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    Would You Like To Test Drive A FORD RANGER RAPTOR This Weekend?
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    The Ford Island Conquest is back in Bacolod on its second year, providing car enthusiasts an all-in-one custom arena where customers can check out a display of Ford’s best-selling vehicles and test drive them in one venue. It’s a cross between a scaled-down showroom and a test drive venue that put consumers in an immersive driving experience.

    The Ford Island Conquest will take place at the N4 North East Perimeter in SM Bacolod on November 16-18, 2018. Customers can check out and test drive the first-ever:

    • Ranger Raptor
    • The NEW Ranger
    • The NEw EcoSport
    • Ford Everest

    Come Test-Drive A Ranger Raptor & Get Discounts and Prizes

    Over P1.2 million worth of cash prizes will be given away to customers who will reserve a vehicle during the 3-day event.

    Aside from test drive activities, the Ford Island Conquest also serves as a platform where owners and interested buyers can learn more about and avail of Ford’s after-sales and service offerings such as Premium Extended Warranty and Scheduled Service Plan (SSP), as well as various vehicle accessories.

    Yesterday’s Event Promoting Driving Safety

    As part of its road safety advocacy, Ford Philippines is also bringing its United Nations-recognized safe driving program Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) to Bacolod City for the first time as part of its commitment to educate drivers on the benefits of smart, safe, and fuel-efficient driving as well as the necessary driving skills to help minimize road accidents, altercations, and traffic congestion.

    The DSFL in Bacolod will be held at the SMX Convention Center on November 15, 2018 and will be attended by over 200 private and PUV drivers, traffic enforcers, road safety advocates, and student drivers.

    Now on its 11th year in the Philippines, the DSFL program is a combination of classroom training that includes modules on vehicle handling, driving in special conditions, anti-distracted driving, and fuel-efficient driving, as well as a hands-on driving simulation that allows participating drivers to apply their learnings from the classroom sessions. The DSFL program is offered to participating drivers for free.

    In an effort to increase DSFL’s relevance to today’s driving environment, the program tightened its focus on training more public utility vehicle drivers (PUV) covering the likes of bus, jeepney, school bus, and taxi drivers to be safer and more responsible drivers.

    Since 2008, DSFL has trained over 22,000 Filipino drivers nationwide in partnership with Tuason Racing School (TRS), the program’s long-time trainer and facilitator. In 2017, Ford reached close to 3,000 private and public utility vehicle (PUV) drivers nationwide as DSFL participants. For the first time since its launch, Ford conducted its DSFL program in key provinces such as Pampanga, Batangas, Cebu, Davao, as well as several educational institutions in Metro Manila. Ford also increased the number of hands-on driving sessions to ensure that participants are able to apply their learnings from the classroom sessions.

  • Blogapalooza 2018 - Mea in Bacolod
    Blogapalooza 2018: What Every Influencer Should Learn
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    Blogapalooza, a partner in influencer marketing, has been making headway in terms of providing a means for influencers to get to the next level of their careers. This year, I, as well as some of the Negrense Bloggers, was fortunate enough to have attended the event held at the Nobu Hotel Manila, City of Dreams. I learned so much so I wanted to share the key takeaways during the Blogapalooza 2018.

    Blogapalooza 2018: What Influencers Have To Understand

    In our line of work, we usually learn everything as we go along. Things like positive SSL, Google Ranking, Instagram hacking, and all of that – we pick up along the way. Fortunately, help is available from fellow influencers, several blog resources, and, of course, events like Blogapalooza. This year, I learned that influencers (bloggers, Instagram-mers, YouTube-ers, and those on Facebook) can reach the next level through the following ways:

    1. Don’t forget about creativity

    Blogapalooza 2018 - Mea in Bacolod

    L-R: Emman Nimedez, Camille Trinidad and Jayzam Manabat (JaMill), and Viy Cortez (YouTubers). Janelle Tee (Host), Ace Gapuz (CEO)

    We can’t just write the same kinds of content over and over again. We also can’t allow ourselves to be stuck in a creative rut when it comes to content. Based on the talks of Emman Nimedez, Camille Trinidad and Jayzam Manabat (JaMill), and Viy Cortez, it’s important to find inspiration even in the mundane. A boring chore, such as washing dishes, can become interesting if our angle for the content is unique, entertaining, and engaging.

    2. Never ignore what your data is telling you

    Miko David of David & Golyat

    As a Bacolod blogger, one of the main things I focus on is writing and SEO. Miko David of David & Golyat emphasizes that it isn’t enough. Aside from writing, influencers also have to think about data because it can tell you a lot of things. Data can give you insights into your audiences’ minds so you know the kind of content you can create and improve aspects of your site or content that need it the most improvement.

    3. Work on your Instagram

    Nix Eniego of Social Media Academy

    Again, I used to just focus on writing. I’ll be happy if I can write what I want all day. I didn’t use to pay that much attention to my Facebook Page or Instagram. However, Nix Eniego emphasized the relevance of Instagram today. Brands take a look at social media profiles, particularly IG, not just blog site statistics.

    4. It’s possible to be positive in the midst of haters

    Blogapalooza 2018 - Mea in Bacolod

    Rui Mariano, Matmat Centino, and Francine Garcia

    The beautiful ladies on this panel face hundreds, if not thousands, of haters on their social media profiles. Each one of them handles it with humor and we should all too. Negativity has no power over you if you don’t recognize that it has power int he first place.

    5. The traditional can transition into the new

    Negrense Bloggers with Christine Bersola Babao

    We usually believe in the saying, “You can’t teach old dogs new tricks,” but Ms. Christine Bersola Babao proves otherwise. She talked about a lot of her experiences with blogging, vlogging, and managing social media. I love that she admits that everything is still a learning process for her, but she is zealous in learning the ropes especially with vlogging.

    To say the least, the Blogapalooza 2018 was a success. I am looking forward to what the team has next year. For now, I am more than equipped to make progress with my blogging thanks to everything I have learned.

  • Nobu Hotel Manila City of Dreams - Service and Hotel Review - Mea in Bacolod
    Review of the Nobu Hotel Manila, City of Dreams
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    The Nobu Hotel Manila at the City of Dreams is known for its excellent service, Japanese-inspired aesthetic, and it’s attention to detail. It first opened its doors in December 2014 with the aim of becoming a premier leisure and entertainment destination in the Philippines. It’s also where the Nobu, the worlds most recognized Japanese restaurant, is located. Is it worth staying in?

    Hotel Review: Nobu Hotel Manila

    About the Nobu Hotel Manila

    Based on its website, the Nobu Hotel is the first-of-its-kind in Asia. It’s a boutique hotel that was formed in collaboration between Melco Resort Philippines, Chef Nobu Matsuhisa and Nobu Hospitality partners including Robert DeNiro and film producer Meir Teper.

    • Address: Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard Entertainment City, Paranaque, Luzon 1701 Philippines

    • Phone number: (+632) 800 8080

    • Email for general questions: guestservices@cod-manila.com

    TripAdvisor Stats & Recognition

    As I am writing this in 2018, the Nobu Hotel Manila on TripAdvisor has garnered 900+ reviews with an excellence rating of 4.5. It has received the Certificate of Excellence from the travel site. It’s also the Travelers’ Choice 2018 Winner, the highest recognition which is presented every year to the top 1% of businesses across categories.

    TripAdvisor Rating - Nobu Hotel Manila - Mea in Bacolod

    What’s Makes Nobu Hotel Manila So Special?

    I’ve stayed there thrice already. Let me break down my experiences so you guys can decide if it’s a hotel that you would want to stay in. From checking in, staying in the rooms, having breakfast at the Nobu Restaurant, to checking out, here are my thoughts:

    Upon Arrival

    Nobu Hotel Manila City of Dreams - Hotel Review - Mea in Bacolod

    As soon as you arrive, there will be bellhops waiting to assist you with your bags. You’ll have to pass through security to get to the lobby. I appreciate that each entry of the hotel has security personnel who checks your bags or pieces of luggage. You and your carry-on bags have to go through a scanner before you can enter.

    Checking in

    There are usually a lot of people checking in at any given time. There are more than two counters, but you would have to expect a bit of waiting time before you are fully checked in. You’d have to line up to get to the registration counter. The personnel will then check to see if your room is ready. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of seating for you to relax on as you wait for your room. In my experience, the check-in process is smooth and the staff manning the desks are always smiling and assistive.


    Nobu Hotel Manila City of Dreams - Hotel Review - Mea in Bacolod:

    Nobu Deluxe

    All of my stays have been in the Nobu Deluxe rooms which are 36 sqm. On my first and second time, there were two Queen beds which could comfortably fit 2 people each. The room itself can cater to 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children based on the website.

    What I like:

    • The turndown service & cleaning was done daily.

    • The complimentary bottles of water were replenished daily.

    • Inside the cabinet under the TV, you will find complimentary coffee and Ikaati Premium Tea. There’s also complimentary fruit. These aren’t replenished though.


    Nobu Hotel Manila City of Dreams - Hotel Review - Mea in Bacolod: Nobu Deluxe Bathroom

    Nobu Deluxe Bathroom

    The bathroom has enough towels (both big ones and small ones) for three people. At the back of the door, you will also see two robes, one black, and one white (matching the two black and white slippers you will see inside the closet). Please take note that the Deluxe Rooms do not have a tub, at least in my experience.

    What I like:

    • You’ll have a Natura Bisse vanity kit and a toothbrush with a small tube of toothpaste. These are approximately good for one use. You’ll also find a set of Natura Bisse shampoo, conditioner, body wash, round soap which is good for about two to three days depending on how often you take a shower.

    Wifi Speed

    I am so happy about the room WIFI. You don’t need to pay extra for the WIFI because it comes with the room. You don’t have to log in too becuase the connection doesn’t have a password. You’ll have no problems accessing social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram so it is posting galore when you’re in your room, or any area of the hotel, for that matter.

    What I like:

    • I also love movies, especially right before I go to bed. When I go to my streaming sites, I have no problems watching a movie. Pausing and waiting for the movie to load for 5 to 10mins is not necessary.

    The View

    Each of my stays had the most beautiful view of the City of Dreams Promenade, as well as the pool area. During the daytime, the greens of the plants and the blue of the pool complement the gold, orange, and beige colors of the infrastructures.

    The view during the daytime.

    However, the real treat is when the sun sets. On my latest stay, I was treated to a wonderful view of the dome and the strategically-lit promenade. It’s a wonderful site to take in. You might even be tempted to leave your blinds up as you go to bed.

    Nobu Hotel Manila City of Dreams - Service and Hotel Review - Mea in Bacolod

    Night view taken from my Huawei P20.

    Breakfast at the Nobu Restaurant

    It’s important to take note that there are rates that come with breakfast and there are ones that don’t. All of my stays had breakfast so I had the chance to eat at the famed Nobu Restaurant, located at Level 1 of the hotel.

    The Nobu Restaurant in the morning.

    My first two breakfast experiences were wonderful. There were so many choices! And, yes, it is an eat-all-you-can breakfast buffet at the Nobu Restaurant. You have your salads, cereals, yogurt, fruit, bacon and etc. The third time, there weren’t as many choices as the first two. Please understand that the third time still had a good selection of food, but fewer than the first two.

    The outside area of the Nobu Restaurant.


    City of Dreams Promenade

    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Mea Pabiona (@meainbacolod) on

    If have the chance to eat at the Nobu Restaurant, make sure that you visit the City of Dreams Promenade. It’s a great place for photos. The plants look manicured. Find the spot you see on my Instagram post (@meainbacolod) to get a great shot of the gold building that looks like they meet in a point.

    Checking out

    Checking out is smoother than checking in because all you really have to do is pack, then go downstairs. Take your access key with you. You’ll have to surrender this at the front desk. Easy-peasy.

    Overall Experience at the Nobu Hotel Manila

    I love staying at the Nobu Hotel Manila because the rooms are spacious, clean, and very comfortable. You can expect to have a good night’s rest everytime you stay here. But, what really brought it home for me was the service. The staff is very approachable and friendly. They were always offering to help with anything. Plus, guests are always greeted with a smile. For me, an already great experience can be made even more wonderful when the people that work for the hotel are always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. I’d say that it is worth it to stay at the Nobu Hotel Manila, City of Dreams.

    Disclosure: Two of my stays were sponsored by Nobu Hotel Manila. All of the statements are my own and have not been influenced in any way.
  • MEGAWORLD to Build P500-M Luxury Boutique Hotel in Bacolod
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    BACOLOD CITY, Philippines, October 2, 2018 – Megaworld, the country’s largest developer of integrated urban townships, is building a luxury boutique hotel inside its 34-hectare The Upper East township in Bacolod City.

    The P500-million boutique hotel along the township’s six-lane Upper East Avenue, will feature 48 spacious suites, an all-day dining restaurant, café, courtyard, swimming pool and pool deck, fitness center, lanai, and its own Zabana Bar, Megaworld’s signature hotel bar concept.

    The hotel ballroom, which will be connected to an expansive tropical garden, will become the city’s biggest hotel ballroom facility that can fit around 1,000 guests in a banquet setting. It can also be divided into three separate ballrooms for smaller event requirements.

    READ: Megaworld Corporation Introduces The Upper East

    The hotel’s main lobby will be a retrofitted heritage house that used to be the old ‘guest house’ inside the Bacolod-Murcia Milling Company compound. Beside it will be another wing that used to house the guest rooms for visitors, which will be converted into a ballroom facility.

    To be designed by renowned heritage architect and conservationist Dominic Galicia, the hotel will have the old structures undergo ‘adaptive reuse’ to form part of its complex.

    Galicia was the architect of the redesigned building of the National Museum of Natural History in Manila, which opened late last year.

    “The entire hotel complex is anchored in the oldest structure, and it expands from this like wings, with the Ballroom Wing to the left, and the Guest Room Wing to the right.  As a landmark of Bacolod, it will express the noble intent of remembering and anchoring in a glorious past as we move towards what we dream to be a glorious future,” explains Architect Dominic Galicia.

    READ: Everything You Need To Know About Megaworld’s UPPER EAST

    ‘This luxury boutique hotel will be another landmark in The Upper East. The hotel will be a perfect venue for conventions, weddings and memorable celebrations as it integrates an outdoor garden setting into its ballroom facility. Megaworld is keen on helping boost the MICE tourism industry of Bacolod,” says Rachelle Peñaflorida, vice president for sales and marketing, Megaworld Bacolod.

    The hotel is expected to be completed in 2022.

    As the township gears up for the construction of its first hotel development, Megaworld also announces that it is upgrading its first residential condominium development, One Regis, by adding more amenities, residential floors and parking facilities.

    One Regis will now feature two penthouse floors – the lower and upper penthouses, a bi-level amenity deck with residential units, executive residential floors, and additional basement parking facility. From a nine-storey residential tower, One Regis will become a 12-storey residential condominium.

    “As we saw an overwhelming reception to our first condominium development in The Upper East, we believe that this project deserves an upgrade with more amenities, more facilities and more unit options that perfectly fit the Bacolod lifestyle,” explains Peñaflorida.

    Aside from the original amenities that include a swimming pool and kiddie pool, pool lounge and seating areas, fitness center, events hall, male and female shower rooms and a walk park, One Regis will also feature its own Wellness Lounge, and its own Game and Entertainment Room, for the exclusive use of its future residents.

    One Regis is scheduled for completion in 2022 with total projected sales of P1.2-billion.

    Megaworld is spending P28-billion to develop The Upper East in the next 10 years. This is part of the P35-billion investment that the company announced in 2015 for both Northill Gateway and The Upper East.

  • A Freelancers Bestfriend PayPal to GCash FREE | Mea in Bacolod
    A Freelancer’s Bestfriend: PayPal to GCash FREE
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    One of the most daunting things about being a freelancer is transferring money from one account to another. Commonly, those who have the same line of work as I do transact via PayPal. Whenever we finish our task, our clients pay through PayPal. Typically, this platform doesn’t have a withdrawal fee when one withdraws larger amounts. However, if you just want to withdraw a tiny piece of your hard earned cash, you’d have to pay a transfer fee. Well, we can say goodbye to those fees because transferring money from Paypal to GCash FREE.

    How To Transfer From Paypal To GCash

    • Link your Paypal account to your GCash.
    • When everything is linked, you can easily transfer your Paypal credits within 24hours.

    Other Than PayPal to GCash FREE Transactions, You Can Also:

    • Send money for FREE from one GCash user to another GCash user.
    • Receive money for FREE from another GCash user.
    • Withdraw money for FREE via ATMs twice per month. Withdrawable amount dependent on ATM’s maximum withdrawable amount per transaction.
    • Withdraw money for FREE via over-the-counter, multiple transactions, but up to P20,000 per transaction only.

    Why I Love Using GCash

    Aside from the obvious advantage of PayPal to GCash free transactions, I can also pay Utilities through GCash. You can pay the following bills:

    • BDO Credit Card
    • Globe at Home and Postpaid
    • Loans (Home Credit, AsiaLink, and so much more)
    • Pag-ibig (Yes, GCash accepts fees for some Government offices)
    • Grab
    • Manulife

    All of these I mentioned, because these bills are what I pay for every month. I can also easily pay for groceries from PureGold and Robinsons Place Bacolod. There are plenty of things that GCash can be useful for.

    GCash Is Just A Download Away

    You absolutely have to try out withdrawing from your Paypal account to your GCash account. Pay your bills without lining up to any counter or simply withdraw your funds straight to your bank account. You don’t even have to worry about fees anymore. If you don’t have GCash in your phones yet, you can click on the links below:

    If you’d like to know more about GCash, you can visit www.gcash.com. For more tips on nifty services, online freelancing, and the Bacolod Lifestyle, read other posts on the blog.

  • Bata Shoes Bacolod: NOW OPEN | Mea in Bacolod
    Bata Shoes Now Open in The City Of Smiles
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    Bata Shoes Bacolod – Can you believe that a hundred-year-old shoe manufacturer opened a store in the City of Smiles? Bata Shoes is a Canadian owned multinational footwear and fashion accessory manufacturer and retailer. The company was founded in 1894, believe it or not.

    Get a Pair Of Bata Shoes At SM City Bacolod

    When I attended the opening for Bata Shoes, I asked myself what’s so special about this shoe store aside from the fact that they are over a hundred years old. I quickly found out what I talked to the representatives. First, Bata Shoes Bacolod focuses on style, comfort, and quality. Also, they don’t just make shoes. They also cater to accessories and bags. The company is also environmentally conscious. I’m not sure if all of their shoes are environmentally friendly, but I know that their boxes are. The container that my choices came in were both recycled.

    Bata Shoes Technology

    Other than being environmentally conscious, some Bata Shoes also have special technologies in them. A good example of this would be their waterproof brogues and oxfords. I’m sure that they have this technology on ladies shoes as well.

    When you go in, you’ll also find different cleaning products for your shoes. I came across this sneaker shampoo. It’s for cleaning the outside of your shoes – remove spots, clear dirt, and etc.

    Bata Shoes Bacolod: Styles To Watch Out For

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 1

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 1

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 10

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 10

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 9

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 9

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 7

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 7

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 8

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 8

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 14

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 14

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 11

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 11

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 2

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 2

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 3

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 3

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 4

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 4

    I suggest that you check out the brogues and oxfords. They can be expensive, but they’re made of Italian leather and are waterproof. You can also try out their sandals for ladies that are Birkenstock-like. I actually grabbed a pair of those and I will be giving you my review on my beauty blog: The Practical Beauty, you can watch out for that by following my beauty blog.

    So, if you’re ever in SM City Bacolod and are looking for a quality pair of shoes, try Bata Shoes Bacolod. They are located on the ground floor of the Northwing. If you want to know more about Bacolod – updates, new places to eat, and so on, make sure you follow my blog or LIKE my Facebook Page.

  • Sams Slim Gym Bacolod East
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    Months ago, if you asked me if I was interested in going to the gym, I would have said no. I didn’t see myself as the kind of person who focused on physical fitness. But, my perspective started to change when I did yoga. After consistently doing the practice for months, I decided to try the gym thing out to see what happens. With the help of Mr. Sam Solon, I was able to have my first gym experience at Sams Slim Gym East.


    Sams Slim Gym East | Mea in Bacolod

    Sams Slim Gym Bacolod East

    Sam’s Slim Gym East is at East Block Veranda, Circumferential Road, next to the Quan branch at the East area. The gym is equipped with four treadmills and about eight bikes. There are plenty of dumbbells and more than enough weight lifting equipment to work different muscles of the body. There’s a small extension at the side where you can do your stretches, or you can practice boxing with an instructor.

    Sams Slim Gym East | Mea in Bacolod 

    What I Like About Sam’s Slim Gym

    First of all, Sams Slim Gym East is accessible for me. Location is probably one of the most important factors to look at when you are looking for a gym. If you’re pressed for time like me, you’d want a fitness place that you can reach with just one or two jeepney rides.

    Secondly, you can enroll for just P700 a month provided that you only want to concentrate on equipment. If you’d like to add treadmill usage, you’d have to pay P900 a month. Despite the slight increase, it’s still a reasonable rate for a gym membership.

    Gym Rates And Services


    Sam's Slim Gym Rates | Mea in Bacolod

    Next, you’d have to look at the shower rooms of the gym that you’d like to enroll to. Sam’s Slim Gym East’s shower rooms are in tip-top shape. They’re clean; you’ll definitely feel comfortable showering your sweat away after a workout. The lady’s shower room is located next to the bikes.

    Did I Lose Weight After A Month At Sam’s Slim Gym East?

    As soon as you enroll, you’ll have to follow their basic starter routine. The guide for this should be posted on the side of the open containers for bags. Basically, this routine gets you started with weightlifting. Once you’ve mastered the basic or beginner tasks, you move up to the intermediate and then the advance.

    You can actually choose a program that you want when you sign up. For example, if you’re going to focus on toning, the coaches will design a routine for you. Personally, I opted for the beginner routine because it was my first time lifting weights. After about a month, I saw some definition on my shoulders, and I was able to do my Chaturanga (yoga move) properly because my should and arm strength significantly improved.Just a bit of a disclaimer, I did not lose weight because I wasn’t eating right. However, I gained muscle, plus strength and endurance, which significantly helped in my yoga practice.

    Is Sams Slim Gym For You?

    I’d say yes if you’re looking for a gym within the East area that’s reasonably priced. In my opinion, the services for the gym could still be improved with the introduction of classes and cardio routines. But, I’m sure that Mr. Sam Solon (the owner), a person who has dedicated himself to health and fitness, is already cooking up plans to add some classes soon. If you’re aiming for building muscles or toning your body, Sam’s Slim Gym East is definitely a place to check out.

    Sam’s Slim Gym East

    •Facebook Page
    •Contact Number: 0917 700 7595
    •Hours:  6:00AM – 10:00PM, M-Sat; 6:00AM – 12:00NOON Sun

    “Dirty Dancing”

    Actors: Anne Binnette Perez|Roel Liza
    HMUA: Erl Seva Burgos
    Directed by: Citoy Tano|Andre Familiaran

  • Mea in Bacolod - Iloilo Travel Guide
    2018 Iloilo Travel Guide On A Budget Of P1300
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    The summertime is here! Well, not officially since April hasn’t arrived yet. But, the kids from school are already hanging up their back-packs and retiring their old black school shoes. It’s time to go on vacations, explore, and spend plenty of time with the family. Lucky us who are living on the Negros Islands because we have seemingly infinite places to make our next summer destination – one of the places is Iloilo, the City of Love. Use this 2018 Iloilo Travel Guide to know how I and my friends explored the city with just P1300 (a group of 4).

    2018 Iloilo Travel Guide: 8 Destinations For P1300

    First off, why would one travel to Iloilo from Bacolod? Well, personally, my dad was born in Iloilo so we have family there. My sister and I used to spend our summer vacations with my dad’s sisters when I was in elementary and high school. So, it’s a city close to my heart. It’s known for its hold houses, colonial churches, and, of course, Batchoy. Plus, it’s just an hour away and you have plenty of vessel options to get to the city cheap.


    Getting To The City

    Iloilo Travel Guide For P1300 - Mea in Bacolod

    When I and my friends went on our trip, we took the Fast Cat from Banago pier. It’s important to start the day early so that you can get the most out of your trip. Our meet up place was Mcdonald’s Lacson. The meetup time was 5 AM. Check out the Fast Cat schedules below:

    Fast Cat Schedules | Mea in Bacolod

    As soon as we got there, we went straight to the La Paz Market to have us a nice bowl of piping hot Original La Paz Batchoy. From the pier, we took a taxi which cost around P57 – it’s really near.

    Iloilo Travel Guide Tip #1: If you want to save money, you have to take a taxi outside of the pier (not inside). Taxis parked inside cost more.


    Destination #1: Netong’s Batchoy At The La Paz Public Market

    When at Netong’s, you can spend around P100+ for a bowl of Batchoy and a drink. You can also opt for extras to pair with your Batchoy. You can either have bread or puto. You actually have plenty of options since you are in a public market. Explore the stalls beside Netong’s to see other choices.


    Destination #2: Madge Cafe

    The Madge Cafe is also at the La Paz public market. You might as well have a grab a good cup of coffee before checking out the rest of the city. The coffee there is mean, strong, and under P50. It’s a must visit because it has been making coffee since 1940.


    Destination #3: JD’s Bakeshop

    FUNNY STORY! After the Batchoy and the coffee, I felt the call of mother nature. Unfortunately, the restroom at the public market was less than desirable so to JD’s Bakeshop which was just across the street. My friends did buy something, but I just used the restroom. Nonetheless, I had plenty of memories with this bakeshop because we used to buy our merienda here. I will never forget their Chicken Ala King – a must eat for me and my husband.

    Iloilo Travel Guide Tip #2: When in doubt about the restroom, go to the hotel or JD’s Bakeshop from the La Paz public market.


    Destination #4: Garin Farm

    Getting To San Joaquin


    Now, with all the restroom businesses dealt with, it was time for us to visit the Garin Farm in San Joaquin. From La Paz, we took a jeep to Super. We waited for the jeep to fill up (this took an hour). The travel time was the worst because the jeepney was stopping at every other corner to pick up passengers. I think it took about 2 hours to get to San Joaquin. We also had to take a tricycle from the main stop going to the farm itself.

    Iloilo Travel Guide Tip #3 (Better Option): Instead of taking the jeep from Super, it’s better if you take the van. It costs around P100 or less than that.



    The entrance fee P150 for each person. I think that this already includes swimming. To be sure, you can check out the Garin Farm Facebook Page (<<<click the link) for their contact number.


    What To See And Do At The Garin Farm


    It was hella hot! And we were really tired from sitting for 2 hours on the jeep. We decided to grab a snack at their restaurant. Honestly, the food was OK or miss, and the service, when we went there, was terrible because there were plenty of people eating at the restaurant. The staff was not very organized when we’re there. Despite this, the restaurant was a good place to rest and escape from the heat of the sun.

    The main reason why we went to the Garin Farm was to check out “Heaven” – a life-size representation of what it would be like to go through purgatory and into the gates of St Peter. Before going there, it is absolutely necessary for you to being sun-glasses, a hat, and a scarf. If you want to go blind and, maybe, feel a bit dizzy, forget these items at home.

    Iloilo Travel Guide Tip #4 (For Titas): For those who are of a certain age, it’s best that you buy a ticket for a cart ride to Heaven. It only cost P60, back and forth.

    Another attraction that you may want to see is the feeding of the pigeons. I’m not sure if they were pigeons or dove, but what the attendants will do is slap a small, hollow bamboo log to alert the birds. They would then get some feeds to sprinkle to an area where the birds would land.


    Going Back To Iloilo


    From the Garin Farm, we went back to Iloilo City via bus. Of course, we had to take the tricycle, first, going to the main stop. It took a bit of waiting for us to catch a bus. No vans nor jeeps were available. Yes, my group got a little bit worried, thinking we might have to spend the night. But, luckily, we took turns waving at passing buses. It cost around P58 for us to get back to the city.


    Destination #5: Molo Mansion

    From where the bus stopped, we took a taxi going to the Molo Mansion. The mansion is one of many old houses in Iloilo. This particular one has a gift shop filled with artisan items. On its side is an adorable little cafe called Cafe Panay. We went into the mansion and took a look around. Think of it as the Balay Negrense of Iloilo City.

    Iloilo Travel Guide Tip #5: Don’t expect a tour around the house. The area where you are allowed to roam is actually the gift shop itself. There weren’t any tours of the house. The main feature is the house itself.

    Technically Destination #6: Cafe Panay

    You cannot miss visiting Cafe Panay and drinking their coffee. From my personal opinion, it’s a must-try. We were hungry from sitting on the bus for almost 2 hours, so we decided to energize ourselves with some refreshments. But, why molo? Because one of my friends said that one of her goals is to take a photo with the caption “Mulo-molo sa Molo Mansion” which translates to “Leisurely eating molo at the Molo Mansion.”

    Destination #7: Roberto’s

    From the mansion, we took a taxi going to Roberto’s – a popular food place in the City of Love that serves, arguably, the best siopao. People were literally lining up to take home one or two siopaos. Roberto’s is located downtown. If you’re wondering what to bring home to your families, this is it!

    Destination #8: Samurai Restaurant

    When you go over budget, call a friend to treat you to dinner. From Roberto’s, we took a taxi going to the Samurai Resturant which is near Sm City. Iloilo is known for their seafood so when it comes to thinking about what to eat, it’s a no-brainer. If you want to include dinner in your budget, be sure to prepare around P1800.

    Going Back To Bacolod

    Again, we took the Fast Cat to Bacolod city. It would be best if you can check the schedules of the ferry ahead of time so you can estimate how long you’re going to stay in one place. Overall, our experience in Iloilo City was wonderful. We were so tired during the ferry-ride back to Bacolod, but that day, it was the memories made with friends that counted the most.

    Iloilo Travel Guide Budget Break Down Iloilo Travel Guide For P1300 - Mea in Bacolod - Total Budget