The Negros Trade Fair is Happening on Sept 14-18, 2016

31st Negros Trade Fair at the Glorietta Activity Center

UPDATE: This year’s Negros Trade Fair is happening on September 14 until September 18, 2016. This only happens once a year and it’s everyone’s chance to get a head’s start on buying unique Christmas gifts for friends and family. Or, if you just miss eating barquillos from Negros, you can swing by too!


Products You Can See at the 31st Negros Trade Fair

  • Delicious pasalubongs (gifts you can bring home)
  • Apparel and accessory booths with unique selections (like bags and other trinkets)
  • Creative pieces made using natural, sustainable products
  • Innovative home accents
  • And more…

What to Buy at the Negros Trade Fair

When you visit the 31st Negros Trade Fair, you will most likely see these 7 products that have been made by Negrense hands, some of which I grew up eating.

1. Pasalubong from Sugarlandia

Sugarlandia Products at the Negros Trade Fair

Taking this picture sparked a whole lot of childhood memories. I grew up eating Sugarlandia products. We live just a few houses away from their original pasalubong shop so it was almost impossible for myself and my family to NOT taste the goodies they were selling.

Personal Favorites

  • Piaya
  • Barquillos
  • Galletas
  • Squid Rings (not in the picture)


2. Ading’s Gourmet Tuyo (Spicy)

Negros Trade Fair - Adings Gourmet Tuyo

It’s so difficult for me not to have rice when this is on the table. I describe this as a rainy day remedy in a bottle; .I don’t know why but this is really nice to eat when it’s raining. What is it with “uga” (tuyo, dried fish) and the rain? I don’t know but try eating this with rice while it’s raining.

Chef April’s (the genius behind the product) Recommendation:

Put this on rice, bread or pasta. Be creative and sprinkle cheese over it.


3. The San Sebastian Cathedral

San Sebastian Cathedral Sculpture Negrense Product

Available at the Negros Trade Fair

The iconic San Sebastian Cathedral – this is definitely a landmark in Bacolod City. When I was young, my mother used to bring me to the Cathedral donning my “Sunday’s best” outfit – a really itchy white dress with too many ruffles.

What to do with this Cathedral sculpture?

This would make a nice souvenir. Or, it could work as a decorative piece in your living room. Negrenses and Bacolodnons who visit you will surely appreciate the nostalgia this sculpture brings.

4. Tumandok Wooden Coasters

30th Negros Trade Fair - Coaster

Tumandok is a vernacular term which means “native inhabitant”. The makers of this coaster is called Tumandok Crafts Inc and appropriately so. The wood the coaster is made from looks beautiful – native yet chic.


5. Star Bookmark with a Native Case

30th Negros Trade Fair - Bookmark 2A
30th Negros Trade Fair - Bookmark 2

This is one of my favorites. I get really pleasant feelings when I see this bookmark. I didn’t really know how to use it at first, but it’s actually easy. You just have to remove the bookmark from the native case and place it on the page of the book you last read. It looks adorable and any bookworm will appreciate a trinket like this.


6. Hacienda Crafts Candle Holder

30th Negros Trade Fair - Candle

Imagine this decorative piece on your coffee table, inside your bathroom or by your window. Just like the wooden coasters on this list, it’ll give minimalist decor more of a personal home-y vibe.


7. Eva Si’s Silver Bookmark

30th Negros Trade Fair - Bookmark 1

Isn’t this just precious? This is a very dainty bookmark made by Eva Si. I don’t, however, think tht it can just be a beautiful bookmark.

What to do with this trinket?

If you always have your hair up in a bun, stick this bookmark in. It’ll look like those hair ornaments Geishas from Japan use.

Visit The Negros Trade Fair on September 14-18, 2016 at the Glorietta Activity Center

There are so many more products that you can discover during the Negros Trade Fair. This list is just a teaser of what you can look forward to.

  • Negros Trade Fair Official Website
  • The Negros Trade Fair FB Page
  • Negros Showroom, Lourdes C Building, Lacson Street, Bacolod City

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Mea Pabiona is a Bacolod blogger who works as a fulltime online freelancer, specializing in SEO, content writing, and social media marketing. She's a beauty and skincare enthusiast, a dog-lover, a foodie, and a mother of one.

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  1. Ricky Leiderman

    Been trying to find Glorietta location in Bacolod with no luck. Where is it?

    • Mea P.

      Hi Ricky 🙂 It’s going to start on Sept 16 (Next Wednesday) until the 20th. Don’t forget to try the barquillos and the Ading’s, they’re my personal faves…

      • Ricky Leiderman

        Typical for a Pinay. Read my question, please. Where Is Glorietta in Bacolod?

        • Mea P.

          Well right back at you Ricky 🙂 There’s no Glorietta in Bacolod. If you read the first paragraph of my post, you’d know that.

          • Ricky Leiderman

            Not according to every I have seen. If not, then where in Bacolod?

          • Mea P.

            You’ll find everything at the Negros Showroom 🙂 They have lots of goodies there. It’s also in my post..

          • Ricky Leiderman

            First let me say their was nothing personal intended, just frustration of the Pinoy lack at answering the question that was asked. So once again, WHERE IS IT?

          • Mea P.

            No worries Rick. I get what you’re saying. And I am also saying this again, you will find everything at the NEGROS SHOWROOM (along Lacson Street, right beside Chicken Deli) and at the back of Robinson’s Place Bacolod. Both information are also in my post 🙂 Enjoy Negros Rick. If you need further assistance, I can give you the NEGROS SHOWROOM’S number via email.

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