Digitizing Your World With ScanSnap

These days almost everything happens online. It’s important to have all your records and information available in a digital format. If most of your documents are paper, you need a way to transfer them to your computer. That’s where ScanSnap scanners come in — scan perfect, digital copies of all your paper goods with the simple touch of a button.

From Photographs to Documents

If you’re used to the idea of a big, bulky scanner sitting in a small room in an office complex, you’re in for a surprise. ScanSnap products are compact, portable, and can fit on your desk. Don’t let their small size fool you. They can handle all sorts of paper goods, such as:
• Business cards
• Receipts
• 11×17 documents
• Photographs
• Certificates

There are a variety of size specifications available, depending on your needs. With adjustable guides, each can handle mixed size bundles efficiently. There is also a manual mode for thick paper goods like envelopes. If you need to scan the pages of a large book, the contactless ScanSnap option makes it easy.

Regardless of the model, high-resolution cameras ensure a clear, detailed image with every pass. You won’t have to worry about blurry lines or illegible small text. Photographs won’t lose any of their clarity. Auto-facial orientation and red-eye reduction technology can make your photos look even better than they did, to begin with.

Connect Your Worlds

ScanSnap machines have built-in WiFi connectivity. You can send your documents straight to your computer or the cloud without a lengthy transfer process. This makes it easy to keep everything organized and easy to find. Create whatever file type you need, such as JPEG, PDF, or Word. You can even share your documents with co-workers or friends. State-of-the-art software cleans up your documents, keeping the files artifact-free and easy to work with. ScanSnap supports optical character recognition programs, which convert physical text into a machine-readable version. There are also plenty of formatting options to customize what you’re scanning to fit your needs.

Modernize Your Business

Bridging the gap between physical and digital information is especially important for businesses. Working with digital data makes record-keeping and analysis a breeze, which is a must for any savvy business owner. It’s much harder to lose an invoice that is searchable and backed up in multiple places.

ScanSnap products include features that make bulk scanning effortless, such as automatic feeders and exit stacking. Feel free to set it and go about your day. Network multiple scanners together with integrated management software. Intelligent paper protection prevents your important documents from getting damaged in a paper jam.

A Scanner You Can Trust

ScanSnap products are user-friendly and built to last, such as the fi-8170. They are easy to maintain and the consumables are simple to replace. If you encounter any issues, a solid warranty has your back. These scanners are standalone and require little to no setup. What more could you want?

When searching for a tool as important as a scanner, you want to go to a company you can trust. Find a brand with a long history of quality products and a reputation for comprehensive customer support. Invest in a scanner that will serve you for years to come.

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