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  • Bata Shoes Bacolod: NOW OPEN | Mea in Bacolod
    Bata Shoes Now Open in The City Of Smiles
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    Bata Shoes Bacolod – Can you believe that a hundred-year-old shoe manufacturer opened a store in the City of Smiles? Bata Shoes is a Canadian owned multinational footwear and fashion accessory manufacturer and retailer. The company was founded in 1894, believe it or not.

    Get a Pair Of Bata Shoes At SM City Bacolod

    When I attended the opening for Bata Shoes, I asked myself what’s so special about this shoe store aside from the fact that they are over a hundred years old. I quickly found out what I talked to the representatives. First, Bata Shoes Bacolod focuses on style, comfort, and quality. Also, they don’t just make shoes. They also cater to accessories and bags. The company is also environmentally conscious. I’m not sure if all of their shoes are environmentally friendly, but I know that their boxes are. The container that my choices came in were both recycled.

    Bata Shoes Technology

    Other than being environmentally conscious, some Bata Shoes also have special technologies in them. A good example of this would be their waterproof brogues and oxfords. I’m sure that they have this technology on ladies shoes as well.

    When you go in, you’ll also find different cleaning products for your shoes. I came across this sneaker shampoo. It’s for cleaning the outside of your shoes – remove spots, clear dirt, and etc.

    Bata Shoes Bacolod: Styles To Watch Out For

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 1

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 1

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 10

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 10

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 9

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 9

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 7

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 7

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 8

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 8

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 14

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 14

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 11

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 11

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 2

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 2

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 3

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 3

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 4

    Bata Shoes Bacolod - Mea in Bacolod - 4

    I suggest that you check out the brogues and oxfords. They can be expensive, but they’re made of Italian leather and are waterproof. You can also try out their sandals for ladies that are Birkenstock-like. I actually grabbed a pair of those and I will be giving you my review on my beauty blog: The Practical Beauty, you can watch out for that by following my beauty blog.

    So, if you’re ever in SM City Bacolod and are looking for a quality pair of shoes, try Bata Shoes Bacolod. They are located on the ground floor of the Northwing. If you want to know more about Bacolod – updates, new places to eat, and so on, make sure you follow my blog or LIKE my Facebook Page.

  • Megaworld Corporation Introduces The Upper East
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    So what’s new in the City of Smiles? Things are looking up as real estate development plans unfold. Last July 30, 2018, Megaworld Corporation, a company known for building high-end residential condominiums and commercial properties, unveiled The Upper East.

    Megaworld - Upper East Bacolod

    Everything You Need To Know About The Upper East in Bacolod

    “The Upper East” is the first Megaworld township to be built on a 34-hectare property that used to be the Bacolod-Murcia Milling Co. (BMMC). This was designed to be Bacolod’s version of an upscale lifestyle district. There will be residential condominiums, malls and commercial centers, BPO offices, tourism and leisure facilities, as well as recreational parks and open space, mostly inspired by the Big Apple’s affluent Upper East Side district.

    L-R: Rachelle Peñaflorida, Vice President for Sales and Marketing, Harold Geronimo, Head of Strategic Marketing & Communications

    Other Upper East Features To Look Forward To

    The Upper East township is also designed to be flood-proof with an underground cabling system for power and utility lines. Bacolodnons can also expect LED and solar-powered streetlights, fiber-optic technology, and a drip irrigation system for landscaping and water reuse facilities. Those who are into riding bikes will be glad to know that it will have its own biking network facilities. Free public Wi-fi will be made available in most parts of the township, as well.

    The First To Rise: One Regis

    Among the first to be built in the township will be the nine-story residential condominium, to be called One Regis. The mid-rise residential development offers units ranging from studios of the following sizes:

    • 37 sq m
    • 58 sq m
    • 73 sq m

    There will be some units that will have a “lanai,” an exclusive balcony that has a view of the Upper East landscape or the amenity deck’s pool and indoor park. The second floor’s amenity deck will have facilities such a swimming pool and a kiddie pool, pool lounge and seating areas, fitness center, events hall, male and female shower rooms, and a walk park. Definitely, this is a real estate development to look forward to.

  • Everything You Need To Know About The Magic Crackers App - John Lloyd Cruz | Mea in Bacolod
    A Moment Of Fun With John Lloyd Cruz On The Magic Crackers App
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    When you mention Magic Flakes, Crackers, or Creams, you logically think about snacks since Magic Crackers, and all its varieties were specifically created so Filipinos can have something to nibble on in between meals. However, recently, with the popular cracker brand releasing its first mobile app, we might have to think differently. Magic Crackers is no longer just a snack but a fun, smartphone app that could come in handy when boredom starts knocking.

    Everything You Need To Know About The Magic Crackers App

    Magic Crackers has developed an amusing app that contains three fun games, exclusive content, special announcements, and promotions, as well as other surprises. Basically, it’s a game and entertainment app in one.

    Everything You Need To Know About The Magic Crackers App | Mea in Bacolod


    Because it is a game and entertainment app, you can expect for its features to focus on these niches. From the main app page, you will see Games, Entertainment, Announcements, and Links. For you to get to know the Magic Crackers app better, let’s break down the features:



    Everything You Need To Know About The Magic Crackers App | Games | Mea in Bacolod

    As mentioned earlier, the app contains three games: Magic Match, Magic Beats, and Magic in a Pack. I found the games to be easy to play. If you or your children have already used game apps in the past, you’ll have no problems going through each one without any tutorials. Even those who are not too tech-savvy will understand the games through the simple instructions provided.

    Magic Match is similar to puzzle games that require players to move tiles to specific spots on rows and columns. Three or more matching tiles that have been arranged adjacently will clear out, making way for new tiles to drop.

    This has to be my favorite game in the Magic Crackers app. To tell you the truth, it’s a bit addicting. You may think that moving tiles around is as easy as pie, but the challenge comes when you are only given a certain number of moves to hit the goal score.

    Why I Like Magic Match

    Everything You Need To Know About The Magic Crackers App - John Lloyd Cruz | Mea in Bacolod

    • It has 360 stages. For you to get to the next stage, you’d have to complete each one.
    • The background music is fun to listen to because it sounds
    • When you get three or more matches from one move, John Lloyd pops up to tell you that you did a good job.

    The next game is called Magic Beats. It’s more of an activity rather than a game. You don’t really earn points. What you do is create your own music. You will have three choices for music loops (background or base music). You’ll then have a board that resembles a beat-maker. Each button on the board gives out a specific sound. All you have to do is tap on the loop you want, then press specific buttons on the board to create your own track.

    Why My Son Likes Magic Beats

    Yes, this is my son’s favorite. Although the loops and beats are a bit limited, he was able to pass the time, customizing beat patterns that sounded well with a specific music loop.

    The last activity on the app is called Magic in a Pack. This one is fun to do too, especially if you are a fan of John Lloyd Cruz. Tap on the button to start the Magic cam. Take whatever variety of Magic Crackers you have. Place it in front of your camera, making sure that it is inside the indicated box on the screen. When your Magic Pack is centered enough, your idol, John Lloyd, will appear. You have to try this one yourself!


    It is here that you can access different John Lloyd contents. Mostly, you’ll find videos that you couldn’t see on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. Currently, there are four videos that you can enjoy and share on your Facebook or Twitter accounts.



    This portion of the Magic Crackers app will give you updates on promotions and events. Right now, there’s just a thank you and welcome message, but Magic will definitely add relevant content here when there are updates and important events happening near you.



    The last part of the Magic Crackers app is “Links.” Through this, you’ll be able to visit the Magic Crackers official social media accounts with just one tap. There’s one link for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The last link on the list allows you to send emails to the Magic Crackers team in case you have any concerns or suggestions.


    1. Do I need an account to use the Magic Crackers app?

    No, you don’t need one. You can play the games, as well as use all the other features as a guest. But, if you want to save your progress and be ranked under the leaderboards of the Magic Match game, you’ll need a Magic Crackers app account.


    2. Does the app require an internet connection?

    When you have already played the games and activities on the app, you won’t need internet connection anymore. However, you’re going to need data when you want to play videos under Entertainment or visit Magic Crackers’ social media accounts under Links.


    3. Is the Magic Crackers app available for both iPhone and Android users?

    Yes, you can download the app on both the Playstore and iTunes. Do double check the app requirements. But, if you regularly install iOS or system updates, you don’t need to worry about this. Just make sure that you have enough space on your phone. It’s not an app that takes too much space, though.


    4. How responsive is the app?

    You can expect a tiny bit of delay, but it doesn’t affect the gameplay experience. You’ll be able to play the games without significant lag problems.


    5. Who is the Magic Crackers app for?

    Definitely, it is for you and your family. I would suggest downloading the app and playing while on a road trip. There is no age-restricted content on the app so kids who are three years old and above can play the games.

    Try the Magic Crackers app yourself so you can always have #MagicMoments anywhere you are. As mentioned, you can download the Magic Crackers app on Google Play and iTunes. Don’t forget to check out Magic Crackers’ social media accounts:

  • Camella Homes Bacolod South Now Open For Reservation - Mea in Bacolod
    Camella Homes Bacolod South Now Open For Reservation
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    I have always wanted a house of my own. In case you didn’t know, I and my family have been co-living with my partner’s parents. While we co-live harmoniously, it’s always good to get a head start on finding a house of your own. Currently, there are plenty of subdivisions within Metro Bacolod with units that are already open for reservation. If you’re like me who’s been house hunting for a while, one subdivision that you might want to check out is Camella Homes Bacolod South.

    What You Need To Know About Camella Homes Bacolod South

    Whenever I think of Camella Homes Bacolod, I think about playing The Sims. I’ve only been into the subdivision (the one located in Mandalagan) about twice. My impressions remain unchanged – the entire community looks polished. From the entrance to the houses, everything looks prim and proper. That’s why the place reminds me of playing The Sims so much. But, enough about online games. Here’s what you need to know about Camella Homes Bacolod South:

    Photo credits: www.camella.com.ph; Camella Mandalagan




    • Gated Exclusive Community
    • Swimming pool
    • Children’s Park
    • Basketball Court
    • Clubhouse
    • 24-Hour Security



    So far, Camella Homes Bacolod South is shaping up to be an accessible community location. It’s near to some schools as well as places where you can buy groceries. A few hospitals are not that far so that’s definitely a plus. Here’s the full list of landmarks to check out:

    • St. Jude Thaddeus Parish – 1.9KM
    • South Bacolod Gen Hospital – 4.8KM
    • Sanitarium/Bacolod Adventist Hospital – 4.4KM
    • EC Montessori School – 1.9KM
    • Maranatha Christian Academy – 6.5KM
    • John B. Lacson – 4.4KM
    • CHMSC Alijis – 3.7KM
    • City Mall Goldenfield – 4.7KM
    • Lopuez Panaad – 2KM
    • SM Savemore Hypermart – 3.9KM
    • Gaisano Mall – 6.6KM
    • BDO East – 5KM
    • Eastwest & Metrobank – 6KM
    • Gov’t. Offices
    • New Gov’t Center – 4.8KM
    • GSIS – 6.6KM
    • Provincial Capitol – 7.8KM
    • BIR – 2.6KM
    • Carribean Water Park – 4.8KM
    • Panaad Stadium – 3.5KM
    • May’s Garden – 5KM

    Model Houses Plus Prices

    Camella Homes Bacolod South Now Open For Reservation - Mea in Bacolod - Bella Model House
    Camella Homes Bacolod South Now Open For Reservation - Mea in Bacolod - Cara Model House
    Camella Homes Bacolod South Now Open For Reservation - Mea in Bacolod - Greta Model House
    Camella Homes Bacolod South Now Open For Reservation - Mea in Bacolod - Ella Model House
    Camella Homes Bacolod South Now Open For Reservation - Mea in Bacolod - Freya Model House
    Camella Homes Bacolod South Now Open For Reservation - Mea in Bacolod - Dana Model House

    Is Camella Homes Bacolod South Right For Me?

    Before you decide on putting a down payment on a house you’re interested in, there are a few things that you need to think about. Now, let me just say that I am not a real estate agent, but I am a regular consumer like you. The considerations that I am going to give you are those that I am also thinking about.

    1. Accessibility to public transportation

    This is really a big thing for me. It would be nice to buy a house at a subdivision that’s relatively remote because you always get peace and quiet. However, in cases of emergency, you’re going to want to have easy access to public vehicles.

    2. Internet-ready

    The house that I am going to buy has to be serviceable in terms of internet connection. My work depends on a reliable connection so I need people from my ISP (internet service provider) to check the location first.

    3. Near to the school, your child is attending

    You don’t want to go back and forth, driving your kids to school for 15-20mins every day. That’s why the house that you’re going to get has to be near the school where your child is attending. Of course, it doesn’t have to be just next door, but the house has to be one or two rides away from the school.

    4. Safety

    You always have to make sure that your family is safe. That’s why it’s essential to take a look at the location to observe it, see the surrounding houses, and potential security hazards.

    5. Future plans

    Expansion has to be on your mind. It’s likely that you may want to a bigger family so you have to plan for it. The house and the lot that you will get should have an extra space for a soon-to-be-room. You don’t necessarily have to construct rooms as soon as you move in, but it’s good to be ready with the space in case you decide to go for it.

    Contact Numbers For Sale Inquries

    For those interested in the houses, you may direct your questions to the following:

    • Website
    • Email via Website
    • Landline: (02) 226-3552
    • Mobile: +63 917-8576494
    • Email: inquries@camella.com.ph
    • When abroad, you may call us toll free: 1-201-716-2959
      • US/Canada: 1-866-9784897
      • UK: +44 2033
      • France: +33 975180374
      • Spain: +34 912918763
      • Greece: +30 2311768217
      • Sydney: +612 80144798
      • Japan: +81 345780182
      • Bahrain: +81 345780182
  • Newest Vivo Phone 2017 - Vivo V7 | Mea in Bacolod
    Newly Launched: Vivo V7 Specs
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    Vivo, a young leading global smartphone brand known for its known for its commitment in bringing advanced technology and stylish products to consumers, is thrilled to share that the newest offering in the brand’s line-up of top-of-the-line smartphones will finally be unveiled.

    Introducing The Vivo V7

    Vivo V7 Full Specifications - Mea in Bacolod

    The Vivo V7 is the newest addition to the V series and promises to be a powerful shooter with an all screen display. Equipped with advanced technology including Vivo’s fingerprint 24MP front-facing camera, this phone is known for its exceptional photography features, screen quality, and the overall product design.

    Much like its predecessor, the V7+, the V7 features a bezel-less all-screen display. The V7’s  5.7-inch all screen display which offers 12.5% more visual display area compared to traditional 16:9 screens let users show off their individuality and enable self-expression on a clear and big screen.

    Vivo will launch the V7 on November 18 at a surprises-and-activity-packed event featuring the brand’s hottest influencers. The V7 will be available just in time for the holiday season. Visit the nearest Vivo Store near you!

    Vivo V7 Specs


    • Release date – September 2017
    • Form factor – Touchscreen
    • Dimensions (mm) – 155.87 x 75.74 x 7.70
    • Weight (g) – 160.00
    • Battery capacity (mAh) – 3225
    • Removable battery – No
    • Colours – Gold, Matte Black, Rose Gold
    • SAR value – 1.18



    • Screen size (inches) – 5.99
    • Touchscreen – Yes
    • Resolution – 720×1440 pixels



    • Processor – 1.8GHz octa-core
    • Processor make – Qualcomm Snapdragon 450
    • RAM – 4GB
    • Internal storage – 64GB
    • Expandable storage – Yes
    • Expandable storage type – microSD
    • Expandable storage up to (GB) – 256



    • Rear camera – 16-megapixel
    • Rear Flash Dual LED
    • Front camera – 24-megapixel
    • Front Flash – Yes



    • Operating System – Android 7.1
    • Skin – Funtouch OS 3.2



    • Wi-Fi – Yes
    • Wi-Fi standards supported 802.11 b/g/n
    • GPS – Yes
    • Bluetooth – Yes, v 4.20
    • NFC – No
    • Infrared – No
    • USB OTG – Yes
    • Headphones – 3.5mm
    • FM – Yes
    • Number of SIMs – 2



    • Compass/ Magnetometer – No
    • Proximity sensor – Yes
    • Accelerometer – Yes
    • Ambient light sensor – Yes
    • Gyroscope – Yes
    • Barometer – No
    • Temperature sensor – No
  • My First ShopBack Experience | Mea in Bacolod
    ShopBack is Your Online Shopping Buddy for Cashback and Coupons
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    Overview of My ShopBack First Impression | Mea in Bacolod
    If my bank account had a voice, it would tell me to stop browsing through sites like Expedia, Althea, Lazada, StrawberryNet, and more. Alas, the heart wants what it wants, and I usually end up purchasing something whenever I go on an online browsing spree. Commonly happening around 1am, I’m sure every other Filipino is also telling themselves they’re just on the shopping site to “window shop” (yeah, right).

    Honestly, I don’t really regret most of my wee hour purchases, but what I do regret is not knowing about ShopBack.ph sooner. I like shopping online, and I don’t think that I can curb the habit anytime soon. What I can do is save a little through shopping with ShopBack.

    How Online Shopping With ShopBack Can Save You Money

    In a nutshell, ShopBack is a place where you can find money-saving deals, discount coupons and more. The video explains it all – you browse through a shopping site through ShopBack, you shop per usual, and you earn CashBack points. When you reach the P300 threshold, you can request to withdraw your funds to your preferred bank account or paypal account.

    Not Just Your Usual Coupon Codes Site

    I’m sure that there are a lot of deal sites on the internet, but ShopBack is the first site I have come across that offers coupon codes from businesses under different categories. The site isn’t just for providing discount codes for makeup, clothes, or traveling. It also has codes for Foodpanda delivery, as well as groceries delivered with Honestbee coupons.

    I would say that there’s bound to be a discount code for what you’re into with ShopBack’s 500+ stores. The site has discount codes for gadgets, parenting & child stuff, and even home living.

    My First ShopBack Experience

    I had to try it for myself, of course. Here’s a breakdown of my first experience shopping at Lazada using ShopBack.

    ShopBack Experience

    ShopBack Review by Mea in Bacolod - 2
    ShopBack Review by Mea in Bacolod - 1
    ShopBack Review by Mea in Bacolod - 3
    ShopBack Review by Mea in Bacolod - 4
    ShopBack Review by Mea in Bacolod - 5
    ShopBack Review by Mea in Bacolod - 6

    1. Signing Up

    Signing up was a breeze. You merely go to the Shop Back website and then you register. You confirm your account via email and you are ready to go shopping.

    2. Choose Your Shopping Site

    The next thing I did was I chose the shopping site I was going to buy items from. Lazada was my best bet, of course. I was already eyeing a toner and a sunblock for personal use.

    3. Making Sure That The CashBack Was Activated

    I was actually a little hesitant to checkout of Lazada after putting my orders in my cart because I wasn’t sure if everything was working properly. The thing with ShopBack is that it lets you shop on the usual online stores without you knowing that it’s working. So if you go to Lazada through ShopBack, all you will see is the Lazada site. To make sure that I did have my Shop Back activated, I downloaded their Chrome Extension to my browser. Once I had that downloaded, all I had to do was click on the “S” symbol on the upper right portion of my Chrome Browser.

    4. Check Out

    As soon as I made sure that my ShopBack was working, I checked out. My total was P543.00 which includes the shipping to my City.

    5. Waiting for CashBack

    I eagerly waited to see how much Shop Back was going to give back to me. It took a few hours because, I think, the site still has to verify your purchases. After a few times of refreshing my browser, I got my credits! Shop Back gave me P25.44 back which is approximately 5% of my total. It’s not much, I know, but when you consistently shop online, you’ll get more CashBack points.

    ShopBack is Legit

    So far so good! Thinking forward, I will definitely use the site to purchase Christmas presents for my family. As with most online purchases, I don’t have to go out of the house to do my shopping, and with ShopBack, I’m actually saving more money as I earn CashBack points. It’s a win-win for me, and it might be for you too if you like online shopping and saving money while doing so.

  • LED Light Tube CD-R King
    CD-R King LED Light Tube
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    So, this is interesting: fluorescent light can be harmful to your skin and the environment. I thought nothing of the lights we had in the house, but I’ve always wondered why experts say that you need to wear SPF even when indoors. Now, I know why.

    LED Tube Light VS Fluorescent Light

    Years after fluorescent was discovered, it was found that fluorescent gives off a small amount of ultraviolet light and that 8 hours of exposure under a fluorescent light is already equivalent to an hour of sun exposure. Further studies also associate conditions like migraine, stress, mood swings and eye strain to prolonged exposure to florescent light. Environment issues on fluorescent is also a great concern. Fluorescent contains a small amount of mercury. Careless disposal can affect the ecological system.

    Change is Coming, Make way for CD-R King LED Light Tube

    The invention of LED has saved us from the long term use of fluorescent. Nowadays, you will rarely see a household which still uses fluorescent light.

    LED Light Tube

    A recent innovation that can be found in CD-R King has given a solution to the luminosity factor as it introduces the LED Light Tube, giving commercial offices the lumens they require minus the toxins. LED light tube gives the same high light output of fluorescent with the benefits of LED technology. This spells out a number of benefits to household users as well.

    CD-R King, your one-stop media provider now has Light Tubes that are available in T-8 10watts at php120, T-5 18watts at Php150 and T-5 20watts at Php200, all of which can last up to 50,000 hours. LED light tubes can be purchases with casing or as a replacement tube. Available in all CD-R King branches nationwide.

    For more updates, Like/Follow CD-R King on FB: FB/cdrkingph.

  • UNIQLO Bacolod Opening Today
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    In my opinion, UNIQLO is beloved by many because of one main thing: they make comfortable yet fashionable everyday wear. The clothes that you’ll find in their stores are simple and of good quality, but the clothes bear with them an air of modern elegance.

    Uniqlo Bacolod Opening - 2

    Today, June 17, 2016, UNIQLO Bacolod, the very first one in the city, is opening its doors to the public. I was happy to have been invited to their VIP shopping event last June 15, 2016 to have the first look and get first dibs on items.


    #atm @uniqlophofficial opening at @smcitybacolod. The store will be open to the public on the 17th Friday.

    A photo posted by Mea Pabiona (@meainbacolod) on

    During the event, I learned a few things about UNIQLO Bacolod

    1. The Store is HUGE!

    Uniqlo Bacolod Opening - 3

    There are so many clothes to choose from and UNIQLO Bacolod has everything from undergarments, to pants, to hats and to eye wear.

    2. They have kids’ and infants’ clothes.

    Uniqlo Bacolod Opening - 5

    It’s not just mommy and daddy who get to do all the shopping. Baby, ate and kuya can also get in on the fun with apparel for little ones.

    3. The staff are super friendly.

    Uniqlo Bacolod Opening - 11

    When I was there, I was greeted with several “Hello. Welcome to UNIQLO,” greetings. The greetings kept coming at an average of 1 per 10mins. If you need any help, I think it’s safe to assume that the staff will be more than willing to help.

    4. The fabric in most of the items is magic.

    UNIQLO Bacolod Opening

    Look at this lovely lady checking out this comfy blouse. Let me be clear, you will not magically grow fairy wings when you don any of their clothing items. The best way I can describe the fabric is it is breathable, airy, light and soft. They even have shirts that absorb sweat yet making no wet-marks.

    5. You don’t have to be intimated by the prices.

    Uniqlo Bacolod Opening - 9

    The store definitely looks expensive but don’t stop yourself from going in and checking out SALE items. UNIQLO Bacolod currently has items on SALE, some from today until June 23. Here are a few more of the SALE items you’ll see:

    Uniqlo Bacolod Opening - 10

    Uniqlo Bacolod Opening - 6

    Uniqlo Bacolod Opening - 8

    Uniqlo Bacolod Opening - 4

    I’m also glad to see that they have a huge boy’s section. Now, moms who have boys, like myself, have a go-to store that carry affordable, stylish clothes for our little men.

    Uniqlo Bacolod Opening - 7

    Remember that the opening is today! You will see UNIQLO Bacolod at SM Annex (new building), beside the elevators. You can’t miss it because it is HUGE. To cap off this post, here are a couple of my fave looks from the mannequins at the store:


    LIKE UNIQLO Philippines on Facebook
    LIKE Mea in Bacolod on Facebook

    UNIQLO Bacolod

    Address Ex183B, 184-187, 1119B, 1120,1121A, 1122B, SM Bacolod, Rizal Street, Reclamation Area, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
    Floor Ground Floor
    Telephone 034-434-9018
    Store Hours Monday to Sunday: 10:00am – 9:00pm


  • Mangoes Galore: the SM City Mango Festival
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    Have you visited SM City Bacolod lately? On April 11, the popular mall opened its Mango Festival display so mall-goers can buy all sorts of mango products as well as mangoes that came from the island of Guimaras.Guimaras Mangoes - 2016 Mango Festival at SM City Bacolod I say mango products because, and this is a fun thing to know about the festival, items that you can buy from the Mango Festival stay true to the theme. Check out this list of what you can buy to know what I mean:

    What to Buy at the 2016 Mango Festival at SM City Bacolod

    1. Mango Piaya

    2016 Mango Festival at SM City Bacolod - 6

    2. Mango Empanaditas

    2016 Mango Festival at SM City Bacolod - 7

    3. Mango Biscocho

    2016 Mango Festival at SM City Bacolod - 8

    4. Mango Bars & Mango Scotch

    2016 Mango Festival at SM City Bacolod - 9

    5. Mango Barquillos

    2016 Mango Festival at SM City Bacolod - 10

    6. Guimaras Mangoes

    2016 Mango Festival at SM City Bacolod - 12a




    Other Products:

    7. Merczi Products

    2016 Mango Festival at SM City Bacolod - 5

    8. Virgie’s Products

    2016 Mango Festival at SM City Bacolod - 4

    9. Sabor Ilonggo‘s Bagoong

    2016 Mango Festival at SM City Bacolod - 11

    The Mango Festival at SM City Bacolod will be until April 17 so if you:

    • Need interesting pasalubongs from Bacolod
    • Have to taste Guimaras mangoes
    • Want to buy new kinds of snacks for your family
    • Need to buy unique gifts for someone

    …visit SM City Bacolod today and drop by the Mango Festival display.

  • Samsung Happy Home Roadshow: Holiday Gifts or New Year Upgrade?
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    On October 22, Samsung visited the City of Smiles with their Samsung Happy Home Roadshow. I, along with team NBSI (Negros Bloggers), was invited to see their show that went down at the District North Point. My afternoon there was filled with “oohs” and “aahs” as I was listening and taking pictures of the various home upgrades Samsung can offer.

    The Scene and The Bautista Family

    Samsung presented their products in a fun way: through a short drama portraying a typical Filipino family, the Bautistas, who’s just upgraded their home with various Samsung appliances.

    Samsung Happy Home Roadshow Bacolod (4)

    (L-R): (From left) Samsung Digital Appliances Head Trainer Daye Barbatchano, The Bautista Family, Samsung Televisions Product Marketing Head Lauro Guevara, and Samsung Televisions Product Manager Angelo Visaya.

    Upgrade Your Home


    Samsung Happy Home Roadshow Bacolod (3)

    Upgrading one’s viewing experience at home to match watching a movie at the cinema is now possible with the Samsung SUHD, signifying a true leap forward in technology to offer a superior viewing experience. The Samsung SUHD TV sets the standard with its nano-crystal technology and re-mastering picture quality engine that produce 64 times more color expression than conventional TVs and 2.5 times brighter than conventional UHD TVs. Aside from the SUHD, Samsung LED, Smart, and UHD TVs are also showcased, wherein each highlighted key features, setting a higher level of advancement and functionality, as well as fitting every home.

    Samsung Happy Home Roadshow Bacolod (2)

    Home Entertainment Solutions

    Samsung Happy Home Roadshow Bacolod (6)

    Another treat from Samsung is the TV’s Curved Soundbar, which has a multi-channel speaker and side speakers that enhance the surround sound and provide more clarity for a better TV experience – capping off the perfect life-like viewing. Meanwhile, Samsung Wireless Audio 360 produces balanced sound in all directions, filling all around the room. Adding to the convenience is the built-in Wi-Fi to control the audio system where one can listen to music all around the house or listen to a different type of music per room.


    Samsung Happy Home Roadshow Bacolod (7)

    Storage and space are consumers’ common concerns when looking for a refrigerator. Good thing, Samsung upgrades their refrigerator as they bring Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator (FSR) to the market. Its revolutionary “fridge within a fridge” design has two independent areas, offering more space and organization options. The FSR has also a metal cooling door that restores the temperature in the fridge faster than a conventional door. With FSR, maximum storage space is achieved while keeping energy consumption and floor space requirements at a minimum.

    Washing Machines

    Samsung Happy Home Roadshow Bacolod (5)

    The old washing machine may have produced clean clothes but it fails to prevent the washer’s back pains. Level up the washing experience with Samsung Activdualwash, which fused ergonomic design with state-of-the-art technology. The hands-on mom can experience great cleaning power with greater convenience and lesser back pain compared to their older washing machines. Its dedicated built-in sink, washboard, and water jet built right into the washer makes everything within reach, thus making the laundry process less tedious and time-consuming.


    Samsung Happy Home Roadshow Bacolod (8)

    Being a tropical country, the Philippines’ climate is characterized by relatively high temperature and high atmospheric humidity. Addressing this need, Samsung AR7000 air conditioner features a triangular design enabling quicker, further, and wider cooling. Its digital inverter system will let consumers enjoy a powerful and optimized cooling system, without increasing electricity usage and expense. It also has Virus Doctor and an easy filter to keep the air clean.

    Smart Ovens

    Samsung Happy Home Roadshow Bacolod (10)

    The Samsung Smart Oven will surely meet families’ on-the-go lifestyle as well as their need for healthy food. It has features that make it the all-in-one cooking solution, veering away from the usual only “reheating” feature of microwaves. It has the SLIM FRY Technology that allows oil-free frying and fuss-free frying and grilling. Aside from upgrading the kitchen, cooking skills are about to level up with this appliance.


    Samsung in Your Life

    My family personally owns I don’t know how many Samsung products – I can’t count. It’s a reliable brand that will definitely help you create your own dream home. Just in time too because the holidays and the new year are just right around the corner. Surprise your mom or your family with one of these home upgrades! Remember, though, the upgrades don’t make the home. It’s the family that does.

    Visit the Samsung Philippines Facebook page or follow Samsung via Twitter for more information. Full details and product images are available at Samsung’s website.

  • Allphones Bacolod: Get a Plan and Get Allphones Shopping Money
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    I absolutely need a new phone for the new year. If you’ve told yourself this a couple of times during these past few months, you’ve been feeling the same things I have. Unfortunately, for me, I’d have to wait until August because I already have a Globe Postpaid Plan and August is when the contract expires (sob). But, on the other hand, there’s good news for you because Allphones has arrived in the City of Smiles.

    Allphones at SM City Bacolod

    All Phones Bacolod - Globe Plans - 1

    Allphones is a multibrand shop that offers the best range of gadgets and devices. In partnership with Globe, they are introducing the Allphones Shopping Money which makes getting a Globe plan all the more flexible.


    How it works:

    • When you get a plan 999 at Globe, you’ll have an equivalent of P8,500 Allphones Shopping Money.
    • When you get a plan 599 at Globe, you’ll have an equivalent of P4,000 Allphones Shopping Money.

    With this, you can go to the Allphones Bacolod store and pick gadgets that will suit the amount of shopping money you have. You can get a tablet, speakers, headphones, powerbanks and so on as long as it doesn’t exceed the value of your total Allphones shopping money. You can even get 2 smartphones if you wanted to.


    Latest Globe Promos

    599 Plan

    • 1.5 GB Mobile Internet + 1GB HOOQ or Spotify Premium
    • Unlimited Calls and Texts to Globe/TM
    • FREE 1GB Globe Cloud Storage for 24 months
    • FREE subscription to Gadget Care for 1 month
    • Choice of Navigation Pack, Explore Pack, or Fitness Pack for 1 month

    999 Plan

    • 499 Unli Call & Text to Globe/TM
    • GoSURF 499 (3GB Data Allowance)
    • FREE 3 months 1GB Spotify Premium or HOOQ
    • FREE choice between Navigation Pack, Explore Pack, or Fitness Pack for 1 month
    • FREE 1 month Gadget Care
    • FREE 1GB Globe Cloud


    Imagine getting a plan with Globe, getting all these freebies, and going to Allphones on the second level of SM City Bacolod to spend your Shopping Money equivalent on gadgets you really need? Now that’s value. If you have time, check the latest Globe Plan promos as well as the Allphones store at SM Bacolod so you can get more information on even more deals that offer great value for your money.

    All Phones Bacolod - Globe Plans - 2

    For more information, visit the following links:


  • Skechers Bacolod: The First Store in the City of Smiles
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    Skechers, the Global fashion-athletic footwear brand, expands its chain with the opening of its first store in Bacolod, Negros Occidental located at the ground floor, north wing of SM City Bacolod. Last October 15, 2015, Skechers officially opened its doors to the Bacolod community just in time for the city’s grand festival, the MassKara Festival.

    Skechers Bacolod Now Open

    The new store offers Skechers’ latest footwear designs for men, women and kids that are perfect for the MassKara festival, the upcoming holiday season and beyond.  The Skechers collection includes the ultra comfortable GO Walk shoe series, the trailblazing GO Run series, as well as the trendiest gym must-have, the Skechers Sport collection.


    Facts I Learned About Skechers During the Opening

    Skechers offers footwear under two distinct categories:

    Lifestyle Division

    Women and Men’s casuals


    Skechers GO Walk


    Charity line BOBS from SKECHERS


    Performance Division

    Skechers GOrun


    Skechers GObionic footwear


    Not actual picture of Skechers GObionic

    What I have my eye on:

    collage skechers

    The Skechers GOWalk 2 is perfect for walking and, from the looks of it, they are very comfortable. A friend of mine walked in them for hours and she told me that her feet didn’t hurt at all. Though I don’t walk or travel that often, a good pair of comfortable shoes is always a good thing to have. I’d personally want something new to wear (it’s a girl thing) as I have nothing like this in my modest shoe collection.


    It’s also a good thing to mention that Skechers has clothes which I didn’t know about until the opening. Expect a price range of around 2k+ – 4k+ for great quality shoes from Skechers Bacolod. Find your perfect pair at the Skechers Bacolod today.



    LIKE on Facebook: Facebook.com/SkechersPhilippines
    Follow Skechers on Twitter and Instagram: SkechersPH


  • 31st Negros Trade Fair at the Glorietta Activity Center
    The Negros Trade Fair is Happening on Sept 14-18, 2016
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    UPDATE: This year’s Negros Trade Fair is happening on September 14 until September 18, 2016. This only happens once a year and it’s everyone’s chance to get a head’s start on buying unique Christmas gifts for friends and family. Or, if you just miss eating barquillos from Negros, you can swing by too!


    Products You Can See at the 31st Negros Trade Fair

    • Delicious pasalubongs (gifts you can bring home)
    • Apparel and accessory booths with unique selections (like bags and other trinkets)
    • Creative pieces made using natural, sustainable products
    • Innovative home accents
    • And more…

    What to Buy at the Negros Trade Fair

    When you visit the 31st Negros Trade Fair, you will most likely see these 7 products that have been made by Negrense hands, some of which I grew up eating.

    1. Pasalubong from Sugarlandia

    Sugarlandia Products at the Negros Trade Fair

    Taking this picture sparked a whole lot of childhood memories. I grew up eating Sugarlandia products. We live just a few houses away from their original pasalubong shop so it was almost impossible for myself and my family to NOT taste the goodies they were selling.

    Personal Favorites

    • Piaya
    • Barquillos
    • Galletas
    • Squid Rings (not in the picture)


    2. Ading’s Gourmet Tuyo (Spicy)

    Negros Trade Fair - Adings Gourmet Tuyo

    It’s so difficult for me not to have rice when this is on the table. I describe this as a rainy day remedy in a bottle; .I don’t know why but this is really nice to eat when it’s raining. What is it with “uga” (tuyo, dried fish) and the rain? I don’t know but try eating this with rice while it’s raining.

    Chef April’s (the genius behind the product) Recommendation:

    Put this on rice, bread or pasta. Be creative and sprinkle cheese over it.


    3. The San Sebastian Cathedral

    San Sebastian Cathedral Sculpture Negrense Product

    Available at the Negros Trade Fair

    The iconic San Sebastian Cathedral – this is definitely a landmark in Bacolod City. When I was young, my mother used to bring me to the Cathedral donning my “Sunday’s best” outfit – a really itchy white dress with too many ruffles.

    What to do with this Cathedral sculpture?

    This would make a nice souvenir. Or, it could work as a decorative piece in your living room. Negrenses and Bacolodnons who visit you will surely appreciate the nostalgia this sculpture brings.

    4. Tumandok Wooden Coasters

    30th Negros Trade Fair - Coaster

    Tumandok is a vernacular term which means “native inhabitant”. The makers of this coaster is called Tumandok Crafts Inc and appropriately so. The wood the coaster is made from looks beautiful – native yet chic.


    5. Star Bookmark with a Native Case

    30th Negros Trade Fair - Bookmark 2A
    30th Negros Trade Fair - Bookmark 2

    This is one of my favorites. I get really pleasant feelings when I see this bookmark. I didn’t really know how to use it at first, but it’s actually easy. You just have to remove the bookmark from the native case and place it on the page of the book you last read. It looks adorable and any bookworm will appreciate a trinket like this.


    6. Hacienda Crafts Candle Holder

    30th Negros Trade Fair - Candle

    Imagine this decorative piece on your coffee table, inside your bathroom or by your window. Just like the wooden coasters on this list, it’ll give minimalist decor more of a personal home-y vibe.


    7. Eva Si’s Silver Bookmark

    30th Negros Trade Fair - Bookmark 1

    Isn’t this just precious? This is a very dainty bookmark made by Eva Si. I don’t, however, think tht it can just be a beautiful bookmark.

    What to do with this trinket?

    If you always have your hair up in a bun, stick this bookmark in. It’ll look like those hair ornaments Geishas from Japan use.

    Visit The Negros Trade Fair on September 14-18, 2016 at the Glorietta Activity Center

    There are so many more products that you can discover during the Negros Trade Fair. This list is just a teaser of what you can look forward to.

    • Negros Trade Fair Official Website
    • The Negros Trade Fair FB Page
    • Negros Showroom, Lourdes C Building, Lacson Street, Bacolod City
  • A Healthier and Sweeter Life with Sugar and Meganox Antioxidant
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    There is no such thing as the fountain of youth but if you find one, please don’t forget to email me. – Mea 🙂

    I’m 28 years old and I represent a generation of people who are entering the “Be more health conscious because you’re getting older” phase. Though we are in the early stages of the phase were we put off jogging at the New Government Center even though we promised we would (on Monday), we still “try” our best to do what we can to  regain the vigor we once had during our earlier days.

    This is why I’m glad that Forever Nutriliving and Sagay Central Inc came up with healthier, but still sweet, choices for the people of Negros and they did it using what made Negros famous in the first place – sugar.

    Sagay Premium Quality Muscovado Sugar

    Sagay Premium Quality Muscovado Sugar

    Sagay Premium Quality Muscovado sugar is available in 1 kilo, 500g and 250g packages

    Muscovado sugar is a coarse grained sugar with high molasses content making it darker, healthier, more aromatic and strongly flavored. We commonly use this in our house since my mom-in-law is also very health conscious. We use it to sweeten drinks, we use it for cooking and baking and I’m planning to use it as a mask for my face in the near future.

    Muscovado Sugar for Your Health

    Fun Facts

    Fun Fact about Muscovado Sugar

    • Muscovado sugar is also known as the “poor man’s sugar” because of its unrefined appearance.
    • Muscovado sugar came from the Spanish phrase Azucan mascabado which means raw or unrefined sugar.
    • There are only a few places in the world that produce Muscovado sugar and one of them is the Philippines (Negros specifically).
    • Though people of Negros produce and love using the “poor man’s sugar”, based on the history lesson I had from a fellow blogger yesterday, Negrenses are anything but poor.

    Nutri Brown Sugar

    Nutri Brown Sugar with Low Glycemic Index

    Available at Robin’s Place Bacolod

    This looks like ordinary sugar but it actually isn’t. The difference is that it has low glycemic index (low GI) which makes it ideal for diabetics. Great news, right? I don’t know anyone in my family with Diabetes Milletus  but this is still a good option, other than the muscovado sugar, for those who are watching their sugar consumption.

    Meaning of Low Glycemic Index

    (source: Dietitians Association of Australia)

    Personally, I would use this sugar because it’s Vegan. I am not Vegan but, in my opinion, everything that’s Vegan-approved is always healthier. I also might make a small portion of the sugar into a face mask or a natural exfoliant. Probably in the near future but very possible.

    Reasons to use Nutri Brown Sugar

    Meganox Antioxidant Supplement

    Meganox Antioxidant

    This is the one I am most excited about. I am skin conscious even though I don’t watch my weight so antioxidants are really big for me. If I could get it in skincare-product form I would but this one is probably a better choice for my my overall health.

    Major Benefits of Meganox

    I know the benefits that antioxidants bring and what made me really interested in this product is the fact that it has superior antioxidant in the form of sugarcane extract. Who would have thought, right? I’d have to commend Forever Nutrilving Corporation for this because, at only 12php per capsule to be taken once a day, you get a supplement with the highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) – meaning that It’s basically a really, really good antioxidant supplement.

    Although I believe that good skin is mostly because of genetics, a little push with the Meganox Antioxidant Supplement can’t hurt since it also has other helpful benefits. I’m on my second tablet today and I’ll be doing a review of it as soon as I finish all 30 capsules (1 bottle).

    Meganox Antioxidant and Sagay Sugar Products

    Forever Nutriliving Corp

    2nd Floor, CSI Bldg., Lacson & 15th Sts., Bacolod City, Neg Occ

    Tel Nos: 435-3122, 433-3875

    Fax Nos: 433-2151

    Email: f_nutrilivingcorp@yahoo.com

    Sagay Central, Inc.

    SCI Compound, Bgy. Bato, Sagay City, Neg Occ

    Tel No: 433-3874/75

    Fax No: 433-2151