8 Things You Didn’t Know About the SMX Convention Center Bacolod

Since it’s opening, SMX has been sort of a mystery to most Bacolodnons, myself included. I had the misconception of labeling SM’s expanded area as the SMX but nope, it’s different as what Mr. JB Ongsinco (SMX Bacolod Manager) shared last Sept 16, 2015 at the Bloggers and Media Meet (SMX Meeting Room 1 and 2).

Meeting Rooms SMX Bacolod

I realized that I didn’t know much about the SMX Convention Center aside from the fact that they offer their spaces for events and occasions. There’s actually more to what the SMX can do, surprisingly.

Now it’s your turn, let’s test what you know. How many of the “fun facts” below do you already know about the SMX Convention Center Bacolod?

  • As I mentioned earlier, SMX is NOT the expanded area of SM.The doors of the SMX can be located at the third floor of the SM City Bacolod. You cannot miss it. This is the real SMX Convention Center Bacolod.

  • SMX doesn’t stand for SM X-pansion. The X is actually for a lot of things such as X-cellence, X-tra huge spaces and all the other positive X-adjectives out there that truly describe the SM brand.
  • There are 3 big function rooms and 6 small meeting rooms at the SMX. The 3 big function rooms can be combined to make one that’s loads bigger.
  • The lobby area at SMX Bacolod can be used for registration and an extension space for exhibits.
  • SMX Bacolod has a car lift big enough to accommodate a Hummer.
  • Weddings and birthdays can be held at SMX  Bacolod (who knew?).

(source: smxconventioncenter.com)

  • Other possible uses for the SMX space are: concerts, board meetings, banquets, and classroom discussions and pageants. It’s not just limited to these either.
  • SMX Convention Center Bacolod currently has 4 accredited caterers: L’fisher, Casa Noble, Business Inn and Imay’s. More will definitely be added to the list soon.

There are loads more that I didn’t include in this post, but the bottom line is this: thanks to the SMX Convention Center, Bacolod has now increased its potential to do more and be more.

For more questions, here are some important contact details:

(034) 468-9999


  • Overview of SMX Convention Center Bacolod
  • Latest Shcedules and Updates can be found on the SMX Convention Center Facebook Page



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