Sneak Peek of Jomax Peak, Don Salvador Benedicto

When you think of Don Salvador Benedicto (DSB), you think about fresh air, mountains, long roads and the lion statue that overlooks the municipality. If you’re planning a trip to Don Salvador Benedicto anytime soon, you’ll be glad to know that it’s not just the fresh air, the mountains and the lion that you’ll be experiencing. There’s a new place you can visit called Jomax Peak.



Jomax Peak Sneak Peek


Jomax Peak recently got some attention on social media last week because photos taken from the peak reveal a picturesque view of the mountains, a foggy atmosphere, a quaint little cottage sitting on top of the peak, and a deck where you can lounge on.

What to Know About the New Negros Travel Destination at Don Salvador Benedicto

The Quaint Cottage at Jomax Peak Don Salvador Benedicto

The fog and the view will make one heck of an Instagram picture. But, before you gas up for a road trip to Don Salvador Benedicto, you need to know the following things about Jomax Peak:



  • Approximately 100meters after the 48km post
  • About 200meters before the Malatan-og waterfalls viewing deck.
  • Left side of the National Highway
  • If you’re riding the Ceres bus, you may instruct the driver or conductor to drop you at “Brgy Kumaliskis, resthouse of Atty Ortiz”

Fees (UPDATED 2017)

It Fogs at Jomax Peak Don Salvador Benedicto

  • P150 per head inclusive of unlimited coffee and use of pool.
  • To rent the sun shade you need a minimum of 5 people (P750).
  • To rent the veranda shade you need a minimum of 10 people (P1500).
  • To rent the pavillion you need a minimum of 15 people (P2250).
  • To rent out Jomax Peak for the whole day, 40 people (P6000).


The Small Pool at Jomax Peak

  • There’s a small pool that everyone can enjoy.
  • Trekking to Malatan-og Waterfalls is possible. A guide can accompany you for a fee of P200.

Other Details to Know About Jomax Peak at Don Salvador Benedicto (UPDATED 2017)

Travel to Don Salvador Benedicto to See Jomax Peak

  • RESERVATION basis. Jomax Peak doesn’t cater to walk-in guests. Reserve at least a week or two before your trip.
  • Jomax Peak does not serve food. Bring your own. Cook your own.
  • There’s a grill that you can rent. It’s P150 with charcoal.
  • There’s also a butane stove for rent at P100.
  • Plus, a rice cooker is available for use at P50.
  • A helper is available if you need help with the cooking. The helper can cook all your food for P150.

I’m going to update this post right after I visit the place. Don’t forget to LIKE Mea in Bacolod on Facebook to the latest about Jomax Peak.

Jomax Peak

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  1. Neo

    Hi Mea,

    I was once a resident of Bacolod during my college days and has moved to Manila in 2012. I found your blogs very interesting, Im just curious if you’re also interested about financial literacy like bloggers Fitz Villafuerte and Bo Sanchez.

    • Mea P.

      Hi Neo, I am very much into financial literacy 🙂 I’ve taken it upon myself to be smart with money. I do have some content lined up for that topic but that’s like the next phase of the blog 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Ched

    Are there any reservations today ?

    • Mea P.

      Hi Ched, unfortunately they are fully booked until 2017…

  3. nhatty

    It will be one of the top destination in Negros. Hope I could visit jomax peak next year.

    • Mea P.

      It probably will 🙂 I hope they can develop the place more and make it bigger…

  4. rhea

    Naghire po ba kayo ng private car or sumakay rin kayo ng ceres bus? Hindi po ba kami mahihirapan umuwi if in case sasakay lang kami ng bus?

    • Mea P.

      Hi, thanks for dropping by. Please check the new Jomax Peak rates on their Facebook page. We went by our own car but I don’t think it would be difficult when you go by bus. You just have to leave early 🙂 A private car is more convenient but you have to be sure that the car is in top shape. Taas kasi 🙂 Enjoy Jomax Peak!

  5. Louie MAcayan

    How about if you will be there for overnight camp? what’s the rate?

    • Mea P.

      I think the rate is P200 per person with a minimum of 5. Please check their FB page to double check 🙂

  6. cecille

    Can we go to joemax peak for picture taking only? Is there an amount to pay? thanks

    • Mea P.

      Hi, yes. I think it’s P200 🙂

  7. joemel barredo

    mag pa reserve ng sunny shade po seperate po dyan ang fee per head na 150 ? is it possible kaya ng sasakyan na lowered like vios pa akyat ? thank you 🙂

    • Mea P.

      Heya Joemel, thanks for dropping by. You will love it there, promise! I think there’s a separate pay for the sunny shade, but please check their Facebook. I am working on an updated info post for this place. As for the vios, as far as I know the road is not bumpy. It would be best to give them a call to really confirm if a Vios is ok 🙂

  8. joemel barredo

    is it possible kaya ng vios pa akyat ? thank you 🙂

  9. Hannah B.

    Hi! Do you have any idea why they would require a minimum of 5 for each group? My friends and I are thrilled to visit this place, but we’re only 3. 🙁

    • Mea P.

      I think it is alright if you three go there as long as you pay for 5 people. Please double check this with Jomax Peak to be sure 🙂

  10. GenJi Fuentes

    Hi Mea,

    I would like to ask if when will be the best time to go to Jomax Peak? Like in the uppermost picture in your blog where it has fogs?

  11. Salve Ban

    Hello, can we booked on the 1st quarter of 2018?

  12. mia

    Hello, is Jomax Peak pwd-friendly?

    • Mea P.

      Hi Mia, no I’m sorry. But I went there more than a year ago so it might have had improvements already 🙂

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