Burger King: A HIT in the City of Smiles

I’m not sure if it’s out of pure curiosity or out of the pure love for eating burgers but no matter what the reason is, Burger King is a HIT with Bacolodnons. I know this because I attended the opening of the store and went back a couple of times after that. During the opening, onlookers where already rearing to go in and during the few times I revisited the store, I couldn’t get seats because the place was packed!

Burger King Bacolod - 1

Inside the Burger King store during the opening.

The store is located at SM City Bacolod‘s ground floor near BonChon Chicken. It is the popular burger chain’s 53rd store (imagine that!). Well, it’s actually no surprise since the name “Burger King” is part of pop culture in most parts of the world.

Burger King Bacolod - 5

Check out the Burger King menu.

About a month ago, when I went back to the store for the second time, they didn’t have all the items on their menu ready yet. I was hoping to take a picture of the Hershey’s Sunday Mud Pie but it wasn’t available. When I went back the third time, the store had already gotten their footing and more menu items have become available.

Burger King Bacolod - 3

Whopper, coke and onion rings served during opening.

Always go for any kind of Whopper! If you feel like you cannot finish one, go for the junior version instead. Burger King Bacolod does have rice meal options but, as the name suggests, nobody goes to Burger King to eat rice. C’mon!

A closer look at the Whopper and the onion rings.

A closer look at the Whopper and the onion rings.

My favorite is the Cheese Whopper which looks like a burger that vomited cheese. That’s not a very pretty description but wait until you take a bite off of it. You’ll know why it’s my favorite at first taste (wink)!

If you’re free for lunch today, head over to SM City Bacolod and search for the famous burger chain’s Bacolod store. There are still a lot more items on the menu so choose your pick.

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