RIBS and MORE at the Negros Weekend Farmer’s Market

I always look forward to Saturdays and Sundays because, apart from the usual family activities we have, I get to visit RIBS and MORE at the Negros Farmer’s Weekend Market. The stand is owned by the Aves family. They’re right next to our juice stand which makes their delicious menus easily accessible. Tulok pa lang sa display, ga ragu-ok na ang tyan ko (Just the sight of their food makes my stomach growl).

Here are a few of my favorites from RIBS and MORE:

Tacos and Nachos

Tacos and Nachos, Nachos and Tacos from RIBS and MORE

P50 per dish

I cant count how many times I’ve had the nachos. It’s almost always a staple food item for when I visit the Negros Farmer’s Weekend Market.

Nachos anyone?


A close up of the nachos will be more than enough to convince you to try a plate. The serving is probably good for two but honestly, I can finish one all by myself.

Deep Fried Goodies

Fish fingers come with sour cream suace

P60 with no rice (Additions: P10 – plain rice; P15 sate rice)

Who doesn’t love a good deep fried viand? I know I can’t resist one! At RIBS and MORE, they have two different deep-fried goodies I’ve already tried: the fish fingers and the shrimp tempura. These dishes have sauces that go with them. My personal favorite, and my son’s as well, is the shrimp.

Tempura shrimp comes with tempura sauce

P60 with no rice (Additions: P10 – plain rice; P15 sate rice)

My son doesn’t usually dip his shrimps in the sauce it comes with so more for mom!


Home made burgers on a Sunday

P99 (already with cheese); P120 with chips

I don’t know why, but eating home made burgers are always better when it’s a Sunday. This is just in my opinion, but having a RIBS and MORE burger at the alfresco-esque ambiance of the Farmer’s Market makes the sandwich taste better. Makes you feel like you’re at a barbecue too.

Rice Meals

RIBS and MORE also has rice meals. The shrimps earlier usually come with yellow rice but you can still order it without.
Ribs 5 And, last but never the least, is the back ribs. It isn’t called RIBS and MORE for nothing. Take a look at this rack of ribs and tell me that you don’t want to sink your teeth into it.

A good looking rack of baby back ribs with extra bbq sauce

P115 big ribs without rice; P85 small ribs without rice; Addition: P10 – plain rice, P15 – sate rice

NEW on the Menu

Shrimp Toast for P70 (4 pieces)

Visit RIBS and MORE at the Negros Farmer’s Weekend Market

If my food photos captivated you in a way that no one can explain, tomorrow is your chance to get a taste of the real thing. Drop by for breakfast or for lunch on Saturday and on Sunday for ribs and more!

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