. E reserve na lang na ang P200 nga haircut money for Bench Fix para sa Speed Dating 2017. Gentlemen, speaking on experience, girls do not like shy men. Lantawa bala si John Lloyd. Gwapo sa aw? Kay indi man maxado. But, maappeal kay funny and confident. Amu na ang peg namon nga mga girls.

    John Lloyd Cruz is Confident AF | Mea in Bacolod

    8. What do I wear?

    There is no dress code so you are free to come in an outfit that represents the real you 🙂

    Mea in Bacolod’s Tips Kung Nahuya Ka Mag Kadto Sa Speed Dating Event:

    Speed Dating 2017 Bacolod

    • Bring your friend. Pilita friend mo magpa register. P200 man lang na and birds of the same feather bigel together, pero dapat single man imo friend na updon.
    • Kill your shyness. Diba indi na bet sing mga girls and huya? And girls, I know you can handle yourselves. Help ta mag boys kung ma tameme.
    • Drink Tippy’s Viking Beer before the event. Have you had the Viking Beer before? It’s just Tippy’s draft beer but I call this drink Viking because it’s in a big ass mug. It’s only P100 for one mug which is the size of a pitcher. Pang pa isog light.
    • Do some sit-ups or push-ups. Whenever I feel anxious, I eat. That’s how I cope with the emotion, but the better way to do it would be to exercise to relieve the pressure of what you’re feeling. So, kung dw na anxiety ka thinking about the speed dating event, push-upi todo para ka decide ka mayo.
    • Finally, take the chance. This could be the change you’ve been praying and hoping for, so if there’s any chance na AMU NA NI XA, isn’t it worth the risk?

    I’m going to be hosting so I hope to see you there! If you need more information or if you have more questions, you can contact RekindlePH or Mea in Bacolod on Facebook.

  • Yuan Thong Temple Bacolod
    Spend Chinese New Year 2017 With Yuan Thong Temple Bacolod
    Posted in: Events

    I don’t know about you but I am tired of spending Chinese New Year at Lacson Street. A little disclosure, I’m not Chinese, nor do I dislike our tourism street or strip, or whatever you call it. It’s really effective when you want to have the best time with your friends drinking, eating, and walking. But, as a mom, what I am after is a cultural experience for myself and my entire family. That’s why, last year, we went to the Yuan Thong Temple Bacolod. I actually did not know that they were open, but the gates were and people were coming in, so we did too.

    The Yuan Thong Temple Bacolod (The Temple Near Lopues East)

    Yuan Thong Temple Bacolod 2017 New Year

    I’m not sure how many years the temple has been opening its gates to the public, but I am glad they did. This year, they’re opening their gates again this January 27 until Feb 2. If you haven’t been inside the temple yet, this your chance.

    Yuan Thong Temple Bacolod - Year Of The Rooster

    Rooster display at the courtyard of the temple.

    What’s Inside Yuan Thong Temple Bacolod?

    Here’s a sneak peek at what you’re going to see. I took a video, but it’s not that good. Anyway, it’s going to give you a great idea about what’s inside.

    Yuan Thong Temple Bacolod - Lights On

    The left pathway to the temple.

    Yuan Thong Temple Bacolod - After Dark

    The right pathway to the temple.

    Yuan Thong Temple Bacolod - Prayer Room

    The prayer room.

    Yuan Thong Temple Bacolod Schedule of Activities

    Jan 27, Chinese New Year Eve 7pm until Jan 28, First Day of the Year of the Rooster 1am

    Yuan Thong Temple Bacolod - Display and Decorations

    • Food fair and game stalls
    • Chinese culture experience & DIY booths
    • Performances
    • Chinese New Year blessing service
    • Dragon and lion dances

    Jan 28

    Yuan Thong Temple Bacolod aat Dusk

    • 12:00am – Morning Chant and Ringing the blessing Bell to Welcome the Chinese New Year
    • 10:00am – the First New Moon Prayer of 2017

    Jan 29, 10:00am – 2:00pm, Vegetarian Eat-All-You-Can

    Yuan Thong Temple Bacolod Food

    Feb 2, 10:00am Thousand Buddhas Dharma Service

    Yuan Thong Temple Bacolod Celebrates Chinese New Year 2017

    I hope to see you there! Don’t forget to LIKE Mea in Bacolod on your way out. If you want to read more of my posts, go ahead and check the rest of my blog.

  • Enhance Visa Hosts First Canada Nursing Career Expo on Jan 30
    Posted in: Events

    Nurses can now look forward to working in Canada as Enhance Visa holds its first ever Canada Nursing Career Expo this January in three key locations in the Visayas.

    This event is open to nurses with at least six months hospital experience which will be held on January 28, 30, & 31 in Cebu, Bacolod, and Iloilo respectively. NCLEX passers are welcome to attend.

    Attendees will get to hear from Canadian speaker Tony Burke about the Licensing Program for nurses in Canada which is an assured pathway for permanent residency there. Burke is the Vice-President of OMNI College, one of the top institutions specializing in healthcare programs for foreign-trained nurses in Vancouver, Canada.

    Bridging the Gap

    This event seeks to bridge the knowledge gap for well-trained Filipino nurses but lack the proper information on how to qualify for employment in Canada. Participants will be introduced to the comprehensive bridging programs offered by OMNI which has helped thousands of nurses in Canada secure stable jobs and become eligible for permanent residency.

    Along with Enhance Visa, OMNI’s goal is to deliver exceptional programs that prepare aspirant nurses for a successful cultural and educational transition into the Canadian workforce. “Since 1999, OMNI has trained nurses for the Canadian Registered or Practical Nurse Licensing Exam and has maintained a 95% success rate. We are committed to our clients because their success is also our success,” says Ron Burke, CEO and founder of OMNI College.

    Rare Opportunity Enhance Visa, in partnership with OMNI, offers this rare opportunity for nurses to be updated on the latest trends in immigration. Catch the event on the following dates:

    • January 28 – Cebu (Radisson Blu Hotel)
    • January 30 – Bacolod (Bacolod Business Inn)
    • January 31 – Iloilo (Sarabia Manor Hotel)

    Enhance Visa specializes in immigration consultation to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It is the industry leader in providing effective Study to Permanent Residency pathways to these countries. The company has taken a holistic approach in assisting clients by ensuring that they receive sound advice on the best immigration option which can ultimately lead to a better future for them and their families.

    For more information on the event, contact Enhance Visa through 0917-799-7700 or visit the Enhance Visa website at www.enhanceimmigration.com.

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