My List of Plans for the Holy Week and Summer 2016

Summer is fast approaching and, honestly, I do not want to spend my summer like how I did last year. I basically just stayed inside the house and worked. I and my family didn’t have anything planned and, as you can imagine, my son was bored out of his mind. It’s going to be different this year, however, because I’ll make sure that we actually have something to do every day. I’m sharing this list of summer/holy week plans to everyone just so it can inspire you to maybe plan ahead as well:

El Tzino Resort Cauayan - Mea in Bacolod - 5

1. Stay at a hotel overnight

I haven’t tried this before so might as well try it this summer. I’m looking at Chalet because they have a pool at the top of the hotel. The top might just be a good place to see the sunset while having dinner with my two boys.

2. Search for the Best Secret Coffee Places

P20 for the coffee

Aside from the obvious places, there are plenty of surprises in Bacolod City that serve up a good cup of Joe. I’m looking to discover and compile some of them in a list this summer.

3. Slightly Out of Town

Sunsets and Colors Negros Occidental

Hotels are great to stay in but I’m also going to planning a few roadtrips with possibly overnight stays in tents or inns.

4. Swimming Hole Secrets


Recently another blogger from the city posted a few pictures of the sulfur river in Bago City. So many became interested because it is so beautiful. I’m hoping to find more places like the sulfur river. It’s no longer in Bacolod, of course, but most of the places I plan to explore are only an hour or two from Bacolod.

5. Take a Cooking Lesson

I think I saw a post made by the 26th Herb Garden (not sure if the name is accurate) about cooking classes. I don’t know how to cook, quite frankly and I’m hoping to remedy this during the summer of 2016.

6. Exercise

22 - Mosaic on Pool 2 - Campuestohan Highland Resort

It’s going to be hot! In fact, you can probably already feel the heat while you’re going through this list. Swimming is definitely the best option for exercise in the heat of the summer. Whenever I take a swim, I like to bring out the hidden athlete in me by wearing Arena swimwear, available at ZALORA! Well, I may not be a literal athlete but at least I can hopefully shed off a few pounds this summer.

7. Do a Fun Shoot

Photo by: Christine Bangero

I’ve been planning this for I don’t know how many months already but it always ends up not going through. This summer, it’s finally going to happen.

8. Kiddie and Mommy classes

I am still waiting for schools or private orgs to have activities this summer that are specific to mommy and child. I’ll be on the look out for these and if you already know of some programs that I and my son can enroll in, please comment what program it is below.

9. Makeup

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Ya’ll know that I am crazy about my makeup. I’m planning to either offer fun and informal makeup classes or participate in a few more official classes myself just to update my makeup skills.

10. Family and Adventure

This summer is going to be productive. Well, at least I’m planning for it to be. What I’m aiming for is to actually have adventures with my family all around Negros because I realized that I have only really just scratched the surface when it comes to places I’ve visited. Experiencing new things is on the list as well. How about you? What do you plan to do this summer?

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