Lakawon Island Tour Package

Lakawon Island Tour Package | Mea in Bacolod

Day Tour Price - P2000 each Minimum of 4 pax
Inclusions *Airconditioned Van Transfers *Entrance Fees *Environmental Fees *Ferry Transfers *Day Hut *Floating Bar Entrance with Complimentary Drink
I want a quote with accommodation Great! Call us and let's talk about it: +639173051072


1. Why should we book our tour with you?

That’s a great question. The answer to that is simple. We are a group of locals who love to discover what our city has to offer. We’re most probably the best people to ask about the best spots, the best foods and the best places for taking the perfect Instagram photo.

2. What’s your booking process?

3. Do you have your own van/transportation?

Yes, we do and it’s new! You’ll be comfortably seated when we are on tour or traveling to a destination.

4. What if we cannot reach the minimum number of pax per tour?

We can recommend the following:

  • Give you a tour quote that will meet your needs.
  • Let you join another tour group
  • Reschedule your tour (last option).


5. Who are you and what are your company’s goals?

We here at Mea in Bacolod & The Bacolod Travel Club aim to provide you with a fun experience while you are in our city or are travelling with us. Your safety and satisfaction in our service are our top priorities. We are a legitimate group that loves to have fun, loves to promote the city of Bacolod, and loves to travel.



1. How can I book the Lakawon Island tour?

The first thing you do is ask whether the tour is available on the dates when you are visiting Lakawon. Fill out this inquiry form >>> Inquiry Form. Wait for us to contact you.


2. Is there a downpayment?

Yes but it’s very minimal. The downpayment is required so we know that you will go through with the tour. We will let you know how much you need to deposit or send.


3. I’m nervous. Are you guys really for real?

Yes, we really are for real 🙂 We have a Facebook Page as well as a group to prove that we are legit. Please do visit each one to know more about us:


4. What happens if we cannot reach the specific number of people?

The tour is going to be a little more expensive if you cannot reach 4 people. But, of course we would like to think that we have the most competitive price when it comes to Lakawon tours so let’s talk it out and see what we come up with.


5. I went on your tour previously and I’m happy. Where can I leave a review?

Wonderful! We would love to hear what you thought of our tour. You can leave a review here so everyone will know how much fun you had:


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