A Freelancer’s Bestfriend: PayPal to GCash FREE

A Freelancers Bestfriend PayPal to GCash FREE | Mea in Bacolod

One of the most daunting things about being a freelancer is transferring money from one account to another. Commonly, those who have the same line of work as I do transact via PayPal. Whenever we finish our task, our clients pay through PayPal. Typically, this platform doesn’t have a withdrawal fee when one withdraws larger amounts. However, if you just want to withdraw a tiny piece of your hard earned cash, you’d have to pay a transfer fee. Well, we can say goodbye to those fees because transferring money from Paypal to GCash FREE.

How To Transfer From Paypal To GCash

  • Link your Paypal account to your GCash.
  • When everything is linked, you can easily transfer your Paypal credits within 24hours.

Other Than PayPal to GCash FREE Transactions, You Can Also:

  • Send money for FREE from one GCash user to another GCash user.
  • Receive money for FREE from another GCash user.
  • Withdraw money for FREE via ATMs twice per month. Withdrawable amount dependent on ATM’s maximum withdrawable amount per transaction.
  • Withdraw money for FREE via over-the-counter, multiple transactions, but up to P20,000 per transaction only.

Why I Love Using GCash

Aside from the obvious advantage of PayPal to GCash free transactions, I can also pay Utilities through GCash. You can pay the following bills:

  • BDO Credit Card
  • Globe at Home and Postpaid
  • Loans (Home Credit, AsiaLink, and so much more)
  • Pag-ibig (Yes, GCash accepts fees for some Government offices)
  • Grab
  • Manulife

All of these I mentioned, because these bills are what I pay for every month. I can also easily pay for groceries from PureGold and Robinsons Place Bacolod. There are plenty of things that GCash can be useful for.

GCash Is Just A Download Away

You absolutely have to try out withdrawing from your Paypal account to your GCash account. Pay your bills without lining up to any counter or simply withdraw your funds straight to your bank account. You don’t even have to worry about fees anymore. If you don’t have GCash in your phones yet, you can click on the links below:

If you’d like to know more about GCash, you can visit www.gcash.com. For more tips on nifty services, online freelancing, and the Bacolod Lifestyle, read other posts on the blog.

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