The Dare to Denim Fashion Show at SM Bacolod

Beauty, wealth or popularity doesn’t make you extraordinary. what does, however, is your ability to inspire and influence others to do good or be better. – Mea 🙂

Being a regular woman is not often celebrated. The fact that your face doesn’t show up on TV or on numerous magazines is anything but exciting. On August 22, however, SM showed that being regular or ordinary is not such a bad thing after all with their Dare to Denim Caravan which celebrates the success of everyday, ordinary women in their chosen fields.

Sm Dare to Denim Runway

12 women, all made-over and considered to be modern day female influencers of Negros, were chosen to walk the runway in chic and stylish denim outfits from the brands found at the SM Bacolod department store.

Dare to Denim Women:

  • Crystal Pauline Reyes – a Taekwando Athlete
  • Maryching Uy-Feria – the wife of the Vice Mayor of La Castellana
  • Chole Cuenca Chua – a Businesswoman and philanthropist
  • Rolynne Chaves-Ponce – a Businesswoman
  • Melania Solano – the SM Woman Ambassador
  • Atty Mercedes Alvarez – Congresswoman, 6th District of Negros
  • Kimi Lu – the SM Woman Plus Size Ambassador
  • Atty. Mariedeth Calseña – Mariano – a Lawyer
  • Atty. Pinky Mirano-Ocampo – a Lawyer and businesswoman
  • Betsy Gazo – a Lifestyle writer
  • Jenna Pertgen – the Grand Winner, Search for SM Woman Plus Size
dare to denim 1

L-R: Businesswoman Chole Cuenca Chua, Lifestyle Writer Betsy Gazo, and Businesswoman Rolynne Chaves-Ponce

dare to denim 2

L-R: SM Woman Ambassador Melania Solano, SM Woman Plus Size Ambassador Kimi Lu, and Lawyer Mariedeth Calseña – Mariano

dare to denim 3

L-R: Taekwondo athlete Crystal Pauline Reyes, Grand Winner of the Search for SM Woman Plus Size Jenna Pertgen, and Maryching Uy-Feria

dare to denim 4

L-R: Lawyer and businesswoman Pinky Mirano-Ocampo, Lawyer and politician Mercedes Alvarez, and the hosts

Melania Solano and Kimi Lu

The idea that I love most about this fashion show is that it celebrates the achievements of ordinary women of all “shapes and sizes” as the show even spotlighted plus-size fashion tips for women who are more on the plump side.

Fashion for Big Girls

This is the cherry on top of the icing for me: random make-overs. SM selected random female shoppers to be styled and made-over which I thought was an authentic touch to the theme of the fashion show.

The Make-Overs

Friends, families and a few fans were present to support the 12 women as well as the 4 who had surprise make-overs and it ended up being a fabulous afternoon filled with camera clicks, Dare to Denim outfits, eye-catching shoes and a whole lot of inspiration.

The Event

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  1. May

    I love your take on the experience, Mea! I love how the “everyday modern women” came out looking and feeling confident at their Dare to Denim stint – extraordinary, even.

    • Mea P.

      Thank you Ms May. I kept looking at the shoes while they were walking! Can’t wait to cover more events like this that empower women..

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