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    Surprising Uses Of Downy Fabric Conditioner
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    We commonly use Downy fabric conditioner on clothes since that’s what it’s meant for. However, there are other practical uses of the product that many of us don’t know about. As a mom, you have to get creative to get the most out of the products you use. In this guide, I’ll share how I use my Downy fabric conditioner for chores other than laundry.


    The Many Uses Of Downy Fabric Conditioner Around The House

    I’m currently in love with the scent of Downy Sweetheart from the Perfume Collection. It’s hard to break the scent down, but in my non-professional opinion, it’s a mix of floral, clean and sweet scents. I don’t know why but, to me, it smells adorable. The pink packaging really suites the scent.

    Surprising Uses Of Downy Fabric Conditioner - Downy Sweetheart | Mea in Bacolod

    Moving on to the uses! Listed below are ways on how I use my 900ml Downy Fabric Conditioner:



    I use the fabric conditioner in all of our clothes and linens. Sometimes, however, I feel like I need to reinforce the scent. So, what I do is put some of the fabcon into a clean, empty spray bottle. I dilute it with water and spray it on clothes and sheets whenever necessary. 1/4 of the bottle I fill with the fabcon, then the rest is water.



    I use the same mixture above to spray our room. It feels great to walk into a clean room that smells as fresh as flowers. Because our pillows and sheets smell the same, Downy Sweetheart’s scent is boosted when I spray it in every corner of our bedrooms.



    Moving on to the bathroom. Whenever the faucets or shower head needs polishing, I spray them with the fabcon. I don’t mix anything with the solution. The concentrated liquid will work as is. I put it into a clean spray bottle and I directly spray it onto the grimy fixtures. Let the liquid soak for a few minutes, then wipe all the hard-water stains away. It could also work on sliding shower doors and mirrors.



    This tip I read on other blogs. I tried it myself and it really works. To clean different hard surfaces, I mix one part of the fabcon to 4 parts water. Again, my container of choice is the ever trusty spray bottle. I spritz a good amount on a surface I want to clean, then I wipe the dust away. This technique also repels dust since there’s a thin film of fabcon on the hard surface.



    Nobody likes a stinky gym bag. When it’s time to clean out mine, I wash it first. I dry it under the sun for a couple of minutes. Then, when it’s dry, I spray it with the same mixture of fabcon and water I use as a linen freshener and room spray.


    Practical Mommy Hack

    You don’t have to buy a whole bottle. You merely have to go to the “tiangge” nearest your house and buy a sachet for only five pesos (P5 MSRP). A practical way to approach this would be to use an empty spray bottle (from your old colognes), just wash and reuse it. Or, better yet, you can simply put: “Buy Downy Fabric Conditioner” on your grocery list so you won’t forget.

  • Movie Theater With Recliners - Bacolod City - Mea in Bacolod
    CityMall Mandalagan: First Movie Theater with Recliners in Bacolod
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    Last time, I wrote about the opening of the cinemas at CityMall Mandalagan and Victorias. Recently, CityMall Mandalagan just added a new movie theater feature that will make more Bacolodnons want to enjoy a film within its doors. CityMall Mandalagan is the first movie theater with recliners in Bacolod. If that doesn’t amp up your movie viewing experience, I don’t know what will.

    My Experience In The First Movie Theater With Recliners In Bacolod

    Along with other guests, I was invited to experience the new Premier Cinema and, of course, the recliners. Located on the second floor, next to Cinema 1, there are only forty (40) seats available. You can choose where you want to sit when you purchase your tickets.

    Inside The Cinema

    You can expect the inside to be similar to smaller movie theaters without a balcony. There are tiers of chairs, separated into sections by lit stairs. The floors are lined with plush carpets. The A/C, safe to say, has more than enough horsepower to keep the entire cinema cool.

    Movie Theater With Recliners - Bacolod City - Mea in Bacolod | CityMall Mandalagan

    The chairs have a bit of a distance from each other so you will never feel like everything is crammed into a tiny space. Even the aisles are spacious! Usually, in regular cinemas, you would have to place your bags on your lap if someone wants to pass through your row. But with CityMall’s Premier Cinema, you won’t have to do this. You’ll have enough room to place your bags on the floor and stretch your legs.

    Ze Lazy Boys

    The pièce de résistance are, definitely, the recliners. Because CityMall Mandalagan’s cinema is the first of it’s kind in the City of Smiles, they went big. Instead of regular lazy boys, they went with electric ones that have a button on the side for easy reclining.

    How to use the controls: you will find the button at the lower part of your right armrest. The button should be lit with a blue light and divided into two halves. The first half allows you to recline with your feet up, and the second one gets you back to an upright position.

    FAQs About The First Movie Theater With Recliners


    1. How much per ticket?

    The price for one movie ticket is P250 pesos.


    2. Can I bring my own snacks?

    Nope. You would have to purchase your snacks at the cinema’s snack stand. This means that you cannot bring outside food.


    3. Where’s the restroom?

    The restroom is actually outside the cinema. You would have to do a bit of walking if nature is calling. However, during the viewing event, they opened an exit door which is a shortcut to the restroom. You won’t have to go outside.

    I’m not sure if they’re going to open the same door when regular viewing schedules resume, but I hope they do. It’ll be easier for viewers to access the restroom without missing a good chunk of the movie.


    4. Where can I find the movie schedule?

    You can double check the latest movies, their prices and their schedules at CityMall Cinema’s official Facebook Page. Click HERE to go to the page.


    5. Is the movie experience really that amazing?

    How amazing your movie experience will depend on you. During the viewing event, we watched The Greatest Showman starring Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams. It’s a musical (and I love a good musical) so I had a great time. You’ll definitely have a comfortable and leveled up movie experience, if that’s what you want to know. Besides, if you’re already paying P200+ for a movie ticket in regular cinemas, why not pay a  little bit more for premier seats?

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  • Irvins Salted Egg Potato Chips - Taste Review
    Snack Review: Irvins Salted Egg Potato Chips
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    Irvins Salted Egg Potato Chips - Taste Review - Mea in Bacolod


    “Dangerously Addictive” – with this kind of tagline, you really have to wonder how Irvins Salted Egg Potato Chips taste like. In case you didn’t know, Irvins Salted Egg is a snack. Basically, you can imagine potato chips with a coating of egg yolks. It was originally sold in Singapore but, it has reached the shores of the Philippines through online marketplaces like Lazada as well as through the official Facebook Page which you can check here.

    Irvins Salted Egg Potato Chips

    The bag was given to me as a gift. This post was not written out of sponsorship.

    I got to taste the legendary Irvins Salted Egg Potato Chips when I was given one bag as a gift. Thank you to Sir Jonathan for the thoughtful gift bag. On to my thoughts!


    Irvins Salted Egg Potato Chips - Taste Review | Mea in Bacolod

    Based on their PH Facebook Page, the price of a 105g bag of Salted Egg Potato Chips is P300 while the 230g bag costs P600. The bag I got was 105g which is 20g more than a bag of sour cream flavored Piattos. You would think that the price is a bit steep for one bag of chips but I think it’s reasonable enough because it is imported, the demand for it is good, and the net weight is just right.  It’s also pretty flavorful but we will get to that next.

    Is It Really Addicting?


    I have to be honest. I didn’t like it when I first tasted it because it’s a bit weird to the tongue. It’s unlike any potato chip I have ever eaten. The texture is a bit grainy. You’re tongue’s going to identify some saltiness, sweetness, and spiciness. I guess my brain wasn’t ready to process all of these flavors. And, as you can see, it is a bit oily.



    But, as I tasted one chip after the other, I developed a taste for it. I didn’t even notice that I already consumed half of the bag. Naturally, I didn’t share this snack with my husband and my son. I had to have this one for myself. So, YES it is addicting.

    When Should You Buy Irvins Salted Egg Potato Chips?

    Personally, I wouldn’t eat this on a regular basis. It’s one of those snacks that you don’t want to have too much of because the taste might get dull for you. This is just for me, of course. You can choose to have it every day if you wish, but I think that this is ideal as a gift or “pasalubong“. It would also be nice to have a bag in your pantry just so you have your own stock when you get the craving for it.

    Other Information

  • New Years Resolution And Achievements - Mea in Bacolod
    2018 New Years Resolution & MNB Achievements
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    2017 was probably the year that allowed me to learn the most life lessons. Whether it was in the area of love, family, business, health, friendship or blogging, I had more epiphanies than I could chew. But, that’s a good thing. Although I didn’t want extra stress in my life, I couldn’t do anything about the circumstances that came. I powered through each one because I didn’t have any choice but to do so. Doing this helped me arrive at a new years resolution that I am definitely going to stick to this 2018.

    My New Years Resolution: Purpose

    Everything I do, I need to do it with purpose. I want to love with purpose, build friendships with purpose, build a family purposefully, and blog with a purpose. You know when you just go through life aimlessly doing all the mundane things that you ought to be doing? My 2017 was fairly close to that. I did, however, garner a few victories blog-wise.

    Blog Achievements By Yours Truly

    New Years Resolution And Achievements - Mea in Bacolod - 2
    New Years Resolution And Achievements - Mea in Bacolod - 4
    New Years Resolution And Achievements - Mea in Bacolod - 1
    New Years Resolution And Achievements - Mea in Bacolod - 3
    • Globe Media Awards 2017 – Shortlisted for Blogger of the Year
    • Globe Media Awards 2017 – Shortlisted for Social Media Advocate of the Year
    • Office of The Governor Negros Occidental Tourism Division – Plaque of Appreciation for the Negros Bloggers
    • Rotary Bacolod South – Won Beauty Blogger of The Year (
    • Blogapalooza: Generation D – Attended the event in Manila

    My Plan For 2018

    Because my main goal is to go through 2018 with purpose, I promise myself to do everything with a goal in mind. I want to be healthier, spend more time with my family, earn more but work less, blog more, grow my network, grow my business (Messy Bessy Bacolod) and all that good stuff. I’m really looking forward to what this year has in store for me. I personally want to thank all of my readers for supporting my blog one way or the other. My hope is that you also live your life with purpose. Happy new year!

    New Years Resolution And Achievements | Mea in Bacolod

  • City Mall Cinema Opening - City Mall Mandalagan City Mall Victorias | Mea in Bacolod
    City Mall Cinema Opening: Mandalagan & Victorias
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    I love to watch movies. About a year ago, there was a point in my life where I watched about three (3) movies per day. Whenever I went on a break from work, I grabbed my phone and streamed indie, black and white, or French movies. Fast forward to now, I learned to stop binge-watching through my phone. I realized that I might appreciate certain movies more when I take the time to watch them in the cinema. This is just my short segway. What I really want to tell you guys is that you can now enjoy movies at the newly opened City Mall Cinema at Mandalagan and Victorias.

    City Mall Cinema Mandalagan & Victorias Now Open

    I may be from the East part of town, but if there were a mall with a cinema near from where I am currently living, I would be happier. Those of you who are at or near the Mandalagan area, consider yourselves lucky. You don’t have to go to Robinson’s anymore just to see a movie. Those in Victorias should feel the same way since you don’t have to travel far to see movies on the big screen.

    What You Need To Know

    Last December 1, 2017, I got to experience how it would be to enjoy a movie in both cinemas. So far, here is what I know about the two (City Mall Cinema Mandalagan and Victorias) movie theatres:

    City Mall Cinema Mandalagan


    • Ticket price: P190-P200. The price will usually vary depending on what movie is showing.

    • The number of seats: 104 seats for the regular cinema in Mandalagan. And, 104 seats at Victorias.

    • Concession: There will be snack booths outside both City Mall Cinemas. I especially like the cinema in Victorias because SaveMore is just right across where the cinema is. You can grab a quick snack at the grocery isles and slip inside without much walking involved.


    City Mall Cinema Victorias

    Date Night With Sharon And Robin

    Other bloggers and I were treated to “Unexpectedly Yours” starring Robin Padilla and Sharon Cuneta. The movie was fun and relatable, surprisingly. I do recommend that you watch it, but what I want to highlight with the cinemas is that the chairs are suitable for dates. The armrests can actually be raised so you and your partner can feel like you’re sitting on a love couch (a couch only meant for two).

    The Wide Screen Awaits

    City Mall Cinema Victorias

    City Mall Cinema Victorias

    City Mall Cinema Mandalagan

    City Mall Cinema Mandalagan

    If you don’t have any plans for the weekend yet, go ahead and see the new cinemas for yourself. As I am writing this, the movie that’s currently showing is Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The same movie is showing at City Mall Cinema Victorias. Check the links below to see the exact time of the screenings for this movie:

    •City Mall Mandalagan Movie Schedule HERE

    •City Mall Cinema Victorias movie Schedule HERE

  • Camella Homes Bacolod South Now Open For Reservation - Mea in Bacolod
    Camella Homes Bacolod South Now Open For Reservation
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    I have always wanted a house of my own. In case you didn’t know, I and my family have been co-living with my partner’s parents. While we co-live harmoniously, it’s always good to get a head start on finding a house of your own. Currently, there are plenty of subdivisions within Metro Bacolod with units that are already open for reservation. If you’re like me who’s been house hunting for a while, one subdivision that you might want to check out is Camella Homes Bacolod South.

    What You Need To Know About Camella Homes Bacolod South

    Whenever I think of Camella Homes Bacolod, I think about playing The Sims. I’ve only been into the subdivision (the one located in Mandalagan) about twice. My impressions remain unchanged – the entire community looks polished. From the entrance to the houses, everything looks prim and proper. That’s why the place reminds me of playing The Sims so much. But, enough about online games. Here’s what you need to know about Camella Homes Bacolod South:

    Photo credits:; Camella Mandalagan




    • Gated Exclusive Community
    • Swimming pool
    • Children’s Park
    • Basketball Court
    • Clubhouse
    • 24-Hour Security



    So far, Camella Homes Bacolod South is shaping up to be an accessible community location. It’s near to some schools as well as places where you can buy groceries. A few hospitals are not that far so that’s definitely a plus. Here’s the full list of landmarks to check out:

    • St. Jude Thaddeus Parish – 1.9KM
    • South Bacolod Gen Hospital – 4.8KM
    • Sanitarium/Bacolod Adventist Hospital – 4.4KM
    • EC Montessori School – 1.9KM
    • Maranatha Christian Academy – 6.5KM
    • John B. Lacson – 4.4KM
    • CHMSC Alijis – 3.7KM
    • City Mall Goldenfield – 4.7KM
    • Lopuez Panaad – 2KM
    • SM Savemore Hypermart – 3.9KM
    • Gaisano Mall – 6.6KM
    • BDO East – 5KM
    • Eastwest & Metrobank – 6KM
    • Gov’t. Offices
    • New Gov’t Center – 4.8KM
    • GSIS – 6.6KM
    • Provincial Capitol – 7.8KM
    • BIR – 2.6KM
    • Carribean Water Park – 4.8KM
    • Panaad Stadium – 3.5KM
    • May’s Garden – 5KM

    Model Houses Plus Prices

    Camella Homes Bacolod South Now Open For Reservation - Mea in Bacolod - Bella Model House
    Camella Homes Bacolod South Now Open For Reservation - Mea in Bacolod - Cara Model House
    Camella Homes Bacolod South Now Open For Reservation - Mea in Bacolod - Greta Model House
    Camella Homes Bacolod South Now Open For Reservation - Mea in Bacolod - Ella Model House
    Camella Homes Bacolod South Now Open For Reservation - Mea in Bacolod - Freya Model House
    Camella Homes Bacolod South Now Open For Reservation - Mea in Bacolod - Dana Model House

    Is Camella Homes Bacolod South Right For Me?

    Before you decide on putting a down payment on a house you’re interested in, there are a few things that you need to think about. Now, let me just say that I am not a real estate agent, but I am a regular consumer like you. The considerations that I am going to give you are those that I am also thinking about.

    1. Accessibility to public transportation

    This is really a big thing for me. It would be nice to buy a house at a subdivision that’s relatively remote because you always get peace and quiet. However, in cases of emergency, you’re going to want to have easy access to public vehicles.

    2. Internet-ready

    The house that I am going to buy has to be serviceable in terms of internet connection. My work depends on a reliable connection so I need people from my ISP (internet service provider) to check the location first.

    3. Near to the school, your child is attending

    You don’t want to go back and forth, driving your kids to school for 15-20mins every day. That’s why the house that you’re going to get has to be near the school where your child is attending. Of course, it doesn’t have to be just next door, but the house has to be one or two rides away from the school.

    4. Safety

    You always have to make sure that your family is safe. That’s why it’s essential to take a look at the location to observe it, see the surrounding houses, and potential security hazards.

    5. Future plans

    Expansion has to be on your mind. It’s likely that you may want to a bigger family so you have to plan for it. The house and the lot that you will get should have an extra space for a soon-to-be-room. You don’t necessarily have to construct rooms as soon as you move in, but it’s good to be ready with the space in case you decide to go for it.

    Contact Numbers For Sale Inquries

    For those interested in the houses, you may direct your questions to the following:

    • Website
    • Email via Website
    • Landline: (02) 226-3552
    • Mobile: +63 917-8576494
    • Email:
    • When abroad, you may call us toll free: 1-201-716-2959
      • US/Canada: 1-866-9784897
      • UK: +44 2033
      • France: +33 975180374
      • Spain: +34 912918763
      • Greece: +30 2311768217
      • Sydney: +612 80144798
      • Japan: +81 345780182
      • Bahrain: +81 345780182
  • Attend Yoga Classes in Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod
    Why You Should Start Attending Yoga Classes
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    Why You Should Start Attending Yoga Classes

    I only started doing yoga semi-seriously this year. I was consistently putting off attending a class the year before this because I thought that yoga was only for thin people. I opted for the DIY approach for my yoga classes to avoid being in a group; I started following YouTube videos. When I finally took my first class at the LotusSpace here in Bacolod, I realized that there were yogis (people who practice yoga) who are built the same as I am. After that, I slowly began to practice some more through videos online. It was when my friends Myzha and Jade invited me to join Kath Martinez’s yoga class that I became hooked.

    L-R: Jade B., Yours truly, Myzha C, at Kath’s Studio.

    Why I do Yoga

    Personally, I practice yoga to center myself and work on my awareness. The more aware I am of my mind and body, the more of myself I know. Deep stuff, right? I also do it because it is a form of exercise. Although it won’t help me lose pounds quickly, I’m happy to be on the journey I am taking.

    TIP: Yoga is all about self-discovery. Most of the time, you don’t go into the practice with a pre-determined purpose so don’t worry if you can’t answer the “Why I do yoga” question yet. As you practice, the answer will be gradually made clear.

    Why You Should Do Yoga

    There are plenty of reasons why you should consider attending yoga classes. The benefits are numerous. I can’t really speak for all yogis reading this now, but, personally, I have noticed a major difference with the following:

    • My concentration has improved. I’ve been more productive recently. I guess my mind is clear enough to think about other things that I need doing.
    • I have more energy to burn. It may sound ironic to say that I have more energy the more I do yoga, but it’s true. My body feels lighter, and I don’t feel as sluggish as before.
    • I eat less. I promise you that I have not been eating the same way as before. I don’t have as many cravings anymore.
    • I am motivated to improve, not just in my yoga practice but, myself as a person.
    • I handle my time better. This is probably because I have also improved my mindfulness of time and of things around me.
    • I am more flexible. I sit in front of my computer most of the time because of work. Usually, my limbs feel numb or stiff after a few hours. But, thanks to yoga, I no longer have the problem. My back pains have also diminished significantly.

    There may be other benefits that you can reap from attending yoga classes. Improved blood circulation is one of them. Improved overall mental health is also another. And, the chance to practice with others who are on a similar path to self-discovery as you can be very encouraging.

    TIP: You have to be comfortable with your yoga class. That means trying out one class at a time to see how you like the students, the teacher, and the studio. Find a class that you will be most comfortable attending.

    What You Need To Get Started (Plus DOs & DONTs)

    Now let’s talk about your yoga stuff. When you finally decide to take yoga classes, you’re going to need some basic stuff to get you started:

    1. Yoga Clothes

    The first things that you’re going to need are yoga clothes. Gym clothes will work as long as they’re not too lose or they don’t make you feel restricted when you do the poses.

    • DO use fabric softener with your non-sports clothes. I use the Downy Antibacterial solution for my shirt, tank tops, and towels. I usually wear a top or shirt over my sports bra. I also bring towels for my sweat. The anti-bacterial fabric softener ensures that my shirts and towels are clean (bacteria-free) and won’t stink.
    • DONT use fabric softener on your sports clothes without reading the washing instructions. Sports clothes are made of a special kind of fabric that’s breathable and that easily absorbs sweat. Fabric softeners may affect its stretchability and breathability. It would be ideal to use Downy’s Antibacterial on sports clothes but not before reading the washing instructions.


    2. Yoga Mat

    I bought my mat at a store at SM City Bacolod for less than P700. It’s actually just a sports mat. What would be better is a non-stick mat so it’s easier to do the poses. I’ll show you guys what the mat looks like on another post.

    • DO clean your mat regularly. Clean it right after you use it. I’m currently using an organic surface cleaner from Messy Bessy Bacolod.
    • DONT roll your mat up while it is still wet. To avoid bacteria from building up, make sure that you air dry your mat first before rolling it up and tucking it away.

    Those are all the things you need to get started. Actually, even if you don’t have a mat yet, you can still attend your yoga classes. Most yoga studios have mats that you can borrow so all you really need are clothes to practice in. If you have more questions about my yoga practice, send me an email or leave me a comment below. Don’t forget to LIKE my page for different blog updates.

    READ ALSO: What You Need To Know Before Going To Yoga Classes

    Yoga Classes Are For Big Girls Too | Mea in Bacolod

  • Rotary Club Of Bacolod South - Free Legal Consultation
    1st Free Legal Consultation Of the Rotary Club of Bacolod South a Sucess
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    As I write this, I remember when I was young, about six or seven years old. My mom brought me and my sister to her friend’s house. I was expecting my mom and her friends to have tea or coffee, as I and my sister quietly play at some corner of the living room. But, no. We were greeted with a sea of books. Next to them, boxes, a lot of them. As my mother explained, our task was to help her and her amigas organize the books inside the boxes. They were to be sent to children from different schools who needed books to read. My mother was a Rotarian.

    The Rotary Continues To Contribute To Society

    I’m already thirty years old and the Rotary is still contributing to society. I recently attended an event that was successfully conducted by the Rotary Club of Bacolod South, spearheaded by current President Elena Gatanela. They offered FREE legal consultation last August 21, 2017, at SM City Bacolod, Northwing.

    Legal Consultation Available To Anyone

    The event focused on providing legal consultation to anyone and everyone who passed by the setup that day. At first, people were hesitant to come closer but upon the encouragement of eager Rotarians, there were plenty of people who had some light shed on a legal question they have been pondering for years.

    Why A Legal Consultation?

    Actually, the better question on my mind is “Why not?” There are plenty of legal issues that many feel like are unsolvable because they cannot afford a sit down with a lawyer. Sure, there are other pressing issues in society, but the way I see it Rotary Club of Bacolod South is focusing on one issue at a time.

    Personally, I haven’t attended other events similar to this one so I grabbed the chance to ask one of the participating lawyers a question that has been on my family’s to-do list in 2018. Of course, I won’t tell you guys about it, but the advice the lawyer gave was legitimate. I’m glad that he was able to give me precise direction with regards to the solution to my legal query.

    More From The Rotary Club of Bacolod South

    It does a heart good to help people in need. That’s what my mom always says and that’s probably the main reason why she joined the Rotary Club. Although I wasn’t on the giving end during the event, it still did my heart good to see my fellow Bacolodnons line up and talk to the participating lawyers. And, the eagerness I saw in my mother as she packed the books into the boxes, I also saw in the Rotarians that were present that day.

    Rotary Club Of Bacolod South - Free Legal Consultation

    If you want to know more about other activities organized by the Rotary Club of Bacolod South, make sure you like their Facebook Page or you visit their official website here.

    Activity Partners:

    • Integrated Bar of the Philippines- Negros Occidental Chapter, which provided 12 volunteer lawyers
    • SM City Bacolod which provide free space.

    RCBS would like to thank the following lawyers:

    • Atty. Josephine Maria Natalaray
    • Atty.  Pauline T. Nuega
    • Atty Nino Jandy P. Calitis
    • Atty. Gabriel P. Sinco
    • Atty. Ericson T. Cepida
    • Atty. Kristin Abunda
    • Atty. Erwin Cabarles
    • Judge Gorgonio lbanez
    • Atty. Glen Mortel
    • Atty. Solomon Lobrido
    • Atty. Eli Gatanela
    • Atty. Vanessa Encabo


  • Newest Vivo Phone 2017 - Vivo V7 | Mea in Bacolod
    Newly Launched: Vivo V7 Specs
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    Vivo, a young leading global smartphone brand known for its known for its commitment in bringing advanced technology and stylish products to consumers, is thrilled to share that the newest offering in the brand’s line-up of top-of-the-line smartphones will finally be unveiled.

    Introducing The Vivo V7

    Vivo V7 Full Specifications - Mea in Bacolod

    The Vivo V7 is the newest addition to the V series and promises to be a powerful shooter with an all screen display. Equipped with advanced technology including Vivo’s fingerprint 24MP front-facing camera, this phone is known for its exceptional photography features, screen quality, and the overall product design.

    Much like its predecessor, the V7+, the V7 features a bezel-less all-screen display. The V7’s  5.7-inch all screen display which offers 12.5% more visual display area compared to traditional 16:9 screens let users show off their individuality and enable self-expression on a clear and big screen.

    Vivo will launch the V7 on November 18 at a surprises-and-activity-packed event featuring the brand’s hottest influencers. The V7 will be available just in time for the holiday season. Visit the nearest Vivo Store near you!

    Vivo V7 Specs


    • Release date – September 2017
    • Form factor – Touchscreen
    • Dimensions (mm) – 155.87 x 75.74 x 7.70
    • Weight (g) – 160.00
    • Battery capacity (mAh) – 3225
    • Removable battery – No
    • Colours – Gold, Matte Black, Rose Gold
    • SAR value – 1.18



    • Screen size (inches) – 5.99
    • Touchscreen – Yes
    • Resolution – 720×1440 pixels



    • Processor – 1.8GHz octa-core
    • Processor make – Qualcomm Snapdragon 450
    • RAM – 4GB
    • Internal storage – 64GB
    • Expandable storage – Yes
    • Expandable storage type – microSD
    • Expandable storage up to (GB) – 256



    • Rear camera – 16-megapixel
    • Rear Flash Dual LED
    • Front camera – 24-megapixel
    • Front Flash – Yes



    • Operating System – Android 7.1
    • Skin – Funtouch OS 3.2



    • Wi-Fi – Yes
    • Wi-Fi standards supported 802.11 b/g/n
    • GPS – Yes
    • Bluetooth – Yes, v 4.20
    • NFC – No
    • Infrared – No
    • USB OTG – Yes
    • Headphones – 3.5mm
    • FM – Yes
    • Number of SIMs – 2



    • Compass/ Magnetometer – No
    • Proximity sensor – Yes
    • Accelerometer – Yes
    • Ambient light sensor – Yes
    • Gyroscope – Yes
    • Barometer – No
    • Temperature sensor – No
  • SM City Bacolod Christmas Tree Display 2017 - Disney Christmas
    A Disney Christmas At SM City Bacolod
    Posted in: Events

    SM City Bacolod has always celebrated the holidays with the lighting of their gigantic Christmas tree. This year, the mall has upped their display with an even grander tree, complete with all the bells and whistles, and a touch of Disney. Yep, you can start your Disney Christmas already by taking your picture with the tree as well as Mickey and Mini Mouse.

    A Grand Disney Christmas Launch

    In the true spirit of the Holiday and of Disney, the launching, which was held last November 11, 2017 (Saturday) was celebrated with Christmas songs, ballet and dance numbers, and, of course, the presence of kids and their parents. After the speeches and performances, the crowd gathered around the 40-foot tree as it was lighted. Balloons, in the same color as Mickey Mouse, were released and the monumental event was topped off with lots and lots of confetti, floating down like the first snow of winter.

    It’s only the middle of November, but why not start Christmas early? We, here in the Philippines, don’t get to have a Disney Christmas often so grab your loved ones and head over to SM City Bacolod. Your kids will love it and so will you.

  • City Lunch Bacolod | Mea in Bacolod
    City Lunch Bacolod: My Favorite Siopao and Fresh Lumpia
    Posted in: Budget Eats, Where and What to Eat

    City Lunch Bacolod | Mea in Bacolod


    City Lunch Bacolod is not that popular compared to other restaurants or cafes in the city. I would like to think that this is one place that’s has been deemed “a local secret”. Of course, not all of the items on the menu are hits, but there are two that have really stood out even during my parents’ time.

    City Lunch Bacolod Serving Siopao And Fresh Lumpia Since Our Parents’ Time

    City Lunch Location

    City Lunch Bacolod is located at the Shopping area, along Narra Avenue. It’s on the same side of the street as the infamous Luisa’s Chicken. In this area, you will also see Sandok and Sharyn’s Cansi House.


    Those who have been to the restaurant know that the place is a bit shabby. I’m not sure about the exact year the resto started but what I know is that my mother and father have been buying the siopao and fresh lumpia City Lunch Bacolod serves when they were still young and working. That was approximately a few years before I was born. I am currently thirty years old (30 y.o.) so you can imagine that this place must have a lot of history.


    City Lunch - Chinese Food in Bacolod | Mea in Bacolod

    City Lunch serves lunch and snacks. I’m not too sure about dinner as I have never visited the place during night time. Some of their most popular food items, aside from my picks, are bihon, pancit, maki, lomi and kimlo. They also serve coffee.


    I think plenty of folks go here because of their prices. As you can see in the photo above, most of the meals are just P100. From personal experience, your P100 will get you a dish that’s not out of this world in terms of taste. However, the dishes are not bad at all. Some can actually compete with the menu items of other top restaurants in the city when talking about deliciousness. So, it’s a matter of taste quality and price.

    City Lunch Bacolod | Mea in Bacolod

    Why I Love City Lunch’s Siopao and Fresh Lumpia

    Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review. I purchased the food items with my own money.

    1. The Price

    As I said, nothing beats a reasonably decent dish with a reasonable price affixed to it. The special siopao is only P38.00 while the super special one is P70.00. The fresh lumpia only costs P30.00. Eating here, definitely, won’t break your bank and wallet.

    2. The Siopao Sauce

    When you order the siopao, it’s going to come with a special sauce. Putting the sauce on your steamed bun will make it more flavorful. It’s probably a matter of taste, but in my opinion, the sauce is delicious. The siopao alone is delicious, but the sauce adds an extra umph.

    Other Information

    • They do have a contact number: (034) 707-2406.
    • I double checked. I don’t think that they have a Facebook page yet.
    • Reserve your siopao and fresh lumpia early because they usually run out at around Filipino snack time which is maybe 3pm-4pm.
  • #BukidHits Please | Mea in Bacolod
    How To Prepare Your Family For A #BukidHits Trip
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    Life in Bacolod during October is like Provincial living in hyper drive – there’s always an event during weekends, the traffic is terrible, and there’s so many people out almost every night. Honestly, I’m happy that business is booming and that people are in a merry-making mood, but I wouldn’t mind taking a short trip just to get away from it all.

    My family is in dire need of #BukidHits. If you’re not from Negros Occidental, you probably won’t understand what that hashtag means. #BukidHits is what we locals use to describe a relaxing time in the mountains or with nature.

    As soon as MassKara is up, I have all the intention to spend a night somewhere where there’s no internet and no cellphone signal. Or, even just an entire day will do.

    Preparing Your Family For Some #BukidHits

    What’s great about living in Negros Occidental is that you have a, seemingly, unending choices of nature spots that you can visit with your family. Most of these spots are about an hour or two away, with little to no traffic. If you are planning to head for the hills, literally, you’ll need to do some prepping:


    1. Wash Clothes with FabCon

    It’s been rainy, lately, so you’ll need an extra boost of freshness that fabric conditioners bring. Currently, I’m using Downy Sweetheart from the perfume collection. I can’t really pinpoint the exact smell, but, personally, I would describe it as Pia Wurtzbach’s sweat. Kidding! It’s a little bit floral with undertones of berry.

    Another reason why I love using fabric conditioners is that it keeps the color of my family’s clothes intact. Our pre-downy days were bleak. I had to give away some of our clothes because the colors were too faded.

    2. Insect Repellent & Sun Screen

    The bukid is home to creatures great and small – including mosquitos. Don’t forget to pack your repellent. I’m using Messy Bessy Bacolod’s organic mosquito spray. With this, I don’t have to worry about deet or other potentially toxic chemicals going on my family’s skin.

    For sunscreen, my family’s currently using the Wokali Sun-Block Cream with SPF45. Don’t forget to apply whatever sun protecting lotion or spray you have 15mins before sun exposure. The bukid is going to have lot of shade through trees, but it’s important to keep your family’s skin protected at all times when outdoors.

    3. Car in Tip-Top Shape

    To go to the bukid, your car needs to have enough gas and enough water. If the oil needs changing, do it before your trip. Check your tires too! I remember that one time when my family and I went the bukid without prepping our car. Can you guess what happened? You probably can. Call me an OC (obsessive-compulsive) person, but my motto has always been Amat Victoria Curam – victory favors the prepared.

    When you have all these three down, everything, from deciding on which bukid to go to and what food to bring, will come easier. I hope to see a lot of Bacolodnons taking that much needed R&R after the MassKara season is over.

  • Sant Jordi Stall Burger - The Best Tasting Burger at the Weekend Market Bacolod | Mea in Bacolod
    Sant Jordi Burgers at The Weekend Market in Bacolod
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    Sant Jordi Burgers Intro Card | Mea in Bacolod


    Where in Bacolod can you get the best- tasting burger? If you asked me this question three years ago, I would have just shrugged my shoulders and told you, “I haven’t really tasted one that’s memorable to me yet”. If you ask me this question today, I’m going to give you a very different answer because I discovered Sant Jordi Burgers.

    Sant Jordi Burgers Grilling Every Saturday

    San Jordi Stall Location


    Are you familiar with the Luxur Place? If you are, you’ll easily spot the Weekend Market. From Luxur, just walk straight ahead going towards Golden Fields. The Market will have a big sign outside, several cars parked in front, and it’s right across the street going to Aboy’s Restaurant.

    As soon as you go into the Market, you will see fruit stands. Go past the stands and go to where the food court is. Once at the food court, you’ll spot a ramp going to the grilling section of the place. Go down the ramp and the first stand you see will be Sant Jordi. If you’re not sure, just ask the tenants where the grilling area is.


    Sant Jordi’s stand serves burgers, sometimes cakes and other desserts, as well as sandwiches. They also sell meat products like beef tapa, chorizo and the like. The desserts and charcuterie are subject to availability. What’s constant are their burgers and sandwiches with grilled meat.


    I would say that the prices of their burgers and sandwiches are very reasonable. You can expect to spend less than P200 for one burger or sandwich, which is not bad. They don’t skimp on the ingredients like cheese, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, plus the condiments. The patty is also substantially thick. I’m not a burger connoisseur, but, to me, the patty doesn’t look like it has any extenders. It’s all meat.

    Why I Love Sant Jordi Burgers

    Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review. I purchased the burger with my own money.

    1. Grilled In Front Of You

    I love that the burgers are grilled right in front of you. This tells me that they are prepared cleanly and they are fresh. You’d have to wait a little bit, but it’ll be worth it as soon as you take your first bite. Because it is grilled, you’re going to experience that smokey flavor that goes very well with the taste of the beef. I feel like this is what burgers should taste like.


    2. Condiments and cheese do not overpower the flavor of the burger.

    I don’t know if you’ve experienced this yourself, but I have had tasted a few burgers, both in and out of Bacolod, that are overpowered because of too much “secret sauce” or cheese. The ingredients and sauce on the burgers that Sant Jordi serves are complementing. The star is still the patty.

    3. Local

    I am all for a business, whether it be selling food items or products, that helps farmers, breeders, and other local produces. I also love it when the business supports the local economy. In the case of Sant Jordi, they have their own meat farm. Based on their Facebook page, their livestock is bred in Negros Occidental. Below is their Facebook page. Let’s help them get more likes:

    Other Information

    • You have to come early because they do run out of burgers, especially during lunchtime.
    • As mentioned, you’re going to have to wait a little bit. When it is crowded, you’ll have to wait longer.
    • They only set up during Saturdays. I think they start grilling at around 8am then they end at around 1-2pm.
  • Globe: Redefining the Digital Experience at Home
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    Globe At Home new prepaid and postpaid offers change the game for

    home broadband

    The home broadband landscape in the Philippines shows that 87% of households still has no access to an Internet connection.  Coupled with the increasing line of streaming content, which is now more accessible and affordable, Globe At Home knows there is tremendous opportunity to disrupt the home broadband business.

    Putting fresh investments into fixed wireline connectivity, Globe aims to capture the home by giving Filipinos more affordable data, exclusive content, as well as innovative services – all for a seamless experience for the whole family.

    “The time is ripe to disrupt the market and break the barriers of getting a broadband plan through accessibility and ease of application. We are committed to provide fast and reliable home connectivity to more Filipinos, nationwide,” says Globe At Home Senior Vice President, Martha Sazon.

    Globe At Home introduces its latest innovative offers for its prepaid and postpaid customers that will change the way families watch, listen, play, share, and learn!


    Today, customers no longer need to worry about committing to a lock-up period to get a postpaid broadband plan. Globe At Home introduces no lock up-plans that can be availed without the usual 24-month contract.

    Customers can avail of any Fiber or DSL lines with speeds of up to 50 Mbps for only P499 for the first 3 months. Customers can try their chosen plans in their homes without lock up or commitment. It comes with free installation and requires no documents other than one (1) valid ID for processing. Customers just need to pay a one-time modem fee.

    After the three-month trial, customers can choose to maintain their initially selected plan or choose another. Available plans are Plan 1299 for 5 Mbps and 400GB of data; Plan 1599 for 10 Mbps and 500 GB of data and Plan 1899 for 50 Mbps and 600 GB of data.

    Those who prefer to discontinue their subscription within the first 15 days will get a 100% refund of their modem fee upon the return of all devices installed in their home.

    Complementing this is the introduction of the Globe At Home Tech Squad. They are a team of experts best equipped to assist customers in setting up a connected home. They will provide end-to-end support from installation to troubleshooting to enhancing the broadband experience to maximize one’s Globe At Home connection.



    Leveraging on the strength of our mobile expertise, back in February we launched the Globe At Home Prepaid WIFI to connect more Filipino families. It is easy to install and has 50% stronger WIFI coverage versus myfi. Best of all there is no need to commit to a fixed monthly rate so one can better control their budget.

    Aside from it being extremely convenient, it is also easy on your pocket. Globe At Home introduces the most affordable 1GB data promo ever at just P15 with HomeSURF. Users can enjoy this offer on top of their existing GoSURF50 subscription. Heavier data users can also enjoy bigger data allocations, like 10GB of data for P349 valid for 10 days, and an extra 15GB of data for P599 valid for 30 days. It is exclusively available through the Globe At Home App.

    This app will help users load credits charged to any Globe mobile number, track total data usage consumed by those who connected to the device, as well as boost data allocation through easy registration to promos. The app notifies users once their data allocation has been consumed. It is easy to set-up just by entering the Prepaid Home WIFI number and preferred PIN.


    It will be available for download on the Google Playstore and the App Store by October 15.


    Since the expansion of its footprint and the deployment of leading edge network technology, the Akamai State of the Internet Connectivity Report revealed that the first quarter of 2017 showed that the Philippines experienced significant improvements in broadband speed and adoption. The country’s average fixed broadband speed increased by 5Mbps or 57% year on year, while the country registered the strongest growth in terms of adoption in Asia Pacific with a 111% growth year on year.

    With all these innovations in place, the vision of Globe at Home to connect two million homes by 2020 through high-speed internet and provide affordable world-class entertainment, is well on its way to become a reality.

    For more information on the new Globe at Home plans, visit the website at, call the Globe hotline at 730-1010, or visit any Globe Store.

  • AirAsia Celebrates Inaugural Flight from Manila to Iloilo City
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    More air connectivity, world-class service, and low fares now available

    in Western Visayas!

    MANILA, 2 October 2017 — AirAsia is now flying to Iloilo International Airport, the primary gateway to Western Visayas and Panay region. The airline voted the World’s Best Low Cost Carrier for nine years running flew its maiden flight from Manila to Iloilo yesterday with Dinagyang-themed festivities held at both Manila and Iloilo airports to welcome guests and passengers. Dinagyang festival is Iloilo’s most celebrated religious and cultural festival held every January.

    AirAsia flight Z2 309, with pilot in command AirAsia Philippines CEO Captain Dexter Comendador left Manila on time at 2:15PM with 98% load. AirAsia’s iconic red plane was greeted with a traditional water cannon salute upon landing at Iloilo airport.

    AirAsia Philippines CEO Dexter Comendador said, “AirAsia is now painting Iloilo skies red and we are here to provide only the best and world-class service that every traveller from Iloilo and the whole of Western Visayas and beyond truly deserves. Our brand of air travel is characterized by efficiency, innovative service culture, and unparalleled low fares.”

    AirAsia Philippines Chairperson Maan Hontiveros, Honorable Senator Franklin Drilon, AirAsia Philippines CEO Capt. Dexter Comendador, Honorable Governor Arthur Defensor, Iloilo Airport Terminal Manager Mercine Reyes, Jeffrey Yao Vice Chair of Philippine Business Bank representing his father Ambassador Alfred Yao member of our board and cabin crew.

    “Our commitment is to better connect secondary cities in the Philippines to ASEAN where the AirAsia Group has extensive network across all ten countries and even beyond including Asia, Australia, India, and many more.”

    Government officials led by Senator Franklin Drilon who hails from Iloilo City, Provincial Governor Arthur Defensor, Vice Mayor Atty. Jose Espinosa III of Iloilo City, Mayor Ronilo Caspe of Cabatuan, Mayor Dennis Superficial of Sta. Barbara, Mayor Michael Gorriceta of Pavia, Regional Director of DOT VI Atty. Helen Catalbas, and Iloilo Airport Terminal Manager Mercine Reyes graced the welcome ceremonies at the Iloilo airport with AirAsia Philippines Chairperson Maan Hontiveros, AirAsia Philippines CEO Captain Dexter Comendador and Jeffrey Yao, Vice Chair of Philippine Business Bank, and representative of his father, Alfred Yao, one of the airline’s Filipino investors.

    “We are grateful for the support from the government and local chief executives including those in the hospitality business, our hotel and travel agency partners, in crafting policies that truly support and promote tourism. Let us continue to work together to provide level-playing field, encourage fair competition that affords every traveller more and better choices, and enable the expansion of airline services to more communities,” Comendador added.

    All AirAsia passengers flying to and from Iloilo also joined the celebration and received special souvenir items before boarding their flights.

    To celebrate AirAsia’s newest flight, promo fares for Manila – Iloilo from as low as P990, all-in are now available for booking at from 2 October until 15 October 2017 and valid for travel starting 9 October 2017 to 31 March 2018.

    AirAsia services Manila – Iloilo with three flights daily using the airline’s fleet of Airbus A320s that can accommodate up to 180 passengers.

    About AirAsia Philippines:

    AirAsia Philippines is a wholly owned subsidiary of AirAsia Inc. which is a joint venture company among Filipino investors Antonio O. Cojuangco, former Ambassador Alfredo M. Yao, Michael L. Romero, Marianne B. Hontiveros, and Malaysia’s AirAsia Berhad.


    AAP operates a fleet of 17 aircraft with domestic and international flights out of hubs in Manila, Cebu, and Kalibo.  The airline operates several flights to/from Manila, Davao, Cebu, Kalibo, Caticlan (Boracay), Tacloban, Tagbilaran (Bohol), Puerto Princesa (Palawan), Clark, and Iloilo in the Philippines with international flights to/from Shanghai, Taipei, Incheon (Seoul), Hong Kong, Macau, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Guangzhou, Vietnam and Singapore.


    AAP is part of the AirAsia Group that has been awarded the World’s Best Low Cost Carrier for nine consecutive years running by Skytrax since 2009 to 2017.

  • My First ShopBack Experience | Mea in Bacolod
    ShopBack is Your Online Shopping Buddy for Cashback and Coupons
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    Overview of My ShopBack First Impression | Mea in Bacolod
    If my bank account had a voice, it would tell me to stop browsing through sites like Expedia, Althea, Lazada, StrawberryNet, and more. Alas, the heart wants what it wants, and I usually end up purchasing something whenever I go on an online browsing spree. Commonly happening around 1am, I’m sure every other Filipino is also telling themselves they’re just on the shopping site to “window shop” (yeah, right).

    Honestly, I don’t really regret most of my wee hour purchases, but what I do regret is not knowing about sooner. I like shopping online, and I don’t think that I can curb the habit anytime soon. What I can do is save a little through shopping with ShopBack.

    How Online Shopping With ShopBack Can Save You Money

    In a nutshell, ShopBack is a place where you can find money-saving deals, discount coupons and more. The video explains it all – you browse through a shopping site through ShopBack, you shop per usual, and you earn CashBack points. When you reach the P300 threshold, you can request to withdraw your funds to your preferred bank account or paypal account.

    Not Just Your Usual Coupon Codes Site

    I’m sure that there are a lot of deal sites on the internet, but ShopBack is the first site I have come across that offers coupon codes from businesses under different categories. The site isn’t just for providing discount codes for makeup, clothes, or traveling. It also has codes for Foodpanda delivery, as well as groceries delivered with Honestbee coupons.

    I would say that there’s bound to be a discount code for what you’re into with ShopBack’s 500+ stores. The site has discount codes for gadgets, parenting & child stuff, and even home living.

    My First ShopBack Experience

    I had to try it for myself, of course. Here’s a breakdown of my first experience shopping at Lazada using ShopBack.

    ShopBack Experience

    ShopBack Review by Mea in Bacolod - 2
    ShopBack Review by Mea in Bacolod - 1
    ShopBack Review by Mea in Bacolod - 3
    ShopBack Review by Mea in Bacolod - 4
    ShopBack Review by Mea in Bacolod - 5
    ShopBack Review by Mea in Bacolod - 6

    1. Signing Up

    Signing up was a breeze. You merely go to the Shop Back website and then you register. You confirm your account via email and you are ready to go shopping.

    2. Choose Your Shopping Site

    The next thing I did was I chose the shopping site I was going to buy items from. Lazada was my best bet, of course. I was already eyeing a toner and a sunblock for personal use.

    3. Making Sure That The CashBack Was Activated

    I was actually a little hesitant to checkout of Lazada after putting my orders in my cart because I wasn’t sure if everything was working properly. The thing with ShopBack is that it lets you shop on the usual online stores without you knowing that it’s working. So if you go to Lazada through ShopBack, all you will see is the Lazada site. To make sure that I did have my Shop Back activated, I downloaded their Chrome Extension to my browser. Once I had that downloaded, all I had to do was click on the “S” symbol on the upper right portion of my Chrome Browser.

    4. Check Out

    As soon as I made sure that my ShopBack was working, I checked out. My total was P543.00 which includes the shipping to my City.

    5. Waiting for CashBack

    I eagerly waited to see how much Shop Back was going to give back to me. It took a few hours because, I think, the site still has to verify your purchases. After a few times of refreshing my browser, I got my credits! Shop Back gave me P25.44 back which is approximately 5% of my total. It’s not much, I know, but when you consistently shop online, you’ll get more CashBack points.

    ShopBack is Legit

    So far so good! Thinking forward, I will definitely use the site to purchase Christmas presents for my family. As with most online purchases, I don’t have to go out of the house to do my shopping, and with ShopBack, I’m actually saving more money as I earn CashBack points. It’s a win-win for me, and it might be for you too if you like online shopping and saving money while doing so.

  • Masskara Festival 2017 & October Events | Mea in Bacolod
    MassKara Festival 2017 & October Events
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    It’s October and, per usual, the City of Smiles is slowly morphing into a vat filled to the brim with beer, making way to a seemingly unending stream of merry-making. The MassKara Festival 2017 is upon Bacolod. If you’re planning to go out with friends, or visit the city during the MassKara highlights, you’re going to need a complete guide for events happening all over the metro and all throughout October.

    Complete Schedule of The MassKara Festival 2017 and Other October Events

    This October, the city government has released the official schedule of the MassKara Festival 2017. Below, you will see specific dates for events as well as the dates for the highlights. Move the arrows of the slider to the left and right to check out events from October 1 until October 22.


    MassKara Festival Events To Watch Out For

    • Nights of Mardi Gras – October 10 -12, 2017 – Bacolod Public Plaza
    • MassKara Drum Beating Contest – October 17 – 18, 2017 – Bacolod Public Plaza
    • National Fireworks Display Competition – October 19, 2017 – Bacolod City Government Center
    • Electric MassKara – October 20 – 22, 2017 – Tourism Strip, Lacson Street

    Other October Events

    Aside form the official MassKara Festival 2017 events, you can also enjoy other October events happening in Bacolod City. To learn more, all you have to do is click on the event of interest and you’ll get all the information you need like contact numbers and locations. Enjoy and I hope that you have the best time in my city this October!

    No Events are found.
  • Korean Grill Bacolod | Mea in Bacolod
    Korean Grill Bacolod: Affordable Korean Dining Experience
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    Korean Grill Bacolod is a restaurant near Lacson street that serves a mean Dak Glabi. It’s not too visible from the main street, but it’s easy to get to, it’s not crowded at all, and the prices of their dishes are not too bad. Some dishes are OK – not spectacular, yet still yummy – but, there are ones that I highly recommend for you guys to try.

    Korean Grill Bacolod

    Korean Grill Bacolod Location

    This Korean restaurant can be found at BS Aquino Drive, Mandalagan. It is right beside Pearl Manor. The easiest way to get to the Korean Grill is if you go to the Caltex located at the corner of the intersection of Ramos. From the Caltex gas station, you’re going to cross the street to the restaurant.

    Menu Sneak Peek + Price

    Mea in Bacolod - Korean Grill Restaurant - 8
    Mea in Bacolod - Korean Grill Restaurant - 7
    Mea in Bacolod - Korean Grill Restaurant - 6
    Mea in Bacolod - Korean Grill Restaurant - 10
    Mea in Bacolod - Korean Grill Restaurant - 9
    Mea in Bacolod - Korean Grill Restaurant - 5
    Mea in Bacolod - Korean Grill Restaurant - 3
    Mea in Bacolod - Korean Grill Restaurant - 4

    I wasn’t able to get pictures of the entire menu, but the ones that I did get (on the slide above) should give you a good idea about how much you can spend at this place. One serving is good for 1-2 persons. In my opinion, the dishes are not too expensive, especially for a restaurant that serves Korean dishes. I know other Korean restaurants in Bacolod that are pricier.

    Restaurant Ambiance + Customers

    The setting of this restaurant is very much like most Korean restaurants in the city – simple, a bit home-y, not too fancy. In terms of seating, Korean Grill Bacolod does have chairs and tables indoors and outdoors, with the indoor being air-conditioned. I think this restaurant is ideal for everybody – families with children, couples, groups of friends, and solo eaters – since the setting is more relaxed.

    Korean Dishes I Tried During My Visit

    Disclaimer: I was invited to try out some of their dishes. However, the opinions I have stated on this post are my own and have not been influenced.

    A few of the dishes that I have tried are on this list. The dishes pictured are of one serving – not too small, not too big. Some might find the price expensive for this amount of serving, but you need to remember that some of ingredients that were used to make the dishes are from Korea (based on what the manager said). In my opinion, the servings are fine.

    1. TRY: Ojingeo Bokkem – P300/serving

    Spicy Squid | Korean Grill Bacolod | Mea in Bacolod

    Korean Spicy Stir-Fried Squid

    Because I love spicy food and I love squid, I’m going to recommend this one. I think that there aren’t enough vegetables in this dish, but I guess that’s a good thing. You get more squid than vegetables, but, personally, I would have loved it if this dish had more carrots or more leafy greens to give it more crunchiness.


    2. Gimbap – P200/serving

    Rice Rolls

    The Gimbap was alright. I’ve eaten a lot of rice rolls, sushi, or whatever you call it, in my lifetime, and, to me, they all taste the same. The Gimbap that Korean Grill Bacolod serves is no exception, but it’s always nice to order this dish if you don’t want to eat just rice. And, yes you can order rice; it’s going to be served in a steel bowl.


    3. Haemul Pajeon – P200/serving

    Seafood and Green Onion Pancake

    This dish was alright. I’m not really into egg-dishes so this is probably why I found this dish unsurprising. The sauce it came with, however, makes the dish more flavorful so kudos to the sauce.


    4. Samgyubsal – P250/serving Minimum of 2 servings

    Pork Meat to be Grilled

    When you order Samgyubsal, you’ll have to order twice because they have a minimum. However, you can opt for the eat-all-you-can option, which is P380 per person. The taste of their grilled meat is OK, but the thing with Samgyubsal/Samgyupsal is that it’s not supposed to be marinated. The flavors are going to depend on how fresh the pork meat is and the kind of dipping sauce you’re going to use.


    5. TRY: Unli-Sides – FREE

    Of course the side dishes are unlimited. This is one of the reasons why I love eating at Korean restaurants. You can enjoy the side dishes that are available, free of charge, when you sit down to eat. The sides will vary depending on what’s available for the day, but I’m sure that you will always get kimchi.


    6. TRY: Dak Galbi – P250/serving

    Diced marinated chicken that has been stir fried with potatoes, cabbage, spices, onion leaves and rice cake.

    This had me at “rice cake”. I love anything spicy, as you know, and I love rice cakes. This dish is a winner for me because it’s not too expensive, the serving is just right, I could feel the crunch of the carrots and cabbage, plus there was a fair ratio of chicken to rice cakes.

    Dak Glabi being cooked outside.

    Other Information:

    • Accepts cash only
    • Opening hours: 12nn to 10pm
    • No need for reservations
    • They currently do not have an official Facebook page yet.


    Follow Mea in Bacolod on Facebook & Twitter

  • First Look | Seda Bacolod | Mea in Bacolod
    Your First Look at Seda Bacolod (Seda Capitol Central)
    Posted in: Entertainment, Where to Stay

    Have we waited long enough for Seda Bacolod to open? I think so. Based on a press release forwarded by their communications officer, Seda Bacolod, or more formally known as Seda Capitol Central, is set to open this October 2017.

    Seda Bacolod: What We Can Look Forward To


    The hotel offers a combination of business and leisure amenities, technological conveniences and a unique brand of service at par with global standards. Located within the Negros Occidental Provincial Capitol complex, the 154-room hotel is located in Bacolod City’s commercial and business district, 20 minutes from the Bacolod-Silay airport and eight minutes to the Port of Bacolod. Seda Capitol Central – weaving destination, service and value into a remarkable hospitality experience.

    First Look (Mock-Ups)

    Seda Capitol Central, Bacolod Facade | Mea in Bacolod

    Seda Capitol Central, Bacolod Facade

    First Look | Seda Bacolod | Mea in Bacolod

    Seda Bacolod’s Lobby

    Capitol – Misto – Restaurant Inside Seda Bacolod

    Function Room – Seda Bacolod

    Roof Top Bar Called Straight Up

    In-Room Amenities

    • 40-inch LED HDTV with cable channels
    • Media panel with HDMI, USB and audio-visual connectivity
    • IDD phone with iPod dock, alarm clock and FM radio
    • Complimentary WiFi and internet access
    • Mini-bar
    • Coffee & tea-making facilities
    • Executive desk
    • Safety deposit box
    • Iron and ironing board (available upon request)

    Restaurant & Bar

    • MISTO – An all-day dining restaurant that offers a medley of international and local dishes.
    • STRAIGHT-UP – A roof top bar with relaxing music, great drinks and delicious pica-pica amid a spectacular view of the skyline.

    Facilities & Services

    • Airport and city transfers
    • E-lounge
    • Function rooms
    • Gym
    • In-room dining
    • In-room massage

    There’s no exact date as to when the hotel is opening in October, but I will keep you all posted. Don’t forget to share this post to friends and family on social media, they might be interested in the opening day promo which you can find at Seda Bacolod’s official Facebook Page. Well, they haven’t posted it yet, but again, I will keep you all updated.

    Contact Details for Inquiries

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  • Manokan Country Chicken Inasal from Bacolod | Mea in Bacolod
    First-Timers Guide To Eating Chicken Inasal at Manokan Country
    Posted in: Budget Eats, Featured, Where and What to Eat


    The Manokan Country near SM City Bacolod has been serving the infamous Bacolod chicken inasal for, I don’t know how many, years. It’s been there ever since I was young, and, as far as I can remember, I and my family have spent numerous weekend dinners there.

    Manokan Country in Bacolod City | Mea in Bacolod

    The Manokan Country is not a place for you to wine and dine but it’s always packed.

    After all those dinners, you would think that my family would be fed up with the inasal there by now, but no. We keep coming back for more and, apparently, the rest of the world keeps coming back for more inasal as well.

    Eat Bacolod Chicken Inasal at Manokan Country

    Because of it’s age and the consistency of the taste of the Bacolod chicken inasal served, the Manokan Country has become a part of every visitor’s Places to Eat in Bacolod list. But, here’s the thing. If it’s your first-time visiting the Manokan Country, you’ll have a whole array of restaurants to choose from. The place isn’t called “country” for nothing. There’s, probably, more than ten places that serve Bacolod chicken inasal.

    How To Choose Where To Eat

    I recommend going to places that you’ve already heard of. We have always gone to Aida’s. When I was younger, I clearly remember my mom knowing most of the old staff’s names. There’s also Nena’s, I think there’s Nena’s I and II. I don’t remember eating at any other place at the Manokan Country.

    How To Eat Bacolod Chicken Inasal

    Eating inasal (barbecue) is a no-brainer but there’s a way Bacolodnons eat chicken inasal that makes the experience a little more enjoyable. Here’s how you can do it:

    1. Sawsawan Perfection

    Sawsawan means sauce in our local dialect. I’m sure that there are more types of sawsawan for Bacolod chicken inasal, but I have always stuck with just two: original and sinamak combo. I made up the names of the sauces, of course.

    To me, there are two types of sawsawan: original and sinamak combo.

    As soon as you are seated, the waitress will give you small dishes for the sauces, plus calamansi and chili peppers. Your sinamak (a special concoction of vinegar and other ingredients) and soy sauce will be on your table. To make the original sawsawan, combine calamansi, soysauce, sinamak, and chili peppers (crushed; optional) into your small dish. The sinamak combo, on the other hand, is a combination of sinamak, calamansi, and chili peppers (crushed; optional).

    2. Talaba – Your Opening Act

    Talaba is a popular appetizer at the Manokan Country.

    You’ll have to wait while your Bacolod chicken inasal is being grilled. While you wait, order an appetizer – talaba (oysters). We’ve always ordered talaba before we dig into the rice and inasal.

    3. Prepare Your Rice

    Don’t be stingy with your chicken oil.

    No, I don’t mean that you need to cook your rice yourself. As soon as your rice is served, prep it with chicken oil and salt. I don’t know about those who have eaten chicken inasal before, but Bacolodnons are generous when it comes to pouring chicken oil on rice. My husband sprinkles a little bit of salt on his rice after he pours the oil.

    4. Small Gulps

    Take small gulps of your drink to make more room for your inasal.

    You’re going to want to enjoy more of your chicken inasal so make sure you don’t drink as much coke or water. Make room for the inasal you’ve been dying to eat.

    5. Hands-on Experience

    Always use your hands.

    There is no other way to eat Bacolod chicken inasal – you have to use your hands. You can use a spoon and a fork too, but it’s tradition. The sinks you will see at the restaurant are specifically for handwashing before and after you eat your Bacolod chicken inasal.

    Please be reminded that the Manokan country isn’t a place where you can dine and wine. It’s more informal and Bacolodnons like it that way. So, next time you visit my city, go to the Manokan Country and enjoy our inasal the way we do.

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