How To Prepare Your Family For A #BukidHits Trip

#BukidHits Please | Mea in Bacolod

Life in Bacolod during October is like Provincial living in hyper drive – there’s always an event during weekends, the traffic is terrible, and there’s so many people out almost every night. Honestly, I’m happy that business is booming and that people are in a merry-making mood, but I wouldn’t mind taking a short trip just to get away from it all.

My family is in dire need of #BukidHits. If you’re not from Negros Occidental, you probably won’t understand what that hashtag means. #BukidHits is what we locals use to describe a relaxing time in the mountains or with nature.

As soon as MassKara is up, I have all the intention to spend a night somewhere where there’s no internet and no cellphone signal. Or, even just an entire day will do.

Preparing Your Family For Some #BukidHits

What’s great about living in Negros Occidental is that you have a, seemingly, unending choices of nature spots that you can visit with your family. Most of these spots are about an hour or two away, with little to no traffic. If you are planning to head for the hills, literally, you’ll need to do some prepping:


1. Wash Clothes with FabCon

It’s been rainy, lately, so you’ll need an extra boost of freshness that fabric conditioners bring. Currently, I’m using Downy Sweetheart from the perfume collection. I can’t really pinpoint the exact smell, but, personally, I would describe it as Pia Wurtzbach’s sweat. Kidding! It’s a little bit floral with undertones of berry.

Another reason why I love using fabric conditioners is that it keeps the color of my family’s clothes intact. Our pre-downy days were bleak. I had to give away some of our clothes because the colors were too faded.

2. Insect Repellent & Sun Screen

The bukid is home to creatures great and small – including mosquitos. Don’t forget to pack your repellent. I’m using Messy Bessy Bacolod’s organic mosquito spray. With this, I don’t have to worry about deet or other potentially toxic chemicals going on my family’s skin.

For sunscreen, my family’s currently using the Wokali Sun-Block Cream with SPF45. Don’t forget to apply whatever sun protecting lotion or spray you have 15mins before sun exposure. The bukid is going to have lot of shade through trees, but it’s important to keep your family’s skin protected at all times when outdoors.

3. Car in Tip-Top Shape

To go to the bukid, your car needs to have enough gas and enough water. If the oil needs changing, do it before your trip. Check your tires too! I remember that one time when my family and I went the bukid without prepping our car. Can you guess what happened? You probably can. Call me an OC (obsessive-compulsive) person, but my motto has always been Amat Victoria Curam – victory favors the prepared.

When you have all these three down, everything, from deciding on which bukid to go to and what food to bring, will come easier. I hope to see a lot of Bacolodnons taking that much needed R&R after the MassKara season is over.

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