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  • My Year With the Negros Bloggers (NBSI)
    Posted in: Entertainment, Events

    Have you been following my blog religiously? Then you should already know by now that I am part of an elite paramilitary organization: ” Eagle Scouts”. No I’m kidding. That was a excerpt from the 1984 movie: “Red Dawn”. I’m actually part of the Negros Bloggers or, more officially, the Negrense Blogging Society, Inc. (NBSI). I joined […]

  • The Vikings are Coming! The Vikings are Coming!
    Posted in: Where and What to Eat

    Back then, when people yelled: “The Vikings are coming, the Vikings are coming!” everybody would get their weapons ready for battle, hide or just run away. These days, however, people act totally different when they hear “the Vikings are coming!” Instead of weapons for battle, spoons, forks and appetites are prepared for a battle of […]

  • Acer Roadshow: How to Choose a Good Projector
    Posted in: Guides

    A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to attend the Acer Roadshow dinner at the L’Fisher Hotel where I learned all about how to choose a good projector. My husband always had a thing for projectors as he’s always wanted one in our own home. Men and their gadgets! Myself, on the other hand…not so […]

  • The Dare to Denim Fashion Show at SM Bacolod
    Posted in: Entertainment

    Beauty, wealth or popularity doesn’t make you extraordinary. what does, however, is your ability to inspire and influence others to do good or be better. – Mea 🙂 Being a regular woman is not often celebrated. The fact that your face doesn’t show up on TV or on numerous magazines is anything but exciting. On August […]