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  • Sams Slim Gym Bacolod East
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    Months ago, if you asked me if I was interested in going to the gym, I would have said no. I didn’t see myself as the kind of person who focused on physical fitness. But, my perspective started to change when I did yoga. After consistently doing the practice for months, I decided to try the gym thing out to see what happens. With the help of Mr. Sam Solon, I was able to have my first gym experience at Sams Slim Gym East.


    Sams Slim Gym East | Mea in Bacolod

    Sams Slim Gym Bacolod East

    Sam’s Slim Gym East is at East Block Veranda, Circumferential Road, next to the Quan branch at the East area. The gym is equipped with four treadmills and about eight bikes. There are plenty of dumbbells and more than enough weight lifting equipment to work different muscles of the body. There’s a small extension at the side where you can do your stretches, or you can practice boxing with an instructor.

    Sams Slim Gym East | Mea in Bacolod 

    What I Like About Sam’s Slim Gym

    First of all, Sams Slim Gym East is accessible for me. Location is probably one of the most important factors to look at when you are looking for a gym. If you’re pressed for time like me, you’d want a fitness place that you can reach with just one or two jeepney rides.

    Secondly, you can enroll for just P700 a month provided that you only want to concentrate on equipment. If you’d like to add treadmill usage, you’d have to pay P900 a month. Despite the slight increase, it’s still a reasonable rate for a gym membership.

    Gym Rates And Services


    Sam's Slim Gym Rates | Mea in Bacolod

    Next, you’d have to look at the shower rooms of the gym that you’d like to enroll to. Sam’s Slim Gym East’s shower rooms are in tip-top shape. They’re clean; you’ll definitely feel comfortable showering your sweat away after a workout. The lady’s shower room is located next to the bikes.

    Did I Lose Weight After A Month At Sam’s Slim Gym East?

    As soon as you enroll, you’ll have to follow their basic starter routine. The guide for this should be posted on the side of the open containers for bags. Basically, this routine gets you started with weightlifting. Once you’ve mastered the basic or beginner tasks, you move up to the intermediate and then the advance.

    You can actually choose a program that you want when you sign up. For example, if you’re going to focus on toning, the coaches will design a routine for you. Personally, I opted for the beginner routine because it was my first time lifting weights. After about a month, I saw some definition on my shoulders, and I was able to do my Chaturanga (yoga move) properly because my should and arm strength significantly improved.Just a bit of a disclaimer, I did not lose weight because I wasn’t eating right. However, I gained muscle, plus strength and endurance, which significantly helped in my yoga practice.

    Is Sams Slim Gym For You?

    I’d say yes if you’re looking for a gym within the East area that’s reasonably priced. In my opinion, the services for the gym could still be improved with the introduction of classes and cardio routines. But, I’m sure that Mr. Sam Solon (the owner), a person who has dedicated himself to health and fitness, is already cooking up plans to add some classes soon. If you’re aiming for building muscles or toning your body, Sam’s Slim Gym East is definitely a place to check out.

    Sam’s Slim Gym East

    •Facebook Page
    •Contact Number: 0917 700 7595
    •Hours:  6:00AM – 10:00PM, M-Sat; 6:00AM – 12:00NOON Sun

    “Dirty Dancing”

    Actors: Anne Binnette Perez|Roel Liza
    HMUA: Erl Seva Burgos
    Directed by: Citoy Tano|Andre Familiaran

  • Science Circus 2018 Bacolod | Mea in Bacolod
    Step Right Up! The Science Circus Is In Bacolod City
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    We are all used to circuses where we see acrobats, jugglers, clowns, and exotic animals. This summer, Bacolodnons are treated with a different kind of circus that’s beyond the traditional. Instead of watching trapeze flyers, audiences get to interact with exhibits that boggle the senses but broaden the mind. The Science Circus is in town.

    The Science Circus At Robinson's Place

    The Science Circus At The Robinson’s Place Bacolod

    This type of circus has to be the first in the City of Smiles. My son, Gionne, and I attended the opening last April 5, 2018. The event was hosted by Bacolod’s very own John Arceo and was graced by Councilor Cindy Rojas, as well as representatives from the museum that started the traveling exhibit, the Mind Museum.

    What To See At The Science Circus

    Science Circus 2018 Bacolod - 4
    Science Circus 2018 Bacolod - 7
    Science Circus 2018 Bacolod - 6
    Science Circus 2018 Bacolod - 5
    Science Circus 2018 Bacolod - 9
    Science Circus 2018 Bacolod - 8
    Science Circus 2018 Bacolod - 11
    Science Circus 2018 Bacolod - 12
    Science Circus 2018 Bacolod - 17
    Science Circus 2018 Bacolod - 18
    Science Circus 2018 Bacolod - 19

    There are plenty of interactive exhibits that you and your family can enjoy. Check the slide above to see what the different exhibits are. Basically, there are 12 sections on display. Each section has an information card which will guide you on how to work the display. Some cards contain scientific information, while some give you instructions. It’s best to read the card to know what to do. There are no guides so make reading a habit.

    When you move to an illusion display, find the square you see in the photo above. This is where you should be standing so you can get the best angle for your photo.



    1. Who is the Science Circus for? 

    The Science Circus is for everybody! It’s not just kids who will enjoy discovering what each display can do. Parents will also have a good time here.


    2. How can I get in? 

    There are two ways you can get a ticket. Right outside is a ticket booth. You can purchase a ticket for ONLY P50.00. Another option would be to shop at participating partner stores:


    Every P1000 Receipt = 1 Ticket (Maximum of 5 Tickets)

    • Robinsons Supermarket
    • Robinsons Appliances
    • Handyman
    • Daiso
    • Toys R Us


    Every P500 Receipt = 1 Ticket (Maximum of 5 Tickets)

    • Alberto Shoes
    • adidas
    • Bellicimo
    • Book Sale
    • Boston Active Sports Shop
    • Boston Sports Lifestyle
    • Chowking
    • Converse
    • D VJ Jewellers
    • Expressions
    • Fetish
    • Galleon Enterprises
    • Goldilocks
    • Guess
    • Jollibee
    • Karat World
    • Levi’s
    • MLhuiller
    • National Book Store
    • Octagon
    • Olivia
    • Olympic Village
    • Payless
    • Penshoppe
    • Planet Sports
    • Rusty Lopez
    • Sarabia Optical
    • Speedo
    • Toastbox
    • Total Sports


    Every P200 Receipt = 1 Ticket (Maximum of 5 Tickets)

    • BCG Premier
    • Cantina Mundo
    • Chika-an
    • Clinica Femina
    • Get Pampered Nail Spa
    • Masskara Chicken
    • Moon Cafe
    • Negros Showroom


    3. Until when will the circus be in town? 

    April 5 was the opening. The circus will be packing up on May 6, 2018. It’s only going to run for one month.


    4. What time does it open? 

    The circus will open during mall hours. If you want to take good photos, you can go there around the same time the mall opens. It’s also going to close at the same time the mall will.


    5. Is it already open to the public?

    Definitely, you can visit the Science Circus anytime you wish. Just take note of the mall hours. You don’t need to call ahead or reserve a ticket. Just go inside the mall, present your receipt if you have any, or simply buy a ticket at the booth.

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  • Palawud Resto Grill & Bar - Dinner and Fire Dance Show | Mea in Bacolod
    Palawud Resto Grill & Bar: Be Careful Not To Get Burned
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    Palawud Resto Grill & Bar, probably, has the most entertaining show in all of the restaurants in Bacolod city. As entertainment, they don’t have live music nor do they have comedians on a stage – very common ways of providing entertainment to diners. This place takes it further by providing their guests with a mesmerising fire dance show.


    How To Get To Palawud Resto Grill & Bar

    Palawud Restaurant On The Outside | Mea in Bacolod

    Palawud Restaurant On The Outside

    Honestly, we went there by car so I’m not sure how to get there via public transport. The area surrounding this restaurant is a little sketchy so it’s best for you to go there via private car, taxi, or GrabCar.

    The Place

    The ambience is nice. It’s exactly what a restaurant beside the sea should feel like. The chairs are wooden and the area is expansive. The place even has its own playground for children. You don’t have to get a reservation to go here because there is plenty of seating.

    The restrooms are clean and I like that they have different paintings on specific walls. The paintings pop-up during the day and you can see pictures of those on my friend Claire’s blog, click here. The ambience changes so, personally, I would recommend you to go here at night. 

    What Kind Of Food Do They Have?

    [Please check some pics of their menu below] They have different grilled dishes, soups, and the usual. If you often eat at local restaurants that serve fresh seafood, you will recognize the menu because it’s somewhat similar. The type of food they serve is mostly Filipino.

    The food was OK. It wasn’t great, but it will suit any Filipino’s palette. I think they accept bookings for parties or big group dinners. Unfortunately, the only contact number I could find was on a Facebook profile with the name of the restaurant. If you’re interested or have more questions, try contacting them at: (034) 441-65-06.

    But, honestly, we did not go there for the food. I and my family went there for the Fire Dance Show. I went with my friends for the second time and the show was consistently hypnotising.

    R-L: Jose, Melchi, Myself, Myza, JM, RJ; A new breed of Titas and Titos de Bacolod. Charot.

    What You Need To Know About The Fire Dance Show

    • It starts at 7pm.
    • It lasts for about 45mins – 1 hr.
    • You don’t have to pay to see it, but you do need to order something from the restaurant.
    • Do tip the dancers if you liked their show. You can also take a picture with them.

    Sneak Peek Of Palawud Resto Grill & Bar Fire Show

    P530 For Dinner And A Show at Palawud Resto Grill & Bar

    During my first visit to the Palawud Resto Grill & Bar, I and my family paid P530 total for dinner and a show. It was not bad. The food could have been better, but the icing on top of the cake was the fire dance show which I highly recommend you to see.

    Palawud Resto Grill & Bar Contact Info:


    Palawud Resto Grill & Bar Menu

  • The Best Spot in Bacolod To Watch The Sunset Today? | Mea in Bacolod
    The Best Spot in Bacolod To Watch The Sunset Today?
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    It’s the freakin’ weekend! Those who are in their 20s are getting ready to paint the town red tonight, but to those who have reached the 30 mark, like I just did, are getting ready to wind down. Gotta recuperate from all the hustle during the weekdays. But, the question is, how? If nothing comes to mind, why don’t you see the sunset today with your family? And, I have the best spot for you to go to.

    The Sunset Today At The Edge Of Bredco

    Sunset Today at Bacolod Bredco Port | Mea in Bacolod

    So where is Bredco and what is it? Bredco is a port in Bacolod. There’s nothing much to see there except ships, shipping containers, vehicles for transporting the containers and the ocean. But, for you to see the sunset today, you’re not going to go to the port itself. You’re going to go to the edge of it, at the seawall.

    What You’ll See At The Edge Of Bredco

    Bredco Bacolod Port | Mea in Bacolod

    The area where the seawall is isn’t attractive. There’s trash everywhere and everything looks unfinished. There are tall stalks of plants at certain areas too, so it’s not a like a 5-star resort. But, what locals appreciate is the ocean breeze and the beautiful view of the sunset.

    Where Is This Place?

    The Edge Of Bredco | Mea in Bacolod

    From the pier or from the port, you can drive until the edge. The seawall area where we went to is more to the left. I’m sorry, I’m not very good with directions, but I’m sure that if you drive to the edge to the left, you’ll find the spot.

    What Shall I Do There?

    Bacolod Sunsets With Family At Bredco | Mea in Bacolod

    Well, locals go to this place with family. I did too. I went with my son and my husband one afternoon just to hang out. Hanging out – we always do this with friends but seldom with family. The case with me is different because I mostly work and write. I should be spending more time with my family because, after all, it is the most important to me.

    What’s Better Than Watching The Sundet Today?

    Family is Important | Mea in Bacolod

    What’s better than the sunset, the sea and family? Nothing. I was looking at these pictures and I realized that I started working from home to spend more time with my son. I’m not doing that as much as I used to because of work, so I need to re-prioritize and as should you.

    Watch The Sunset Today With Family | Mea in Bacolod

    I cherish simple moments like these, and I’m sure you do too. So, why don’t you do me a solid and create a simple moment with your family this weekend by going to the edge of Bredco and watching the sunset?

    Sunset At Bredco Plus A Motorcylce Race | Mea in Bacolod

    BONUS TIP: If you get lucky, you’re going to come across a motorcycle race.

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  • Panahi Textile Art Exhibit at the Negros Museum
    Panahi: Textile Art Exhibit at the Negros Museum
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    August 29, 2016, was the opening night of a textile art exhibit entitled “Panahi”. I was invited to come to the opening night to see the artworks. According to the artist, Liv Gloria, “panahi” is a female activity that needs to be preserved because it is a big part of Filipino culture. I never thought of sewing this way until I saw how beautiful and detailed the exhibit pieces are.

    Textile Art Exhibit Opening Night

    Panahi: a Contemporary Textile Art Exhibit

    Liv Gloria’s “PANAHI: NEW WORKS ON VISAYAN CONTEMPORARY TEXTILE” is a 2016 Individual Grant recipient of The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), and is focused on promoting Visayan culture and heritage through the creation of new works in contemporary textile art.

    The textile art exhibit aims to share more understanding and appreciation of our local traditional textile, in this case, that of Negros Island and explore the possibility of merging it with contemporary multiple media, methods, and techniques to create new works.

    PANAHI advocates peace and creativity through a different art form and encourages community participation in the empowerment of children, women, Persons-with-Disabilities (PWD), Indigenous Peoples (IP), and the LGBTQ (Lesbians, Gays, Bi-sexuals, Transexuals, and Queers). This textile art exhibit desires to show the importance of the influence of local traditional textile in the development of a community.

    Who is the artist?

    Panahi Artist Liv Gloria and Friends

    Olive Cuadra-Gloria is a first-time National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) grant recipient for her individual proposal entitled “PANAHI: NEW WORKS ON VISAYAN CONTEMPORARY TEXTILE”. She is an alumna of the University of Saint La Salle. Now a mother of four, she advocates spirituality and peace through her works on textile art.

    My Favorite “Panahi” Pieces

    My Favorite Textile Art Piece

    Divergence is Normal (2016)

    • Series 3-4 (of 100)
    • Mixed Media
    • On Valladolid Hablon


    “Mama” (2016)

    • A tribute
    • 49″ x 33″
    • Mixed Media
    • On Valladolid Hablon



    I love how collaborative this looks.

    The Glyf Collaboration (2016)

    • 58.3″ x 76″
    • Panahi Composition on Canvas
    • Grupo Letras y Figuras 2016-17

    My Second Favorite

    The Final Warning (2015)

    • Flyer title of the USA to Japan in WWII
    • Panahi Composition and OISCA Tie-Dye Silk on Canvas
    • Bago City

    The most beautiful piece in the exhibit.

    The Antidote (2016)

    • Panahi and Healing
    • 48″ x 36″
    • Panahi Composition
    • Mixed Media on Canvas

    Panahi: Visayan Contemporary Textile Art Exhibit

  • A Gallery fit for Helena: Jojo Vito Designs Gallery
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    The Jojo Vito Designs Gallery reminds me so much of Neil Gaiman’s Mirror Mask, where the main character, Helena, found herself in a dreamland filled with peculiar yet fascinating creatures. You should see the movie, if you haven’t already, because it’s visually satisfying and creatively stimulating. But, back to Jojo Vito Designs Gallery.

    Bacolod Mask - Bacolod Masskara Festival - Jojo Vito Gallery - 2

    I’ve heard of the name Jojo Vito before (who hasn’t if you’re from Bacolod?) and I’m familiar with the beautiful masks he’s created, but I haven’t had the chance to step into his gallery to really appreciate his works of art. I got the chance to do so a couple of months ago and I’m really happy I did because it was then that I realized the level of creativity this person puts into his work.

    The Masskara Festival Mask

    Bacolod Mask - Bacolod Masskara Festival - Jojo Vito Gallery - 5

    Does it look familiar? It’s not just masks too, because Jojo Vito also dabbles in making custom-made furniture, trophies, ornaments, jewelry and so much more. He’s also been featured in so many shows and blogs because of his achievements and creative contributions to Bacolod.

    Kama-Kama by Jojo Vito

    Kama-Kama by Jojo Vito

    Visit, Appreciate & Paint

    For Bacolodnons, I would say that it is a must for you to visit the gallery at least once. For visitors of the City of Smiles, this gallery should be on your list of must-see spots in Bacolod. It’s a great place to buy souvenirs from and it’s also actually a nice place to spend the afternoon in. Most likely, the gallery will spark your creativity or your desire to create, so, might as well let it all out with a painting activity. I think this is what people need to know most about the gallery: you can paint your own souvenir for only P100 – P150.

    Bacolod Mask - Bacolod Masskara Festival - Jojo Vito Gallery - 4

    Staff and Faculty of La Salle Greenhills , painting their very own masks.

    Details of the Painting Activity

    Bacolod Masskara Festival - Jojo Vito Designs Gallery

    This is such a great idea because Bacolod is known for its masks so why not create your own even if the Masskara Festival isn’t around the corner yet? It’s easy to book too. According to the gallery, they can accommodate both big groups and walk-ins. All that’s needed for groups is to call ahead of time, for the gallery to get ready with everything. Here are a few more things that you may want to know about the activity:

    • The price will depend on the size of the mask you get. Of course, you get to choose what mask you want to paint.
    • Paint, brushes, paper, and tissue will be provided by the gallery.
    • You might just catch Jojo Vito himself hiding behind a mask, waiting to surprise you. Just kidding. But, if you do catch him in the gallery, make sure you say hello. He’ll be glad to answer your questions about the masks of Bacolod City.
    • And, always call ahead!

    The outside of the gallery is picturesque, by the way, so it’ll be a good background for capturing the moment. Now, are you ready to get creative with painting your own Masskara?

    Jojo Vito Designs Gallery Contact Details

    Opening Hours: 9am – 5pm, Monday – Saturday

    Contact numbers: 704-23-78; 0943-5473609

    Contact people: Rhea; Josephine

    Jojo Vito Designs Gallery ‘s Facebook Page

    Mea in Bacolod on Facebook


  • New Playground at the New Government Center
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    For people living in the East area of the Bacolod City, the New Government Center is almost always a place to visit whenever the weekend hits. You can eat all sorts of street food there, have a picnic, go for a walk with your dogs, zumba, play football and do all sorts of other activities there. On a Bacolodnon’s list of things to do at the New Government Center, “playing at the playground” can now be added because a new playground has just sprouted out of a vacant lot at the back of Panasiatic:

    New Playground at the New Government Center in Bacolod

    Location at the New Government Center:

    • Across Hi-Strip 3, you’ll find East Walk which is a chain of local food restaurants. You can actually go behind the chain of restaurants at the front, to visit more homegrown restaurants at the back. Beside those restaurants at the back of East Walk is where the playground is.
    • From the Market Place and the Boxes, you’ll see the chain of restaurant’s with a playground right beside it.
    New playground at the New Government Center

    View from the opposite side of the chain of local stores.

    New playground at the New Government Center

    View from the chain of local stores.

    NGC Playground - 5

    Bring your kids here while you eat or relax. I’ll probably take pictures of what stores you can relax in while the kiddies play in this playground. Check back soon!

  • 6 Things that Bacolodnons do at the New Government Center
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    This is Bacolod’s New Government Center. I can’t remember exactly when they started building it nor when they finished but one thing I do know is that it has become one of the people’s favorite places to hang out at.

    It wasn’t built to be utilized similar to a park but the front area was so vast and attractive that Bacolodnons couldn’t resist! The front area of the New Government Center (NGC) has a huge fountain that people tried swimming in at one point (I will not name names but a few of my friends actually swam in it one drunken Saturday night), paved walk ways, grassy areas, wide stairs leading to the road and etc.

    So what do Bacolodnons do at the NGC?

    With the exception of trying to swim in the fountain, Bacolodnons usually go to the NGC in the late afternoon when it’s not so hot. Because of its open spaces, you’ll be able to do a lot of outdoor activities.

    1. Bacolodnons Bike at the NGC

    Kids that bike at the NGC every afternoon
    Local kids have even set up a ramp and a bar to use for their bikes. I had the feeling that they went there every late afternoon.

    2. Bacolodnons Skate at the NGC

    That’s my nephew and a few of his friends skating

    Not to be outdone, the skaters have an area of their own. They mostly occupy the opposite side of this pathway while the bikers stayed on the other end. Most Bacolodnons also walk their dogs and jog at the NGC every afternoon. It’s a great place for jogging since not a lot of cars go through the area.

    3. Bacolodnons Buy & Sell at the NGC

    Local merchants setting up “shop” on the lawn
    You’re probably thinking why these vendors just began setting up their items on the lawn when it’s almost dark. Well, these guys mostly sell toys that light up (very popular with kids and families) so they can be pretty eye-catching in the dark.

    4. Bacolodnons Frisbee at the NGC

    Kids playing Frisbee on the NGC lawn
    Waiting for the disc to come their way
    Now playing this sport at the NGC was made popular probably this year. I know that kids from our church played here for a while.

    5. Bacolodnons Eat at the NGC

    Food carts & Street Food at the NGC
    Bacolodnons love to eat. That’s one thing that you should know. After doing all of those physical activities, of course you’re going to want to eat something. Street food vendors parking their carts here sort of completed the whole “park” atmosphere. Wherever there’s a park in the Philippines, you’ll almost always find a street food cart nearby.

    6. Bacolodnons Spend time with their Families at the NGC

    This is my son trying to avoid his picture being taken
    As a family, if we didn’t have anything to do on a weekend, we would just go to the NGC to hang out. You could do lots of things as a family here and that explains why there are so many when you visit the NGC on either a Saturday or a Sunday.