• Digital Advantage
    PLDT Home: Having the Digital Advantage in Your Career
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    Eight years ago, telling people that you worked at home and through the internet will afford you with funny looks and snickers (not the chocolate kind). Online freelancing wasn’t viewed as a legitimate source of income. However, fast-forward to today, all of this has changed. An individual who is not open to a career with […]

  • Bacolod Silay Airport Free Wifi by Smart
    Smart 1 Gigabit Wifi Speed at the Bacolod-Silay Airport
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    What’s the most annoying thing in the world for an avid internet user? Yes, you guessed it: slower-than-a-turtle internet connection. For people in Bacolod City, we’ve muttered our fair share of internet¬†speed complaints.¬†While we wait for internet speed remedies to fall from the heavens, thank goodness we don’t have to suffer the same kind of […]