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  • New Years Resolution And Achievements - Mea in Bacolod
    2018 New Years Resolution & MNB Achievements
    Posted in: Diary

    2017 was probably the year that allowed me to learn the most life lessons. Whether it was in the area of love, family, business, health, friendship or blogging, I had more epiphanies than I could chew. But, that’s a good thing. Although I didn’t want extra stress in my life, I couldn’t do anything about the circumstances that came. I powered through each one because I didn’t have any choice but to do so. Doing this helped me arrive at a new years resolution that I am definitely going to stick to this 2018.

    My New Years Resolution: Purpose

    Everything I do, I need to do it with purpose. I want to love with purpose, build friendships with purpose, build a family purposefully, and blog with a purpose. You know when you just go through life aimlessly doing all the mundane things that you ought to be doing? My 2017 was fairly close to that. I did, however, garner a few victories blog-wise.

    Blog Achievements By Yours Truly

    New Years Resolution And Achievements - Mea in Bacolod - 2
    New Years Resolution And Achievements - Mea in Bacolod - 4
    New Years Resolution And Achievements - Mea in Bacolod - 1
    New Years Resolution And Achievements - Mea in Bacolod - 3
    • Globe Media Awards 2017 – Shortlisted for Blogger of the Year
    • Globe Media Awards 2017 – Shortlisted for Social Media Advocate of the Year
    • Office of The Governor Negros Occidental Tourism Division – Plaque of Appreciation for the Negros Bloggers
    • Rotary Bacolod South – Won Beauty Blogger of The Year (thepracticalbeauty.com)
    • Blogapalooza: Generation D – Attended the event in Manila

    My Plan For 2018

    Because my main goal is to go through 2018 with purpose, I promise myself to do everything with a goal in mind. I want to be healthier, spend more time with my family, earn more but work less, blog more, grow my network, grow my business (Messy Bessy Bacolod) and all that good stuff. I’m really looking forward to what this year has in store for me. I personally want to thank all of my readers for supporting my blog one way or the other. My hope is that you also live your life with purpose. Happy new year!

    New Years Resolution And Achievements | Mea in Bacolod

  • Attend Yoga Classes in Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod
    Why You Should Start Attending Yoga Classes
    Posted in: Diary

    Why You Should Start Attending Yoga Classes

    I only started doing yoga semi-seriously this year. I was consistently putting off attending a class the year before this because I thought that yoga was only for thin people. I opted for the DIY approach for my yoga classes to avoid being in a group; I started following YouTube videos. When I finally took my first class at the LotusSpace here in Bacolod, I realized that there were yogis (people who practice yoga) who are built the same as I am. After that, I slowly began to practice some more through videos online. It was when my friends Myzha and Jade invited me to join Kath Martinez’s yoga class that I became hooked.

    L-R: Jade B., Yours truly, Myzha C, at Kath’s Studio.

    Why I do Yoga

    Personally, I practice yoga to center myself and work on my awareness. The more aware I am of my mind and body, the more of myself I know. Deep stuff, right? I also do it because it is a form of exercise. Although it won’t help me lose pounds quickly, I’m happy to be on the journey I am taking.

    TIP: Yoga is all about self-discovery. Most of the time, you don’t go into the practice with a pre-determined purpose so don’t worry if you can’t answer the “Why I do yoga” question yet. As you practice, the answer will be gradually made clear.

    Why You Should Do Yoga

    There are plenty of reasons why you should consider attending yoga classes. The benefits are numerous. I can’t really speak for all yogis reading this now, but, personally, I have noticed a major difference with the following:

    • My concentration has improved. I’ve been more productive recently. I guess my mind is clear enough to think about other things that I need doing.
    • I have more energy to burn. It may sound ironic to say that I have more energy the more I do yoga, but it’s true. My body feels lighter, and I don’t feel as sluggish as before.
    • I eat less. I promise you that I have not been eating the same way as before. I don’t have as many cravings anymore.
    • I am motivated to improve, not just in my yoga practice but, myself as a person.
    • I handle my time better. This is probably because I have also improved my mindfulness of time and of things around me.
    • I am more flexible. I sit in front of my computer most of the time because of work. Usually, my limbs feel numb or stiff after a few hours. But, thanks to yoga, I no longer have the problem. My back pains have also diminished significantly.

    There may be other benefits that you can reap from attending yoga classes. Improved blood circulation is one of them. Improved overall mental health is also another. And, the chance to practice with others who are on a similar path to self-discovery as you can be very encouraging.

    TIP: You have to be comfortable with your yoga class. That means trying out one class at a time to see how you like the students, the teacher, and the studio. Find a class that you will be most comfortable attending.

    What You Need To Get Started (Plus DOs & DONTs)

    Now let’s talk about your yoga stuff. When you finally decide to take yoga classes, you’re going to need some basic stuff to get you started:

    1. Yoga Clothes

    The first things that you’re going to need are yoga clothes. Gym clothes will work as long as they’re not too lose or they don’t make you feel restricted when you do the poses.

    • DO use fabric softener with your non-sports clothes. I use the Downy Antibacterial solution for my shirt, tank tops, and towels. I usually wear a top or shirt over my sports bra. I also bring towels for my sweat. The anti-bacterial fabric softener ensures that my shirts and towels are clean (bacteria-free) and won’t stink.
    • DONT use fabric softener on your sports clothes without reading the washing instructions. Sports clothes are made of a special kind of fabric that’s breathable and that easily absorbs sweat. Fabric softeners may affect its stretchability and breathability. It would be ideal to use Downy’s Antibacterial on sports clothes but not before reading the washing instructions.


    2. Yoga Mat

    I bought my mat at a store at SM City Bacolod for less than P700. It’s actually just a sports mat. What would be better is a non-stick mat so it’s easier to do the poses. I’ll show you guys what the mat looks like on another post.

    • DO clean your mat regularly. Clean it right after you use it. I’m currently using an organic surface cleaner from Messy Bessy Bacolod.
    • DONT roll your mat up while it is still wet. To avoid bacteria from building up, make sure that you air dry your mat first before rolling it up and tucking it away.

    Those are all the things you need to get started. Actually, even if you don’t have a mat yet, you can still attend your yoga classes. Most yoga studios have mats that you can borrow so all you really need are clothes to practice in. If you have more questions about my yoga practice, send me an email or leave me a comment below. Don’t forget to LIKE my page for different blog updates.

    READ ALSO: What You Need To Know Before Going To Yoga Classes

    Yoga Classes Are For Big Girls Too | Mea in Bacolod

  • Are they going to tax pinoy freelancers who make money online? | Mea in Bacolod
    Are They Going To Tax Those Who Make Money Online?
    Posted in: Diary

    As I saw the news snippet going around social media about Filipinos who make money online through freelance work, I couldn’t help but think about the very first project I completed. I earned $2, and this, back then, was already significant because I was only starting out – a neophyte. This was six years ago.

    Make Money Online with Freelance Work | My 1st Project | Mea in Bacolod

    Make Money Online: Six Years Of Trial And Error

    Since then, I feel like I’ve learned and earned the skillset to call myself a pro. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a lot to learn, but with six years of trial and error, and of crawling my way to where I am now, I think I’ve gained enough experience to give my two-cents on this subject without scraping info from other sites and blogs.

    Was The Exposure On Tv Good Or Bad?

    We can move on to how I feel about the exposure of my chosen career on national TV. First, here’s a screenshot of the snippet that’s been going around social media:

    There are a few things I DO NOT LIKE about this news:

    • The government is slowly focusing their attention on online work (I thought that maybe this wasn’t such a bad thing, but let’s talk about that later on).
    • A big ass spotlight is being shone on freelancing jobs online which is not bad at all, but I would rather this sector of business stay in the dark. I will explain later.
    • The main problem I have with the snippet: they make it sound like online work isn’t “work”, at all, and you earn dollars from it.

    The Government’s Attention

    Like I said, I first thought that maybe the government’s intentions are good. As with most of the bills the senators propose, it starts with a good intention, right? Well, I did my research. According to Rappler, “The bill proposes to penalize employers up to P250,000 if they fail to pay freelancers for services rendered” The one we should thank for this is Senator Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV. Not bad, right?

    I thought so too, but upon reading the article further, it said, “The proposed measure also seeks to facilitate the tax registration of freelancers and exempt them from payments for the first 3 years.” Because the government is going to implement measures to secure payments for freelancers, they’re going to require tax. Mmkay. But, here are my questions on this:

    • How are they going to get information on clients?
    • How are they going to get information on transactions?
    • Are clients going to have to register to some sort of government unit?
    • Aren’t we already protecting ourselves from sketchy clients? If you’re a newbie, you won’t be able to tell who’s legit and who isn’t but the seasoned online workers can, usually, spot a scam from a mile away.

    The Spotlight

    The spotlight has been shone and we cannot do anything about it. It’s not that online freelancers are not proud of our work, but it raises too many questions we do not have the time to answer. I wrote an entire article on this as most people think that I “entertain foreign men via webcam” because it is part of my job description – I don’t, I write for a living.

    Also, it makes people think that we make money online (in $$$) so, therefore, we must be swimming in “benjamins”. Personally, I do not even have that many “aquinos” to make a small puddle of money to dip my toes in. Some earn a, more than, decent living doing freelance work online, but they did not get there by taking a nap and going on Facebook constantly. They had to go through X cups of coffee and needed to give immense amounts of time and effort. That’s what you need to know. Online freelancing is hard work.

    Online Work Isn’t Work At All

    When you check the comments section of that snippet, you’ll see hundreds of Filipinos asking how they can get into this kind of work. Ok, but online freelancing is not for everyone. You need to have a certain personality and mindset to make money online. I made an infographic for Filipinos (taglish, bes) so you can understand what I mean better:

    What it Takes To Be a Successful Freelancer | Infographic Mea in Bacolod

    In Conclusion, Po…

    In conclusion po, I don’t think that we need to pay tax so the government can protect us. Most of us already pay basic benefits independently. Some choose not to which is their prerogative. I also think that those asking about how to start earning money online should Google their answer. Seasoned online freelancers are not selfish with the knowledge they have acquired. That’s why some of them have blogs to help those that are planning to start out.

    Besides, my colleagues and I started from ground zero too. Your willingness to learn on your own is your initiation into the field of online work. If you bag your first client, welcome to my world, but if you give up, you probably were not cut out for this.

    Lastly, those who are interested to make money online (20k-40k per month online without leaving the house), should make reading a habit because online work does not involve recruiting people to share spam links nor does it involve “entertaining” through a webcam.

  • Mushroom Cream Sauce Recipe For Lazy Girls | Mea in Bacolod
    Mushroom Cream Sauce Recipe For Lazy Girls
    Posted in: Diary

    Do you know what I found out about cooking? It’s not as complicated as I thought. I’ve always thought that cooking involved about 15 ingredients, an oven, a stove, at least 5 pots or pans, and a drawer of kitchen tools. But, I was dead wrong because I found out, around late last year, that cooking isn’t rocket science. I discovered plenty of “lazy girl” recipes that aren’t so complicated. This mushroom cream sauce is one of them, and I got this from my mom who always likes to cook different dishes for the family.

    The Easiest Mushroom Cream Sauce Recipe You’ll Ever Learn

    This mushroom cream sauce recipe for pasta is for you if you’re not too confident with your cooking skills yet, but would like to eat something nice during the weekend. Or, if you’d like to prepare something you made yourself that your family can enjoy.

    What You’ll Need:

    Mushroom Cream Sauce Recipe Jolly Ingredients

    • Onions – chopped – the amount will depend on you. I like onions a lot so I did 1 and a half.
    • Ham – chopped – the amount will also depend on how much ham you want in your sauce
    • Butter or Jolly Canola Oil
    • Red Bell Peppers – chopped
    • Salt, Pepper and Sugar
    • 1 can of evaporated milk
    • Quickmelt cheese
    • Jolly Cream of Mushroom – 1 can
    • Jolly Mushrooms – 1 can

    Mushroom Cream Sauce Recipe in 5 Steps

    Step 1 – Heat butter or oil in pan. Saute onions and then ham. Open the can of Jolly Cream of Mushroom. Add it into the pan.

    Mushroom Cream Sauce Recipe - Step 1

    Step 2 – Open the can of Jolly Mushrooms and add about half of the contents into your sauce.

    Mushroom Cream Sauce Recipe - Step 2

    Step 3 – Open the can of evap and add it into your sauce. You have to measure how much evap milk you want in your sauce. What I did was add a little bit of milk, tasted the sauce and added some more until I was satisfied with the taste.

    Mushroom Cream Sauce Recipe - Step 3

    Step 4 – Add in salt, pepper and sugar to adjust the taste. Add in shavings of quick melt cheese. The amount again will depend on you. I like to melt the cheese into the sauce.

    Mushroom Cream Sauce Recipe - Step 4

    Step 5 – Add in the rest of your Jolly Mushrooms as well as your chopped bell pepper.

    Mushroom Cream Sauce Recipe - Final Touches

    And you’re done! All you have to do now is pour this over your pasta and then transfer the entire dish onto bowl or plate. Wasn’t that easy?

    Mushroom Cream Sauce Recipe For Lazy Girls Final

    When you’re making this mushroom cream sauce recipe don’t be scared to estimate the amount of salt, pepper, sugar and cream. This is where the creaminess and taste will come from. You can check out more lazy girl recipes on Jolly’s website. Don’t forget to LIKE Mea in Bacolod and Jolly Eats on Facebook.

  • Agos Ram Pump Technician and his Family
    Coca-Cola Foundation: Fulfilling its Promise with Agos Ram Pump
    Posted in: Diary

    What would you do if you didn’t have a source of water near you to drink out of or even bathe yourself with? Would you wake up extra early in the morning and trek downhill over ravines and boulders? Would you, then, go through the same journey with a bucket-full of water so you can start your day?

    Children recipients of the Agos Ram Pump

    Most city folk wouldn’t even think of the scenario because there’s no water problem in the city. True, but did you know that this is how most people from remote villages from all over the Philippines start out their day?

    My Journey to the Village where the Agos Ram Pump is

    Let me just say that doing this was NOT as easy as it looks.

    Coca-Cola visits Sitio Binalbagan, Brgy Masulog, La Castellana

    Sitio Binalbagan, Brgy Masulog, La Castellana is one of the villages in the Philippines with a water problem. And, last April 19, 2016 Coco-Cola, along with yours truly, other bloggers and media partners, visited the village.

    Coca-Cola - Agos Ram Pump - 4

    Coca-cola Philippines aims to do away with the problem in water with one of their water stewardship projects: The Agos Ram Pump Project. “In support of the 100 percent water replenishment goal of The Coca-Cola Company, we started the Agos Ram Pump Project, which provides simple and sustainable water systems to water-poor communities in the country,” said Diego Granizo, President and General Manager of Coca-Cola Philippines. He was present during the trip to go through the same hike people from Sitio Binalbagan in La Castellana made everyday before the Agos Ram Pump Project.

    Diego Granizo, President and General Manager of Coca-Cola Philippines

    With organizations like the Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation, Inc (AIDFI), in partnership with LAHAT Community Empowerment, and of course Coca-Cola Philippines, Inc, the once dusty and barren Sitio Binalbagan has been transformed, along with the lives of the people who live in it.


    Coca-Cola - Agos Ram Pump - 6

    The Agos Ram Pump Project Reach

    AGOS Black and Red logo v Sept 6, 2012

    Currently, on-going installations are happening in the following areas:

    • Brgy. Ibag, Barugo, Leyte
    • Brgy. Templanza, Matalom, Leyte
    • Brgy. Luwan, Matalom, Leyte
    • Brgy. Libtong, Naval, Biliran
    • Brgy. Villa Caneja, Naval, Biliran
    • Brgy. Cabungaan, Naval, Biliran
    • Brgy. Caray-Caray, Naval, Biliran

    “In 2012, Coco-cola Philippines promised to deliver 100 Agos Ram Pumps to the communities that do not have access to water. Today, we are celebrating not only 100 but 118 Agos Ram Pumps that have been installed across 39 provinces in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao…” Granizo said.

    Filters Handed Out and Techs Recognized
    Coca-Cola - Agos Ram Pump - 8

    During the program, technicians who have completed the training program were recognized and extra water filters were handed out to several families so they can have a better container for their drinking water.

    Coca-Cola - Agos Ram Pump - 7

    I consider this trip to be my good deed for the summer. I’m glad I went. I had to do a bit of hiking, which was not easy at all. But, it was refreshing to witness how big a company (Coca-cola) does its part for the good of the community.

  • My List of Plans for the Holy Week and Summer 2016
    Posted in: Diary

    Summer is fast approaching and, honestly, I do not want to spend my summer like how I did last year. I basically just stayed inside the house and worked. I and my family didn’t have anything planned and, as you can imagine, my son was bored out of his mind. It’s going to be different this year, however, because I’ll make sure that we actually have something to do every day. I’m sharing this list of summer/holy week plans to everyone just so it can inspire you to maybe plan ahead as well:

    El Tzino Resort Cauayan - Mea in Bacolod - 5

    1. Stay at a hotel overnight

    I haven’t tried this before so might as well try it this summer. I’m looking at Chalet because they have a pool at the top of the hotel. The top might just be a good place to see the sunset while having dinner with my two boys.

    2. Search for the Best Secret Coffee Places

    P20 for the coffee

    Aside from the obvious places, there are plenty of surprises in Bacolod City that serve up a good cup of Joe. I’m looking to discover and compile some of them in a list this summer.

    3. Slightly Out of Town

    Sunsets and Colors Negros Occidental

    Hotels are great to stay in but I’m also going to planning a few roadtrips with possibly overnight stays in tents or inns.

    4. Swimming Hole Secrets

    Source: https://cdrctmthy.wordpress.com/

    Recently another blogger from the city posted a few pictures of the sulfur river in Bago City. So many became interested because it is so beautiful. I’m hoping to find more places like the sulfur river. It’s no longer in Bacolod, of course, but most of the places I plan to explore are only an hour or two from Bacolod.

    5. Take a Cooking Lesson

    I think I saw a post made by the 26th Herb Garden (not sure if the name is accurate) about cooking classes. I don’t know how to cook, quite frankly and I’m hoping to remedy this during the summer of 2016.

    6. Exercise

    22 - Mosaic on Pool 2 - Campuestohan Highland Resort

    It’s going to be hot! In fact, you can probably already feel the heat while you’re going through this list. Swimming is definitely the best option for exercise in the heat of the summer. Whenever I take a swim, I like to bring out the hidden athlete in me by wearing Arena swimwear, available at ZALORA! Well, I may not be a literal athlete but at least I can hopefully shed off a few pounds this summer.

    7. Do a Fun Shoot

    Photo by: Christine Bangero

    I’ve been planning this for I don’t know how many months already but it always ends up not going through. This summer, it’s finally going to happen.

    8. Kiddie and Mommy classes

    I am still waiting for schools or private orgs to have activities this summer that are specific to mommy and child. I’ll be on the look out for these and if you already know of some programs that I and my son can enroll in, please comment what program it is below.

    9. Makeup

    A photo posted by Mea Pabiona (@meainbacolod) on

    Ya’ll know that I am crazy about my makeup. I’m planning to either offer fun and informal makeup classes or participate in a few more official classes myself just to update my makeup skills.

    10. Family and Adventure

    This summer is going to be productive. Well, at least I’m planning for it to be. What I’m aiming for is to actually have adventures with my family all around Negros because I realized that I have only really just scratched the surface when it comes to places I’ve visited. Experiencing new things is on the list as well. How about you? What do you plan to do this summer?

  • 7 Things a Road Trip to Cadiz Negros Occidental Made me Realize
    Posted in: Diary, Travel

    When you live in Negros Occidental, all you have to do is go on a road trip to somewhere fairly far to see its beauty. Personally, I wouldn’t dare to go on a road trip by myself because I’m very bad with directions and I’m not too confident with my car fixing skills when an emergency happens. Luckily, I have a man who’s great with directions, interested in motocross racing (he mostly goes out of town for these) and has decent car maneuvering and fixing skills.

    Brgy Burgos Somewhere in Negros Occidental

    A random sign of a random Brgy on our way to Cadiz.

    We went on a road trip to Cadiz about late last year to visit the Bayona family and to check on Jingol’s (the husband) motorcycle. And, it was during this trip that I realized a few things about the province I am living in:

    1. An adventure awaits around every corner.

    A path leading to adventure.

    A path leading to adventure.

    You won’t understand this if you don’t leave Bacolod City every once in a while. I’m talking about new experiences as adventures! I and fellow blogger Claire Algarme of First Time Travels talked about cultural experiences (like rice planting and cooking) that visitors can have while in Negros Occidental. The problem is we don’t see the value in it and we can’t really share what he haven’t gone through ourselves.

    2. Negros Occidental is green.

    Solar panels in San Carlos, Negros Occidental.

    Solar panels in San Carlos, Negros Occidental.

    Aside from the fact that you can see green in almost every direction when on a road trip, the province of Negros Occidental is also doing its best to be eco-friendly. Ordinances have been passed to regulate the use of plastic cellophane and new facilities outside Bacolod have been built to promote the use of solar energy.

    3. It’s the simple things in life that count.

    A tractor at Negros Occidental

    I know that I make it sound like going on this road trip was a life changing experience. No it wasn’t. It, however, gave me a fresher perspective on life. It’s amazing what a few hours of sun and fresh air can do, right? Anyway, seeing how people in small towns live their lives made me want to focus on what is essential and simple. Ultimately, I realized that true happiness doesn’t come from having a big house, the latest gadget or a fancy car.

    4. Negros Occidental is a great place to be in when you’re a freelancer who likes adventures.

    Bahay Kubo in Negros Occidental

    If you’ve followed me ever since my blog started, you’ll know that I freelance online for a living. For me, this means that I could just take my laptop anywhere and work. I, mostly, write articles so as soon as we arrived at the Bayona family’s home, I whipped out my laptop and wrote. I rested inside this “payag-payag” when my eyes grew tired. The best thing is, I had an unlimited supply of inspiration through mother earth.

    Sunsets and Colors Negros Occidental

    After I finished with my work and the boys were done with their bikes, we went for a ride. This photo was taken (by me) while riding the back of my husband’s motorcycle. The scenery was beautiful and it was a first for me.

    5. Outside the city, life is good and slow.

    Late afternoon at Negros Occidental

    The picture I took looks like it’s part of the next campaign for Tide. But, joking aside, people like to take their time with whatever they’re doing during the day. Siesta time (resting or napping post-lunch) is also almost inevitable in small towns outside Bacolod. People here definitely know how to slow down and we city-folk could learn a thing or two from this. When was the last time you slowed down?

    6. You see the beauty in the common.

    Love Birds a Plenty in Negros Occidental

    I don’t know if I am overly romanticizing this road trip but what the hey! I found beauty in almost the smallest and most common of things. Maybe it was the hype of going to a new town or the hype of taking great pictures. Whatever it was, everything, even love birds which I usually see in my father’s mini-garden, was, all of a sudden, interesting and beautiful.

    7. There’s still so much more to see and experience.

    Pepe guarding the Island - Statue of a hero in Negros Occidental

    I actually don’t know who this is but we passed by this statue of a hero on our way to Cadiz.

    We didn’t really do much while we were at Cadiz. I just worked a little, walked around the farm a little, took photos, watched while the boys fixed their bikes, and rode the fixed bikes to a nearby town. The trip, however, made me curious as to what other places I can experience in Negros Occidental.

    Taken while riding the back of a motorcycle in Brgy Sicaba Negros Occidental

    Taken during sunset while riding at the back of my husband’s motor bike.

    Has this little trip to Cadiz sparked a light in me? You could say so, my friends. I didn’t see the entire Negros Occidental but I sure did get a taste of its beauty and charm. I highly recommend you doing the same when the weekend hits. If a short road trip did this for me, who knows what it can do for you?

  • My Year With the Negros Bloggers (NBSI)
    Posted in: Diary, Entertainment, Events

    Have you been following my blog religiously? Then you should already know by now that I am part of an elite paramilitary organization: ” Eagle Scouts”. No I’m kidding. That was a excerpt from the 1984 movie: “Red Dawn”. I’m actually part of the Negros Bloggers or, more officially, the Negrense Blogging Society, Inc. (NBSI). I joined around, I think, June or August of 2015.

    My blogging life hasn’t been the same ever since.


    The Negros Bloggers (and my impressions)


    Dhadha Garcia

    Dhadha blogs about all sorts of things. She doesn’t know that I know about her being a techie. How did I know this? Because during our SEO training, I saw that her laptop was big (assuming that the specs where higher than average) and she knew most things at the back-end of WordPress. She mostly wears dresses and I love that she does! So girly! She takes great pics too! She was our official photographer during our Christmas party.

    Eduardo Joven

    He is El Presidente (NBSI’s current President; term: will remain in position until further notice). I like Ed because he’s approachable, he’s organized, he addresses issues accordingly and he shares the knowledge that he has. He did our SEO training (for FREE). He is not arrogant. Ed is humble despite owning a hit website filled with new and old pinoy recipes. Ed is nice and humble. Be like Ed.

    Glady Reyes

    Glady, Glady. Where do I even begin? Great hair, award winning blogger, has a mini version of herself (Gab the Cute). I can tell that she’s a nature lover because I stalk her on Facebook. She’s actually funny, “kalog” and she seems like she’s game for any adventure. That’s the kind of spirit I think she has – the spirit of an independent adventurer.

    Maritel Riego Ledesma

    We call her Doc because, get ready to be impressed, she’s a doctor. She was the one who guided us during our Silay tour (organized by Viaje Negrense). It was then when I found out that she is Silay’s walking history encyclopedia. Doc speaks her mind and she also loves makeup! She blogs about different things (except food) but her blog (the first one listed) is more about life and inspiration.

    Maria Sigrid Lo

    She is popularly known as Sigrid Says. She’s my mentor and she encouraged me to join the Negros Bloggers. I’m thankful to her and her family because, sometimes, I feel like I’m an adopted member of Team Lo. She’s 1/4 of the team, by the way. The other three being: Aya Dennis, Dindin and then Shiobe. She’s known for her food posts – ask everyone! And, I feel like she’s been to 80% of the restaurants here in the city!

    Dennis Lo

    This guy, I call Aya. He probably doesn’t know why because I am not Chinese but I will divulge the reason now. I first met Aya at our Mother Church when I was new in TCF (Trinity Christian Fellowship). He had long hair and everyone, including the people that mentored me called him “Aya”. It caught on to this day. Aya is gentle-spoken and, in my opinion, he should model for Viking’s Bacolod because of this one picture during the opening where his face was filled with joy.

    Claire Marie Algarme

    I call her the traveler. She loves to do it! Just see her blog and most of her social media posts. She’s addicted and it’s such a great addiction to have – wanderlust! She also gives me rides most of the time (ma bawi ko nang). What I love about her is that she’s nice and sweet but underneath the sugar-coating is an independent woman with an impressive resume.

    Jojo Vito

    Are there words to describe Jojo? I can think of a couple: creative (x 100), talented (x1000), a blast to be with (x10,000). He also loves travelling, is down to earth and my partner in crime (for after meal “treats”). He should’ve been a comedian because he’s that funny. I look at Jojo as a wonderful package filled with good, creative and positive things!

    Maricar Dabao

    Surprisingly, she’s my maninay. She and my mom are friends. She and my aunt (shout out to tita Gardenia) are besties. It’s a small world, indeed. Maricar is very caring and is fun to be with especially when Jojo is added to the mix. Many may not know this about her but she’s game for almost anything (posing with Lechon or developing a Viaje Negrense swim wear with the logo at the _____ region). She’s a good sport!

    Bea, Eli and Elena Gatanela

    This blogging family is also enjoyable to be with. What I like about the couple (Eli and Elena) is that they seem to be serious at first but, oh boy, was I wrong after only a few meetings. They’re all fun-loving though Bea, their daughter, can still be shy most times.  I also feel like Bea has so much potential and I’m glad that Eli and Elena are tagging her along to blogging events so she can develop her writing and be the heiress of bacolodliving.com.

    May Castro

    This lady is so supportive that it does her an injustice to not be included in the list. I call her Ms. May because it’s formal. I later on found out that she’s not so formal – she likes to laugh and smile, she tells secrets, she makes jokes and she’s very down to earth. I still call her Ms. May though because I respect her so much. Maybe a time will come that I will begin to call her May but not now.

    Holidays with the Bloggers



    Christmas Party at L’fisher Hotel

    As bloggers, we are very fortunate that most businesses in the city support us. We’ve had a lot of sponsors and partners during the passed year and we’re truly thankful that they see the value in blogging. I would personally like to thank the following companies for making our Christmas party extra special:

    More Pictures Here

    Very big thank you from me and my fellow bloggers 🙂

    New Year at Bantug Lake Ranch


    We also celebrated the beginning of the year with a family day/New Year’s party at Bantug Lake Ranch, sponsored by E. GATANELA REALTY CO., Globe Telecom, SM City Bacolod, Beauty and Butter, Delicioso Wine Food Coffee, Krispy Kreme as well as others.

    More Pictures Here and Here

    Another big Thank You to our sponsors!

    I/We Blog Because

    I know what you’re thinking. You might say that I or we blog because of the perks. No, it’s very much a lifestyle and a passion. Some of my colleagues are passionate about food, cooking, travelling and so on. We whole heatedly appreciate the perks! If businesses see the value in our work, it could be a motivation but it’s not the main reason why we all blog.

    The Coming Year

    This 2016, I hope to have more success, not just for myself but with every member of the Negros Bloggers. I’m thankful that I am part of this group because they have become my new family. I always have fun when I am with them and there’s no competition or negative talk in the group. We’re just a bunch of happy people who love writing and blogging.

    If you want to know more about how to join the group, please LIKE our page here.

  • From oDesk to Upwork: What do I do exactly?
    Posted in: Diary
    There are two things that usually happen when I tell people what I do for a living: 1. They respond with an “Ah…ok” and 2. They tell me that I must be rich because I earn dollars. – Mea 🙂

    About a Freelancer


    The “Ah..ok” response makes me think that the person I’m talking to doesn’t really know much about online freelancing and the “You must be rich” response makes me think that the person I’m talking to knows as much about freelancing as I do with HTML coding – tip of the iceberg, basic.

    Neither response is offensive to me. After all, it’s not really the problem.

    Because my line of work is revolutionary, I find it hard to explain to people exactly what I do and I end up with the not so usual responses like:

    • “You should be a nurse” (because I did graduate as one and I do have my license)
    • “Canada is hiring nurses non-stop, you know”

    Sometimes, I even get the feeling that some folks think my work is a scam or they give me this vibe that tells me they think I “entertain” male foreigners via video conference (seriously!!).

    From oDesk to UpWork + a clear DEFINITION


    FREELANCER – noun – a person who works as a writer, designer, performer,or the like, selling work or services by the hour, day, job, etc., rather than working on a regular salary basis for one employer. (dictionary.com)

    Dictionary.com couldn’t have made it more clear. From oDesk to UpWork, I’ve been working as a freelancer for almost 6 years. I was a former Head Teacher of an online English school before I decided to take the leap.

    What I Do

    Because I am a freelancer, I can pretty much do whatever I want. As long as I have knowledge and experience doing a particular skill, clients can hire me for it. I call myself a “Jane of all trades” because that’s exactly what I do. Here’s a peek into my skill set:

    • Writing, including blogging and article optimizing for SEO (strong suit)
    • Social media management (strong suit)
    • Content management
    • WordPress management
    • Videos and voice-overs
    • Team management (strong suit)

    The rest I can’t really describe clearly as it involves a lot of personal assistant stuff like waking up a client at a certain time and reviewing his schedule for the day. Think Andrea from the movie the Devil Wears Prada but with limitations.

    Am I really rich because of the $$$?

    Freelancer Quote

    I must admit that my earnings are higher compared to that of a BPO employee but it doesn’t come without sacrifices but, to answer your question, I am not rich. I can, however, say that I am close to being financially stable. I believe that any white-collar job can give you a certain degree of financial freedom as long as you know how to handle your expenses.

    What sacrifices are you talking about?

    Upwork Freelancer at Work

    Working in my PJs like a Boss

    Believe it or not, being a freelancer is not all that it’s cut out to be. A few of the things I battle with everyday are:

    • Mindless eating
    • Procrastination
    • Carpal tunnel (in my case because I type a lot)
    • Boredom
    • Isolation from social contact
    • Did I mention procrastination?

    There’s a big chance that you might just let yourself go since you’re in front of the computer the entire time and you really don’t have to take a shower, change into work outfits, commute to work or answer to anyone (well, not unless your deadline for a task is up).

    My Two Companions

    The two family dogs supply my need for interaction on a daily basis.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m good at what I do and I love being an UpWork freelancer. I just wish that I didn’t have to explain my work to people (especially my relatives) in detail so they don’t misinterpret what I do as a scam or an indecent proposal. Recently, so I can avoid all the drama, I just say that “I’m a writer” which gets me the  usual responses of “Ah…ok” and “You must be rich”.

    If you’re an online freelancer like me, what do you tell people when they ask you what you do for a living?