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  • Kabbara Cafe: MORE Bacolod Lebanese Food
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    My husband worked in Saudi Arabia for about a year. When he came home, he had already developed the skill for speaking Arabic (though not fluently) as well as the taste for Middle Eastern food. It was inevitable for him to miss both. Although it has been hard for him to find someone to speak Arabic with, it’s been easier for him to have his middle Eastern food fix because of Kabbara Cafe, which serves delicious Bacolod Lebanese food.

    Kabbara Cafe Bacolod - Other products in Kabbara

    We both ate there for the first time a couple of months ago (and you can read that story here). Recently, I was invited back to the cafe to taste more the Bacolod Lebanese food, and I have come to two conclusions:

    1. Lebanese food is healthy and colorful. Not everyone will appreciate it because we all have different tastes, but you do not need adventurous taste buds to love Kabbara Cafe’s menu. All you need to bring with you is an open mind for new things and an empty stomach.
    2. My husband (Jingol) is crazy for Kabbara Cafe’s Kabsa Lamb. It’s really a must try.


    MORE Bacolod Lebanese Food from Kabbara Cafe

    The cafe is consistently adding new dishes to their menu because there are a lot more Lebanese deliciousness they’d like to offer to the public. Currently, they have the following new dishes:

    1. Date Bars – MUST TRY

    I already talked about these on my first Kabbara Cafe story here. This is another must-try on my list. Trust me! Middle Eastern date bars are to die for.

    2. Mix Kebab Platter

    3. Mixed Cheese & Beef Sambousa

    4. Fattoush Salad

    Fattoush Salad - Bacolod Lebanese Food

    Fattoush is a Levantine bread salad made from toasted or fried pieces of pita bread combined with mixed greens and other vegetables, such as radishes and tomatoes.

    5. 3 Appetizers (Hummous / Babaganoush / Mutabal) with Pita bread – MUST TRY

    Kabbara Cafe - Bacolod Lebanese Food - New Menu 2

    I’m not sure if Middle Easterners have this as a snack. Whatever the case, you can eat it anyway you want. I especially love the Hummus dip which is the lightest of the three.

    6. Mougrabia – Can be a substitute for rice. MUST TRY.

    Fatoush - Bacolod Lebanese Food from Kabbara Cafe

    I did my research and this is actually the Lebanese version of couscous. The one that the cafe serves has chickpeas and chicken, shredded into bits.

    7. Shish Taouk Chicken with Rice

    Kabbara Cafe - Bacolod Lebanese Food - New Menu 4

    It’s your basic marinated chicken shish kebab. Isn’t it colorful and fun? It’s interesting to me because of the nuts on the side. You have to try this one too if you visit the cafe.

    6. Mango Frappe

    Kabbara Cafe - Bacolod Lebanese Food - New Menu 10

    Down all of your meals with this delicious mango frappe.

    8. Hummus Msabaha

    Kabbara Cafe - Bacolod Lebanese Food - New Menu 6

    Ok so this hummus is different from the one that’s used as a dip. For one, this has lemon juice in it so it is a bit sour (sour in a delicious way). At the bottom of this is whole chickpeas. According to one of the owners, this is one Bacolod Lebanese food that is common in a Lebanese household. He cooked this for me, Sigrid of sigridsays.com and Dennis of mamacooks.info, so he dialed down the sourness.

    9. Laham Bagine

    Kabbara Cafe - Bacolod Lebanese Food - New Menu 5

    This i’d have to double check, but it’s been said that this is a popular breakfast dish in Lebanon. The yellow cup at the center is very similar to our egg pudding.

    10. Kibbeh – MUST TRY

    Kabbara Cafe - Bacolod Lebanese Food - New Menu 8

    The closest food item that I can liken to Kibbeh is our meatball. It is made of bulgur, minced onions, and finely ground lean beef, lamb, goat or camel meat with Middle-Eastern spices.

    11. Lebanese Pizza – MUST TRY

    Kabbara Cafe - Bacolod Lebanese Food - New Menu 9

    Last, but not the least, is the Lebanese pizza. It looks like a quesadilla, but it has meat in it. It’s tasty and it’s probably impossible for anyone to dislike this dish.

    Bacolod Lebanese Food Deals at Kabbara Cafe

    Mondays and Fridays are buy one take one on Shawarmas! Visit during the days mentioned and have your fill of authentic Middle Eastern Shawarmas.

    LIKE Kabbara Cafe on Facebook

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    Kabbara Cafe

    Address: BS Aquino Drive Corner Avenue Lacson St. ( Landmark is Outdoor Master )

    Bacolod CIty

     Contact no: 0949 763 5377

  • Lebanon in Bacolod: The Kabbara Cafe, Inc
    Posted in: Where and What to Eat

    Despite Bacolod being a fairly small city, you’ll be surprised at how diverse the food choices here are. One good example of a cafe that’s offering diversity is Kabbara Cafe. It’s definitely a cafe that’s on my radar and it should be in yours too. The Kabbara Cafe is over at the newly opened The BillboardsBS Aquino Drive Corner Avenue, Lacson Street. Your landmark is the new Outdoor Master.

    Lebanon in Bacolod

    Kabbara Cafe Bacolod Inside of the Cafe

    I refer to it as the Lebanon in Bacolod because it offers Lebanese and as well as other Middle Eastern dishes. I was talking to one owner (Ms. Hope Kabbara who was very kind and accommodating) and she hinted that there will be more food choices soon. It’s a new taste for most Bacolodnons but, having experienced the different dishes from this establishment, I can say that this is a place worth visiting.

    FYI: I brought along a taste tester who has first-hand experience with Arabic flavors – my husband.

    What to try?

    Recommended – Warak Inab

    Kabbara Cafe Bacolod - Warak Inab Grape 4pcs

    Warak Inab – 4 pcs – P125.00

    Warak Inab is a leaf-wrap with a stuffing of rice, tomatoes, onion, herbs and spices. This particular one is grape. The serving comes with 4pcs of Warak Inab and here’s what it looks in the inside:

    Kabbara Cafe Bacolod - Warak Inab Stuffing

    This will serve as your appetizer. The taste is a little sour and I can’t liken it to any Filipino food I’ve tasted. It’s different but if you’re palette is more adventurous than mine (which it probably is), try the Warak Inab as a starter.

    Recommended – Falafel

    Kabbara Cafe Bacolod - Falafel Sandwich

    Falafel Sandwich – P75.00

    I think of Falafel as the shawarma for vegetarians. The round piece with sesame seeds is a mixture of ground chick peas, broad beans, garlic, onion and Lebanese spices. We had the sandwich version but there’s also a Falafel plate which is P195.00, 6 pcs of falafel with hummus and pita bread.

    Highly Recommended – Kabbara Cafe’s Shawarma

    Kabbara Cafe Bacolod - The Shawarma

    Medium Beef Shawarma – P75.00

    Hold up! Why does this shawarma have fries in it? According to my husband, who’s been to Saudi Arabia, this is how the shawarma over there is enjoyed – with fries.

    This just goes to show that the cafe is really sticking to authenticity in the presentation and flavor of their dishes. Ms. Hope mentioned that some of their ingredients come from the Middle East. That’s why some of their dishes are unavailable sometimes because of the delay in shipment with the ingredients. This seldom happens, however, because of how well the cafe is managed.

    They have different sizes and options for the shawarma:

    • Medium – P75.00 (this is what we ordered)
    • Large – P135.00
    • All meat medium – P110.00
    • All meat large – P195.00

    Recommended – Kapsa Chicken Biryani

    Kabbara Cafe Bacolod - Kapsa Chicken Biryani

    Kapsa Chicken Biryani Single – P175.00

    My husband insisted that we order this. This is one reason why I wanted to visit Kabbara Cafe so much: this is the only place where my husband can eat Kapsa (or Kabsa in Arabic). He misses the taste and he misses how he would eat Kapsa with his bare hands. The taste is very close to the ones he would eat in Saudi, he said. The dish we got was a single but, in my opinion, the kapsa (or rice) is good for 2 people who eat moderately. There’s also a double option which is P300.00.

    Highly, Highly Recommended – Kapsa Lamb Biryani

    Kabbara Cafe Bacolod - Kapsa Lamb Biryani

    Kapsa Lamb Biryani – P425.00 good for 2 persons

    This has biryani rice, lamb meat, peanuts, parsley, Arabic and Lebanese pepper, and special sauce. The photo I took seriously doesn’t do the colors of this dish justice. I highly recommend this dish because the lamb is so soft it’s insane. Some of the lamb I’ve tasted in other places have a distinct after-taste but this one is different. It’s simply cooked to perfection.

    Menu Items to Look Forward to

    Kabbara Cafe Bacolod - Rose Drink

    I don’t know the official name of this drink but it’s made of rose water, rose extract (I think) and then pomegranate juice or syrup. I think I need Ms. Hope’s help on this one, but nonetheless, the taste is refreshing and divergent with regular juices we have. This is NON-ALCOHOLIC by the way.

    Kabbara Cafe Bacolod - Date Bars

    If you’re an avid follower of my blog, you’ll know that I always make a face whenever I taste something soooooo good. Upon tasting these date bars, I made “the face”. I ended up not sharing this with my husband (#takaw).

    Kabbara Cafe Bacolod - Change box

    Our change came in this adorable box from Lebanon.

    These dishes are just something that you can look forward to. Here are other things you need to know about Kabbara Cafe:

    • They have a shisha service.
    • They do not serve alcoholic drinks. But, you can order from other nearby establishments and just order food from the cafe.
    • They serve iced coffee in mason jars! <<< I have to try this one soon!

    Kabbara Cafe

    Facebook Page

    Contact no: 0949 763 5377

    Open from Monday to Sunday for lunch until dinner

    Do you have a hankering for Mediterranean food tonight? You know where to go. And, don’t forget to share this post.