Surprising Uses Of Downy Fabric Conditioner

Surprising Uses Of Downy Fabric Conditioner | Mea in Bacolod

We commonly use Downy fabric conditioner on clothes since that’s what it’s meant for. However, there are other practical uses of the product that many of us don’t know about. As a mom, you have to get creative to get the most out of the products you use. In this guide, I’ll share how I use my Downy fabric conditioner for chores other than laundry.


The Many Uses Of Downy Fabric Conditioner Around The House

I’m currently in love with the scent of Downy Sweetheart from the Perfume Collection. It’s hard to break the scent down, but in my non-professional opinion, it’s a mix of floral, clean and sweet scents. I don’t know why but, to me, it smells adorable. The pink packaging really suites the scent.

Surprising Uses Of Downy Fabric Conditioner - Downy Sweetheart | Mea in Bacolod

Moving on to the uses! Listed below are ways on how I use my 900ml Downy Fabric Conditioner:



I use the fabric conditioner in all of our clothes and linens. Sometimes, however, I feel like I need to reinforce the scent. So, what I do is put some of the fabcon into a clean, empty spray bottle. I dilute it with water and spray it on clothes and sheets whenever necessary. 1/4 of the bottle I fill with the fabcon, then the rest is water.



I use the same mixture above to spray our room. It feels great to walk into a clean room that smells as fresh as flowers. Because our pillows and sheets smell the same, Downy Sweetheart’s scent is boosted when I spray it in every corner of our bedrooms.



Moving on to the bathroom. Whenever the faucets or shower head needs polishing, I spray them with the fabcon. I don’t mix anything with the solution. The concentrated liquid will work as is. I put it into a clean spray bottle and I directly spray it onto the grimy fixtures. Let the liquid soak for a few minutes, then wipe all the hard-water stains away. It could also work on sliding shower doors and mirrors.



This tip I read on other blogs. I tried it myself and it really works. To clean different hard surfaces, I mix one part of the fabcon to 4 parts water. Again, my container of choice is the ever trusty spray bottle. I spritz a good amount on a surface I want to clean, then I wipe the dust away. This technique also repels dust since there’s a thin film of fabcon on the hard surface.



Nobody likes a stinky gym bag. When it’s time to clean out mine, I wash it first. I dry it under the sun for a couple of minutes. Then, when it’s dry, I spray it with the same mixture of fabcon and water I use as a linen freshener and room spray.


Practical Mommy Hack

You don’t have to buy a whole bottle. You merely have to go to the “tiangge” nearest your house and buy a sachet for only five pesos (P5 MSRP). A practical way to approach this would be to use an empty spray bottle (from your old colognes), just wash and reuse it. Or, better yet, you can simply put: “Buy Downy Fabric Conditioner” on your grocery list so you won’t forget.

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