The First Ever Visayas Cosplay Summit is a SUCCESS

Last March 5, 2016, the first ever Visayas Cosplay Summit was held at the atrium area of SM City Bacolod. Cosplayers as well as people who love anime, gathered in one venue to celebrate and appreciate creativity, individuality and the Japanese culture.


Passers-by got to take a souvenir photo with their favorite anime characters. In fact, the costumes were so impressive that people just wanted to take a picture even though they didn’t know who the anime character was.  wcs-9
wcs-25wcs-121z-257I didn’t stay long but I got to witness how cosplay summits operate and how much effort was put into making costumes. Most cosplayers had to make their own armor, weapons, sometimes hair and all that so it’s really safe to say that these guys’ creativity is to the next level.

I’d like to say GREAT JOB AND CONGRATULATIONS to the team who organized the summit, to YUYA (the band and the boys), to the MCs, to the cosplayers, to the photographers and to the supporters of the event. I hope that there will be more of these next year or the years to come!

Visayas Cosplay Summit in Pictures

All Photos by Emoy Palaboy



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