• Air Asia Celebrates ASEAN's Golden Jubilee | Mea in Bacolod
    AIRASIA Celebrates ASEAN’S Golden Jubilee with LOW FARES
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    MANILA, 8 AUGUST 2017 – AirAsia is celebrating Asean’s 50th anniversary with low fares to all destinations across its regional network. Get to know the rest of Asean or something a little closer to home by exploring destinations such as: Iloilo Cebu Davao and Clark Or, discover amazing attractions in Singapore via Cebu or fly-thru […]

  • Globe GoWifi for FREE | Mea in Bacolod
    GoWiFi introduces 3-day Free Trial of GoWiFi Auto
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    Globe GoWiFi, the public WiFi hotspot service of Globe Telecom, is pleased to announce a milestone in the deployment of its network – surpassing 10,000 access points in major malls, coffee chains, convenience stores, transport hubs, schools, hospitals, and many other locations across the country. The popular Free GoWiFi service provides users with free internet minutes daily to browse […]

  • Bacolod Silay Airport Free Wifi by Smart
    Smart 1 Gigabit Wifi Speed at the Bacolod-Silay Airport
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    What’s the most annoying thing in the world for an avid internet user? Yes, you guessed it: slower-than-a-turtle internet connection. For people in Bacolod City, we’ve muttered our fair share of internet speed complaints. While we wait for internet speed remedies to fall from the heavens, thank goodness we don’t have to suffer the same kind of […]

  • Adesso Spa and Salon NGC is NOW OPEN
    SALON and SPA: Adesso Spa NGC
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    After a long day at work or even after a long week, sometimes, all you need to fix your melancholy mood and physical malaise is a trip to the spa. However, from my personal experience, it’s difficult to find a spa that: Is accessible to me since I live in the Upper East area of the […]

  • Skin Solutions by Serondo Skin and Surgical Clinic
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    Most people don’t really get facials because: A. They don’t see the point in it, and, B. They’re not really keen on getting professional skin solutions for their derma-problems. My opinion was both A and B a couple of years back. I figured that I could simply just wash my face and exfoliate. That worked for […]

  • How to Choose a Bacolod Real Estate Company
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    It’s not everyday that you buy a house, sell a house, get a property appraised or seek counsel on real estate matters. When the time comes that you need to, however, you need a Bacolod Real Estate company that can take care of everything. The problem is, with all the real estate companies that are in […]

  • PAL: Non-Stop Flights from CEBU to LOSANGELES
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    Happy 75th PAL The Philippine Airlines is celebrating its 75th anniversary with a NEW PROMO: non-stop flights from Cebu to LosAngeles. According to PAL representatives during a press conference, passengers of these flights will be carried by AirBus 340. This is great news because the non-stop flights will make it easier for people in Visayas and Mindanao to go to LA and vice […]

  • Sun Life Prosperity Card: Gifting an Investment
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    Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI) has now made it possible for Filipinos (not just Bacolodnons) to give their loved ones the gift of investment through the Sun Life Prosperity Card. I know that it’s not the most exciting gift to give but it’s one of the smartest. Over the years, we’ve given so many […]

  • Konsulta MD - The answer to long queues at doctors clinic - Mea in Bacolod
    Konsulta MD: the Answer to Long Queues at Doc’s Clinic?
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    The first time I heard of a medical hotline (or, more appropriately a medical app) was when I was watching reruns of Dr. Phil. I can’t remember who exactly developed the app but what it let you do is get in touch with a doctor, lickety-split, on your smartphone. It even had a video and […]

  • Quino’s: New Hot Dogs and a FREE Card
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    I have always wanted to taste some of Quino’s hot dogs and finally, one Sunday afternoon at the District North Point, I and my family visited the cafe to snack on some.  The Cafe at Ayala First off, I have always liked hanging out at Quino’s when we are at The District North, otherwise known […]