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  • Globe 917 Day | Mea in Bacolod
    #GratefulEveryDay: Bigger Perks on Globe 917 Day
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    The globe 917 is turning out to be the most favored number of the year as Globe celebrates its iconic 917 prefix with a day overflowing with gratitude for all its customers. Inspired by last year’s massively successful celebration, the country’s leading mobile brand commemorates the wonderful connections it has made by rewarding its customers with upgraded offers, surprise treats, and not-to-miss events leading up to September 17 (9/17).

    Three Years Of Being Grateful

    Now on its third year, Globe 917 Day is all about giving back and letting loyal customers and partners feel the love and gratitude that everyone at Globe has for them. 917 Day is one big thank you from Globe for being part of our family all these years. We are #GratefulEveryday for allowing us to create and share experiences with you.

    The countdown to 917 Day begins with a weekend of sweet deals and giveaways. On September 15, Saturday, dine at KFC or shop at Bench or Marks & Spencer stores nationwide. Use your Globe Rewards points as cash and receive delightful surprises from these partner establishments!

    It’s the VIP treatment for long-time Globe customers. As a little extra thank you for those who have been with us through the years, Globe is giving exclusive perks like free data for longtime TM and Prepaid customers, at least 100 Rewards points for Postpaid and Platinum customers depending on tenure, free volume/speed boost, Rewards points and other goodies for Globe At Home, Globe Business, and Globe myBusiness customers.

     Have fun, get pampered on the best 917 Day yet

    From September 17 to 23, Globe Prepaid will visit select schools nationwide and will bring fun booths, movie screenings and free snacks for students. Want to enjoy the great outdoors with family and friends instead? TM has you covered at its tambayan nooks in public parks for film screenings and free bags of chips to enjoy.

    Globe Postpaid also gets in on the 917 fun. True to its promise of delivering extra value, ThePLAN PLUS customers will get a special coffee surprise on September 17.

    Stock up on cool accessories and exclusive merch from Globe Lifestyle with the various flash sales at the Globe Online Shop! Get exciting discounts on powerbanks, phone cases, speakers, and screen protectors. Own a pair of exclusive 0917 shirts for only P917 for purchases made on September 20. Stay tuned for the complete list of promos by visiting shop.globe.com.ph/happy-917.

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  • Seda Hotel Bacolod - Straight Up Bar | Mea in Bacolod
    Seda Hotel Bacolod: Straight Up Posh & UpScale
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    With the addition of Seda Hotel Bacolod, or more formally known as Seda Capitol Central, Bacolod isn’t just getting a 4-star hotel. It’s also welcoming another addition to its array of bars, pubs, and lounges that show off the city’s nightlife. Seda’s Straight Up roof deck bar is officially open.

    Seda Hotel: Straight Up Bar Bacolod

    Although this isn’t the first rooftop bar in the city, the ambiance and the experience it delivers is something unique and fresh. This is the main reason why I think everyone should plan to drop by. Since this posh bar is new, there are a couple of things that each Bacolodnon should know before actually visiting Seda Hotel to go to Straight Up:


    1. The Bar & The View Is Instagram-Worthy


    The bar overlooks the Capitol Park & Lagoon, a provincial park located in the heart of the City of Smiles. During the day, you’ll see all the beautiful greenery of the park, plus its walk/jogging path. However, from the edges of the Straight Up Bar, you’ll be treated to a view that’s totally Instagram-worthy. Don’t forget to snap photos of the bar too.

    Mr. Rhett Villaruz, Seda Bacolod Hotel Manager, Welcoming Everyone

    2. Complimentary Finger Food


    Seda Hotel Bacolod - Straight Up Bar | Mea in Bacolod

    When you order a drink, you’ll be treated to complimentary finger food, based on Seda Capitol Central’s Facebook Page. If you drop by from 6PM – 8PM, you can enjoy different finger foods with your drink.

    During the opening, they served up some finger foods for guests to try. And, let me tell you, everything was just delicious. Of course, you may get a different spread when you visit, but, so far, the food from Seda’s buffet spread has not let me down.


    3. The Perfect Place For Those Tita Nights


    Seda Hotel Bacolod - Straight Up Bar | Mea in Bacolod

    This is mainly based on my own opinion, but the Seda Hotel Straight Up Bar in Bacolod is one of the best “TITA SPOTS” in the city. What made me say this? Well:

    • The music is curated, so none of the loud music that hinders you from talking to people because the music’s so loud that you barely understand the conversation.
    • They have a great selection of drinks. There are alcoholic beverages plus mock-tails, so you choose your own poison.
    • There aren’t a lot of kids around. No offense to youngsters hanging out at other bars, but we titas sometimes need a space of our own to laugh out loud, share leche flan recipes, talk about our loud neighbor’s lawn, and so on.

    So that’s it! I can’t wait to hang out with my girls here. I’m also going to visitors here next time (when it’s not raining). For you to know more about Bacolod’s newest upscale bar, make sure to:

    If you want to see other posts about the City of Smiles, check out my the rest of the blog.

    Other Details

    • Contact Number: (034) 703 8888
    • Email: capitol@sedahotels.com

  • Science Circus 2018 Bacolod | Mea in Bacolod
    Step Right Up! The Science Circus Is In Bacolod City
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    We are all used to circuses where we see acrobats, jugglers, clowns, and exotic animals. This summer, Bacolodnons are treated with a different kind of circus that’s beyond the traditional. Instead of watching trapeze flyers, audiences get to interact with exhibits that boggle the senses but broaden the mind. The Science Circus is in town.

    The Science Circus At Robinson's Place

    The Science Circus At The Robinson’s Place Bacolod

    This type of circus has to be the first in the City of Smiles. My son, Gionne, and I attended the opening last April 5, 2018. The event was hosted by Bacolod’s very own John Arceo and was graced by Councilor Cindy Rojas, as well as representatives from the museum that started the traveling exhibit, the Mind Museum.

    What To See At The Science Circus

    Science Circus 2018 Bacolod - 4
    Science Circus 2018 Bacolod - 7
    Science Circus 2018 Bacolod - 6
    Science Circus 2018 Bacolod - 5
    Science Circus 2018 Bacolod - 9
    Science Circus 2018 Bacolod - 8
    Science Circus 2018 Bacolod - 11
    Science Circus 2018 Bacolod - 12
    Science Circus 2018 Bacolod - 17
    Science Circus 2018 Bacolod - 18
    Science Circus 2018 Bacolod - 19

    There are plenty of interactive exhibits that you and your family can enjoy. Check the slide above to see what the different exhibits are. Basically, there are 12 sections on display. Each section has an information card which will guide you on how to work the display. Some cards contain scientific information, while some give you instructions. It’s best to read the card to know what to do. There are no guides so make reading a habit.

    When you move to an illusion display, find the square you see in the photo above. This is where you should be standing so you can get the best angle for your photo.



    1. Who is the Science Circus for? 

    The Science Circus is for everybody! It’s not just kids who will enjoy discovering what each display can do. Parents will also have a good time here.


    2. How can I get in? 

    There are two ways you can get a ticket. Right outside is a ticket booth. You can purchase a ticket for ONLY P50.00. Another option would be to shop at participating partner stores:


    Every P1000 Receipt = 1 Ticket (Maximum of 5 Tickets)

    • Robinsons Supermarket
    • Robinsons Appliances
    • Handyman
    • Daiso
    • Toys R Us


    Every P500 Receipt = 1 Ticket (Maximum of 5 Tickets)

    • Alberto Shoes
    • adidas
    • Bellicimo
    • Book Sale
    • Boston Active Sports Shop
    • Boston Sports Lifestyle
    • Chowking
    • Converse
    • D VJ Jewellers
    • Expressions
    • Fetish
    • Galleon Enterprises
    • Goldilocks
    • Guess
    • Jollibee
    • Karat World
    • Levi’s
    • MLhuiller
    • National Book Store
    • Octagon
    • Olivia
    • Olympic Village
    • Payless
    • Penshoppe
    • Planet Sports
    • Rusty Lopez
    • Sarabia Optical
    • Speedo
    • Toastbox
    • Total Sports


    Every P200 Receipt = 1 Ticket (Maximum of 5 Tickets)

    • BCG Premier
    • Cantina Mundo
    • Chika-an
    • Clinica Femina
    • Get Pampered Nail Spa
    • Masskara Chicken
    • Moon Cafe
    • Negros Showroom


    3. Until when will the circus be in town? 

    April 5 was the opening. The circus will be packing up on May 6, 2018. It’s only going to run for one month.


    4. What time does it open? 

    The circus will open during mall hours. If you want to take good photos, you can go there around the same time the mall opens. It’s also going to close at the same time the mall will.


    5. Is it already open to the public?

    Definitely, you can visit the Science Circus anytime you wish. Just take note of the mall hours. You don’t need to call ahead or reserve a ticket. Just go inside the mall, present your receipt if you have any, or simply buy a ticket at the booth.

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  • SOON - Bacolod Waterpark & Silay Theme Park | Mea in Bacolod
    Soon to Rise: Bacolod Waterpark and Silay Theme Park
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    Have you always dreamed of a Bacolod waterpark? In Bacolod, we have always enjoyed nature trips because they come easy. There are plenty of spots to go to even with just an hour’s worth of driving. There’s Bantug Lake Ranch, Mambukal Resort, and, of course, the infamous Campuestohan, to name a few.


    But, while we are abundant in nature retreats, we lack in R&R places we can access with just one jeepney or tricyle ride. Don’t get me wrong; one hour of driving to a picturesque spot where you can have local coffee is one of the best things in the world, but a waterpark or theme park within the city or the metro wouldn’t hurt.


    Soon to Rise: Bacolod Waterpark and Silay Theme Park

    Well, now that Negros Occidental is becoming more and more popular with tourists, both local and international, our wishes may have been granted. This morning, when I checked my newsfeed on Facebook, not the first thing I did when I woke up, mind you, I saw the post of my good friend Dhadha Garcia who runs theblueink.com.

    Photo Credit to: DhaDha Garcia

    Sugarlandia Bacolod Waterpark

    Dhadha Garcia was attending the ground breaking ceremony of Sugarlandia Waterpark at Oroland. I’m not sure about the specific details yet but what I do know is that it’s a joint venture between Jorophil Land Development & Leisure Corp. and Direct Step Construction Development Corp, based on Dhadha’s post.


    Silay City Magic Island

    If you guys remember, back in April of this year, a groundbreaking also took place in Silay City. It was for a P600-million theme park called Magic Island.

    Photo Credit to: Silay city – the Paris of Negros FB Page & RMN Fb Page

    According to Sunstar, “It is located on a 3.75-hectare lot is about 12 kilometers away from Bacolod City and is expected to open in summer next year as rides will start arriving in the province later this year.” You can read the full article here. Silay is just a stone’s throw away from Bacolod which is absolutely fantastic.


    Improving the Economy by Focusing on Tourism

    With these two developments underway, all I can say is: YES GAWD. It’s another jewel in the crown of my city after being named No. 1 Model City by The Manila Times.


    Things are looking up, don’t you think? This is just my opinion, but I feel like the local economy is going to pick up even more if we focus on our Tourism industry. And, I’m not just talking about Bacolod, but about the surrounding municipalities as well.

    Time will tell how things go, I guess. However, if what I am seeing now is any indication of the future of Negros Occidental, I’d have to say that the future of our province is looking more fun and vibrant (and maybe travel-worthy?) #ItsMoreFuninNegOcc

  • Globe Telecom strengthens broadband, mobile connectivity in Cebu
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    In line with its vision of providing connectivity to 2 million homes in 2020, Globe At Home has started its aggressive rollout of facilities in major locations around the country. The province of Cebu is one of its key locations and Globe is working hand-in-hand with the Cebu City and Mandaue City governments for its various builds.

    Globe is strengthening its partnership with the local government units, recognizing that local officials’ support is essential in realizing its goal of enhancing connectivity to boost economic development in the country.

    Globe At Home officially launched its new GoBIG Plans in Cebu through the first ever #StreamFest where families were invited to spend an afternoon watching their favorite movies and doing fun activities at Ayala Center Cebu.

    To improve its mobile services in Cebu, Globe continues to ramp up the deployment of LTE sites using the 700 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz bands. Since the company gained access to new spectrum assets in the middle of last year, close to 600 LTE sites have already been activated in Cebu alone.

    LGU collaborations also pave the way for broadband connectivity to reach more homes, which is realized in Globe At Home’s Cebu launch of its new GoBIG plans that have bigger data allocations at affordable rates and fast, reliable speeds. These new plans come with free 100 GB of data to access and enjoy YouTube.

    In Cebu City, Globe At Home Fibre sites are currently available in:

    • Dona Modesta Gaisano St.
    • Friendship Street
    • Justice St.
    • Wisdom St.
    • Freedom St.
    • Yakal St,
    • Mahogany St.
    • Obedience St.
    • A.Villalon Drive
    • Hacienda Salinas
    • Wilson St. corner Pasteur St.
    • Marconi St.; La Guardia St.
    • 1st St.; Sanson Road
    • Sanson Road Extension
    • Sanjercas Ville Private Road
    • and Salinas Drive Extension.

    Expansions in Mandaue City are also underway as Globe works closely with the city’s local government unit.

    For as low as Plan 1299, customers can enjoy:

    • 300 GB of data allocation per month with speeds of up to 5Mbps
    • Apart from access to YouTube, customers can enjoy free 6 months access to Netflix and Disney Channel apps for award-winning original content and children’s shows
    • And, a two-month subscription to HOOQ for a diverse selection of local and foreign titles.

    Together with improving connectivity at home, Globe At Home has also lent its support to the company’s sustainability initiatives specifically programs that deliver quality education in the public education sector. Globe has rolled-out 2 key programs with the Department of Education to maximize new technologies in enabling world-class quality education in the Philippines.

    Globe At Home Head of Marketing Barbie Dapul talks about the new GoBIG plans that comes with an additional free 100GB of data just to access more videos on YouTube

    In Mandaue City, Globe launched its Digital Thumbprint Program (DTP), which is its cyberwellness advocacy that addresses the online health and safety of Visayan youth. Globe launched the workshop in Mandaue City Science High School to increase students’ knowledge of digital citizenship and cyber safety by helping them develop insights into the influences of the online world and the choices they are making.

    Read about Globe’s Digital Thumbprint Program HERE

    In Cebu City, Globe then brought its Global Filipino Schools (GFS) program at the Cebu City National Science High School (CCNSHS). The GFS program provides select public schools with infrastructure support and ICT equipment such as the Globe Digital Learning Lab – a mobile cart of ICT gadgets composed of netbooks, tablets, and projectors powered with superior internet connectivity.  The Lab can be used to teach different subject matters whether inside or outside the classroom to encourage creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking.

    Globe At Home #StreamFest was open to all Cebuanos the whole weekend of July 1 and 2 where customers got to watch free movies from HOOQ, original series from NETFLIX and participate in fun family activities from top Cebuano YouTube creators Chinkytita and WhatoPlay.


    At CCNSHS, with 38 teachers and 1,004 students, Globe turned over 20 tablets with mirroring capability for projectors and LCD screens, two projector kits with projector screen, 10 Globe Prepaid Supersticks, one mobile cart which also serves as a charging station, and free 10 mbps internet line.  CCNSHS is the 10th school in Cebu province that benefitted from the GFS program that now covers 142 schools all over the country.

    At present, many public schools are still missing out on the benefits of ICT, prompting Globe to help address the concern through GFS.  The program, which started in 2012, intends to transform at least one school in each of the 221 school divisions under the Department of Education into centers of ICT excellence within the next four years.

    With more homes and schools getting connected, Globe At Home will continue its expansion to reach more locations in Cebu and the rest of the country.

    Customers can check Globe At Home’s availability in their area by visiting https://checkavailability.globe.com.ph/.

  • Bacolod City Officials on Stage | Mea in Bacolod
    Another Reason to Visit Bacolod City
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    Press Release: Bacolod City is PH No. 1 Model City. Bacolod was named the Top Philippine Model City among the 145 cities in the country, for being the most livable urban center nationwide. The Manila Times, one of the most respected broadsheets and the country’s oldest newspaper at 119 years old, has chosen Bacolod as the No. 1 Model City among a shortlist of 37 select cities.

    May Bing Leonardia Holding the Model City Award | Mea in Bacolod

    Bacolod was the only Visayan city when the list was trimmed down to 13 finalists. Mayor Evelio Leonardia led city officials in accepting the award for Bacolod City at the awarding ceremony at the New World Manila Bay Hotel in Manila today [May 11].

    Joining Leonardia were Bacolod Rep. Greg Gasataya, Vice Mayor El Cid Familiaran, Councilor Em Ang, Councilor Dindo Ramos, City Administrator John Orola, City Planning and Development Office head Mary Jean Ramos, City Development Council vice chairman George Zulueta, and acting PIO head Danny Dangcalan.

    Among the 13 finalist-cities, Bacolod was the only city with the top three officials present: congressman, mayor, and vice mayor.

    “This credible and prestigious award validates what Bacolod is now. This inspires us even more to promote a culture of excellence, not just for contests like this, but to cultivate a high sense of responsiblity in our people,” Leonardia said.

    We will not allow mediocrity, he stressed. For his part, Gasataya said in a statement, “Bacolod City is indeed not just ‘back on track but back on top.'” Gasataya added: “We assure everyone of our continuous cooperation for our city in order to address concerns that need immediate solution.”

    Familiaran said, “The award proves that Bacolod is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Indeed, Bacolod is back on track.”

    FINALISTS Rounding the Final 13 in The Philippine Model Cities list are (in alphabetical order):

    • Batangas
    • Davao
    • General Santos
    • Laoag
    • Mandaluyong
    • Naga
    • Parañaque
    • Quezon
    • San Fernando
    • Rosa
    • Tagaytay
    • Zamboanga

    Bacolod City Officials on Stage | Mea in Bacolod

    These cities also received special awards based on several social indicators in the criteria. CRITERIA The cities were rated on the following criteria:

    1. Peace and Security
    2. Rest and Recreation
    3. Research and Development
    4. Health and Education
    5. Clean and Green
    6. Road and Home
    7. Livelihood and Employment
    8. Youth and Elders
    9. Tax and Services
    10. Emergency/ Disaster Preparedness

    In 2012, popular blog ikwaderno.wordpress.com named Bacolod as the “Most Livable Philippine City.” Early this year, another social media group, The Conyo Times, ranked Bacolod as “The Best City to Live in the Philippines.” Likewise, in 2007, the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry chose Bacolod as the “Most Business Friendly City in the Philippines.”

  • The Best Spot in Bacolod To Watch The Sunset Today? | Mea in Bacolod
    The Best Spot in Bacolod To Watch The Sunset Today?
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    It’s the freakin’ weekend! Those who are in their 20s are getting ready to paint the town red tonight, but to those who have reached the 30 mark, like I just did, are getting ready to wind down. Gotta recuperate from all the hustle during the weekdays. But, the question is, how? If nothing comes to mind, why don’t you see the sunset today with your family? And, I have the best spot for you to go to.

    The Sunset Today At The Edge Of Bredco

    Sunset Today at Bacolod Bredco Port | Mea in Bacolod

    So where is Bredco and what is it? Bredco is a port in Bacolod. There’s nothing much to see there except ships, shipping containers, vehicles for transporting the containers and the ocean. But, for you to see the sunset today, you’re not going to go to the port itself. You’re going to go to the edge of it, at the seawall.

    What You’ll See At The Edge Of Bredco

    Bredco Bacolod Port | Mea in Bacolod

    The area where the seawall is isn’t attractive. There’s trash everywhere and everything looks unfinished. There are tall stalks of plants at certain areas too, so it’s not a like a 5-star resort. But, what locals appreciate is the ocean breeze and the beautiful view of the sunset.

    Where Is This Place?

    The Edge Of Bredco | Mea in Bacolod

    From the pier or from the port, you can drive until the edge. The seawall area where we went to is more to the left. I’m sorry, I’m not very good with directions, but I’m sure that if you drive to the edge to the left, you’ll find the spot.

    What Shall I Do There?

    Bacolod Sunsets With Family At Bredco | Mea in Bacolod

    Well, locals go to this place with family. I did too. I went with my son and my husband one afternoon just to hang out. Hanging out – we always do this with friends but seldom with family. The case with me is different because I mostly work and write. I should be spending more time with my family because, after all, it is the most important to me.

    What’s Better Than Watching The Sundet Today?

    Family is Important | Mea in Bacolod

    What’s better than the sunset, the sea and family? Nothing. I was looking at these pictures and I realized that I started working from home to spend more time with my son. I’m not doing that as much as I used to because of work, so I need to re-prioritize and as should you.

    Watch The Sunset Today With Family | Mea in Bacolod

    I cherish simple moments like these, and I’m sure you do too. So, why don’t you do me a solid and create a simple moment with your family this weekend by going to the edge of Bredco and watching the sunset?

    Sunset At Bredco Plus A Motorcylce Race | Mea in Bacolod

    BONUS TIP: If you get lucky, you’re going to come across a motorcycle race.

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  • Bacolodnon Won P100,000 Shopping Spree | Mea in Bacolod
    Bacolodnon Won P100,000 Shopping Spree From SM and Mastercard
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    Yesterday, one Bacolodnon greeted the new year with a big smile. Thanks to a joint project between the SM Store and Mastercard, MS. YVONNE ALLONES, an employee at the Riverside Medical Center, won a P100,000 shopping spree at SM City Bacolod.

    SM Shopping Spree Promo

    How did Ms Allones win? She simply went shopping at the SM Store. For every P3,000 single-receipt purchase using a Philippine-issued MasterCard at The SM Store entitled a cardholder to one electronic raffle entry that gave them a chance to win P100,000 shopping spree at any SM Retail Store. A total of 57 lucky winners nationwide were chosen for this promotion.

    • Josefina Sura from Pasig City
    • Ma. Carmela Dela Cruz from Paranaque
    • Melody Samudio from Lucena Quezon
    • Felipa Banda Sanlao from Baguio
    • Maria Lourdes Fe L. Mallari from San Fernando Pampanga
    • Yvonne Allones from Bacolod
    • Orson Sargado from Davao
    • Rosalla Andal from Naga

    Other shopping spree winners have already been notified by The SM Store representatives. Ms Allones already went around the mall yesterday to do a bit of shopping for herself and her family. The #SMSHOPPINGSPREE promotion is one of the many exciting promotions of the SM Store.

    I just have one question for Ms Allones, how to be you po?

    Watch out for The SM Store’s more exciting promos for shoppers in 2017.

  • Bacolod Silay Airport Free Wifi by Smart
    Smart 1 Gigabit Wifi Speed at the Bacolod-Silay Airport
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    What’s the most annoying thing in the world for an avid internet user? Yes, you guessed it: slower-than-a-turtle internet connection. For people in Bacolod City, we’ve muttered our fair share of internet speed complaints. While we wait for internet speed remedies to fall from the heavens, thank goodness we don’t have to suffer the same kind of misery when we’re at the Bacolod-Silay Airport.


    Newly Installed Smart Wifi 1 Gbit/s Speed at the Airport


    Smart Communications recently installed internet capabilities through Smart Wifi to our Bacolod-Silay Airport. It’s not your ordinary 100mbps speed too because the generous people from Smart and PLDT thought that it would be better to have 1 GIGABIT of internet speed all over the airport. Yes, friend, you read that right: 1 GIGABIT which is insanely fast by Pinoy standards.

    Silay City Mayor Mark Golez Giving his Opening Speech

    Silay City Mayor: Mark Golez, giving his opening remarks

    Smart Wifi FAQ

    During the press conference, execs from Smart, together with an engineer, answered everything we needed to know about the new Smart wifi connection.

    Smart Wifi at the Airport is FREE

    What’s NOT allowed in terms of usage?

    Torrent and porn sites are NOT allowed for obvious reasons. The rest of the sites, from social networks to movie streaming sites, are restriction-free.

    How fast is Smart Wifi? Or How fast is 1Gigabit?

    To find out, I turned to my best friend of the day, Shane aka Shiobe, to ask for her opinion on how fast the internet really is. Here’s what she had to say during our short Facebook live session:

    The video was uploaded to or streamed on Facebook with no lags nor waiting time. Fenina Gorres, VP and Head of Enterprise Customer Operations, also mentioned that you need not wait for a movie or video to buff.


    What’s the maximum number of users the wifi can sustain?

    The engineer answered: 3000 users that are simultaneously accessing the wifi, with a minimum speed of 30-40mbps. The user’s experience and speed, however, will be dependent on what type of phone the user has.


    How far can the wifi reach?

    It can reach 30 meters from the access point. Think of the access point as the modem. There are several strategically placed in specific spots within the airport to give everyone good access to the wifi. So even though you’re sitting on the john or waiting at the parking lot, you’ll be able to have a decent wifi signal.


    Smart’s Future Plans

    Ina Pineda, head of Smart Wi-Fi Communications and Fenina Gorres, VP and Head of Enterprise Customer Operations

    L-R: Ina Pineda, head of Smart Wi-Fi Communications and Fenina Gorres, VP and Head of Enterprise Customer Operations

    Smart and PLDT’s wifi plans don’t just stop at the Bacolod-Silay Airport (see the full press release here). Smart Wifi is going to be installed in other major transportation hubs nationwide. The next phase, according to the execs, will be public spots all over the Philippines. I cannot wait for this to happen! For the meantime, travelers to and from the City of Smiles, Talisay and Silay can enjoy Smart and PLDT’s generous gift while passing through the airport.

  • TawHai Floating Bar - First Floating Bar in Asia
    TawHai Floating Bar to Soft Open on May 21, 2016
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    Lakawon Island Beach Resort is a place that’s familiar to almost all Negrosanons. It’s a popular summer destination that’s located in Cadiz Viejo, Negros Occidental. I think it’s about a two-hour trip from the city of Bacolod. This May 21, 2016, Saturday, a new attraction will be added to the island resort and we’re all invited to come see and experience it for the first time.

    TawHai Floating Bar

    Lakawon TawHai Floating Bar - Mea in Bacolod - 2

    Photo Credit: Vladi Gonzalez

    It is, according to Mr. Vladi Gonzalez, the biggest floating bar in Asia. It’s pretty exciting, to say the least, because this floating bar is a first in Negros. It’s like our very own take of a pleasure voyage.

    Lakawon TawHai Floating Bar - Mea in Bacolod (2)

    Photo Credit: Vladi Gonzalez


    Mr. Vladi Gonzalez is extending his invitation to everyone. Come on board the TawHai Floating Bar on May 21, 2016. I’m definitely going to check this place out before summer ends and you should too, especially if you haven’t had that first summer trip yet. See how TawHai life can be at Lakawon Island Beach Resort‘s floating bar.

    (All images on this post have been granted permission for reuse by Vladi Gonzalez)
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    TawHai Floating Bar at Lakawon Island

    Image Source: Lakawon Island FB Page


    Lakawon Island Beach Resort

    • Contact numbers: 09175556979 / 09175584231
    • Lakawon Resort Facebook Page

    Click on the images for a better look: