How Papa John’s is Delivering Food Safely During COVID-19

How Papa John's is Delivering Food Safely During COVID-19

The Covid-19 outbreak turned global pandemic has plunged almost the entire world into a massive timeout. Governments have imposed a stay home order to their people.  . People are stocking up on groceries and many are cooking their food themselves. While it is healthier and safer to cook your own food, there will be days that you’ll balk at the thought of cooking three meals a day for your family.  When you encounter such days and all you want to do is to look for food delivery near me, don’t beat yourself up. You deserve your rest days from the kitchen before you go stir-crazy. You deserve your Papa John’s Special Large Topping pizza when you binge on Netflix or just be indolent and languid!

How Contactless Delivery Is Helping Lower the Infection Rate

When you order food from food delivery companies, be sure to opt for Contactless Delivery.  This option allows the delivery person to leave the food at your door, move at least 6 feet away and a call will be made to you to tell you the food has arrived. The process has been introduced in the age of Coronavirus to ensure food can be delivered in a safe way that customers feel comfortable. Papa John’s pizza has a no contact delivery option so that their customers feel safe and are safe. When there is no contact between customers and the delivery riders, infection cannot spread and the infection curve will be flattened.

How Much Should Tip for Pizza Delivery During This Time 

A tip is not obligatory. However, not leaving a tip for the delivery person is not very polite, especially during this time. The delivery people are the frontliners risking their own health so that yours is safe. Thus, it would be proper to leave a tip as a gesture of appreciation to thank the delivery person. 

Generally speaking, for delivery orders of $20 or less, it is customary to offer a minimum tip of $3. For any orders over $20, tip 10% to 15% but never less than $5.  If your driver was on time and polite, thank him with a more rewarding tip.

Why Consider Papa John’s

Besides a contactless delivery option, Papa John adheres to a quality seal as a visual reminder to customers that their food is always cooked at a temperature above 450 degrees and goes directly from the oven, into the box, and to their door. The quality seal is also to let you know that the box hasn’t been tampered with. Additional safety measures have been implemented at all local Papa John’s restaurants, on top of the existing daily measures to ensure that all restaurants adhere to the highest standards of hygiene, cleanliness and food safety in the industry.

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