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  • Seda Hotel Bacolod - Straight Up Bar | Mea in Bacolod
    Seda Hotel Bacolod: Straight Up Posh & UpScale
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    With the addition of Seda Hotel Bacolod, or more formally known as Seda Capitol Central, Bacolod isn’t just getting a 4-star hotel. It’s also welcoming another addition to its array of bars, pubs, and lounges that show off the city’s nightlife. Seda’s Straight Up roof deck bar is officially open.

    Seda Hotel: Straight Up Bar Bacolod

    Although this isn’t the first rooftop bar in the city, the ambiance and the experience it delivers is something unique and fresh. This is the main reason why I think everyone should plan to drop by. Since this posh bar is new, there are a couple of things that each Bacolodnon should know before actually visiting Seda Hotel to go to Straight Up:


    1. The Bar & The View Is Instagram-Worthy


    The bar overlooks the Capitol Park & Lagoon, a provincial park located in the heart of the City of Smiles. During the day, you’ll see all the beautiful greenery of the park, plus its walk/jogging path. However, from the edges of the Straight Up Bar, you’ll be treated to a view that’s totally Instagram-worthy. Don’t forget to snap photos of the bar too.

    Mr. Rhett Villaruz, Seda Bacolod Hotel Manager, Welcoming Everyone

    2. Complimentary Finger Food


    Seda Hotel Bacolod - Straight Up Bar | Mea in Bacolod

    When you order a drink, you’ll be treated to complimentary finger food, based on Seda Capitol Central’s Facebook Page. If you drop by from 6PM – 8PM, you can enjoy different finger foods with your drink.

    During the opening, they served up some finger foods for guests to try. And, let me tell you, everything was just delicious. Of course, you may get a different spread when you visit, but, so far, the food from Seda’s buffet spread has not let me down.


    3. The Perfect Place For Those Tita Nights


    Seda Hotel Bacolod - Straight Up Bar | Mea in Bacolod

    This is mainly based on my own opinion, but the Seda Hotel Straight Up Bar in Bacolod is one of the best “TITA SPOTS” in the city. What made me say this? Well:

    • The music is curated, so none of the loud music that hinders you from talking to people because the music’s so loud that you barely understand the conversation.
    • They have a great selection of drinks. There are alcoholic beverages plus mock-tails, so you choose your own poison.
    • There aren’t a lot of kids around. No offense to youngsters hanging out at other bars, but we titas sometimes need a space of our own to laugh out loud, share leche flan recipes, talk about our loud neighbor’s lawn, and so on.

    So that’s it! I can’t wait to hang out with my girls here. I’m also going to visitors here next time (when it’s not raining). For you to know more about Bacolod’s newest upscale bar, make sure to:

    If you want to see other posts about the City of Smiles, check out my the rest of the blog.

    Other Details

    • Contact Number: (034) 703 8888
    • Email: capitol@sedahotels.com

  • Family Weekend Adventures - Mea in Bacolod
    Where To Have A Family Weekend Adventure In Negros Occidental
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    How has your week been? Personally, mine has been productive. I’ve been juggling work, yoga, and chores from Monday to Friday. So far, I’ve been handling my schedule well. But, let’s not get into that because it’s the weekend. All I need to focus on right now is where to have a family weekend adventure in. If your schedule and work hecticness is anything like mine, you’ll need this list too.

    11 Family Weekend Adventure Spots In Negros Occidental

    As I write this post this Saturday morning, I wondered why it’s so hard for all of us to decide on where to go when we want to spend a weekend with our family. We all have to remember that there are plenty of spots in Negros Occidental that many of us haven’t explored yet. I, for one, have barely scratched the surface. So, I decided to put this list together. What you’ll read here are family weekend adventure spots that I have been to. They’re not too far from Bacolod so you can definitely make last minute plans with the fam.

    Family Weekend Adventures - Power Up Rock Outdoor Center | Mea in Bacolod

    1. Power Up Rock Outdoor Center

    • 11th St, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental

    • Hours: 1:00pm-10pm

    • Closed Sunday

    • Contact: 0927 552 5025

    Facebook Page Here

    Family Weekend Adventures - MCC Seafood Restuarant | Mea in Bacolod

    2. MCC Seafood Restaurant

    • Catch fish and let the resto cook it for you.

    • Hours: 8:00am-10pm

    • Open all the time

    • Contact: 0908 274 1500

    Facebook Page Here

    Family Weekend Adventures - OISCA Bago | Mea in Bacolod

    3. OISCA-Bago Training Center

    • Silkworms and silk products

    • Bago City

    • Hours: (Please check with Bago Tourism)

    • (Please check with Bago Tourism)

    • (Please check with Bago Tourism)

    NO Facebook Page

    Family Weekend Adventures - The Mansion | Mea in Bacolod

    4. The Mansion Cafe & Bar

    • Silay heritage house turned cafe/bar

    • Calle Ledesma, Silay City

    • Hours: 10:00am – 11:00pm

    • Closed Tuesday

    • Contact: None

    Facebook Page Here

    Family Weekend Adventures - The Science Circus | Mea in Bacolod

    5. The Science Circus

    • Science exhibit/illusions

    • Robinsons Place Bacolod

    • Hours: (Mall Hours)

    • Open everyday

    • Contact: None

    Family Weekend Adventures - Campuestohan Highlands Resort | Mea in Bacolod

    6. Campuestohan Highlands

    • Pools, Rides, Attractions

    • Open everyday

    • Contact: 09988630180, 7020964, 09173005007, 09256008088

    Facebook Page Here

    Family Weekend Adventures - Lfisher Chalet | Mea in Bacolod

    7. L’fisher Chalet

    • Rooftop Pool

    • Lacson Street, Bacolod City

    • Open everyday

    • Contact: 433-3730

    Facebook Page Here

    Family Weekend Adventures - Pope John Paul Tower | Mea in Bacolod

    8. Pope  Tower

    • Pope’s history and a great view of the pier/ocean

    • Beside SM Mall, Bacolod City

    • Open everyday

    • Contact: None

    NO Facebook Page

    Family Weekend Adventures - Balay Negrense | Mea in Bacolod

    9. Balay Negrense

    • Heritage house in Silay

    • Silay City

    • Hours: 9:00am – 5:30pm

    • Contact: (034) 714 7676

    NO Facebook Page

    Family Weekend Adventures - Mamabels Home Garden | Mea in Bacolod

    10. Mamabel’s Home Garden

    • Plants Shopping

    • Purok Inday Oya, Brgy. Vista Alegre
    Bacolod City 6100

    • Hours: (Contact Business)

    • Contact: 0949 991 9230

    Facebook Page HERE

    11. Home

    • Where the family is

    When all else fails, why not just stay at home and have a nice weekend in? Grab some Magic Crackers snacks, get those bikes out, put pillows all over the living room, and prepare some movies. Sometimes, it’s not about the place but about enjoying each other’s company.

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  • Movie Theater With Recliners - Bacolod City - Mea in Bacolod
    CityMall Mandalagan: First Movie Theater with Recliners in Bacolod
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    Last time, I wrote about the opening of the cinemas at CityMall Mandalagan and Victorias. Recently, CityMall Mandalagan just added a new movie theater feature that will make more Bacolodnons want to enjoy a film within its doors. CityMall Mandalagan is the first movie theater with recliners in Bacolod. If that doesn’t amp up your movie viewing experience, I don’t know what will.

    My Experience In The First Movie Theater With Recliners In Bacolod

    Along with other guests, I was invited to experience the new Premier Cinema and, of course, the recliners. Located on the second floor, next to Cinema 1, there are only forty (40) seats available. You can choose where you want to sit when you purchase your tickets.

    Inside The Cinema

    You can expect the inside to be similar to smaller movie theaters without a balcony. There are tiers of chairs, separated into sections by lit stairs. The floors are lined with plush carpets. The A/C, safe to say, has more than enough horsepower to keep the entire cinema cool.

    Movie Theater With Recliners - Bacolod City - Mea in Bacolod | CityMall Mandalagan

    The chairs have a bit of a distance from each other so you will never feel like everything is crammed into a tiny space. Even the aisles are spacious! Usually, in regular cinemas, you would have to place your bags on your lap if someone wants to pass through your row. But with CityMall’s Premier Cinema, you won’t have to do this. You’ll have enough room to place your bags on the floor and stretch your legs.

    Ze Lazy Boys

    The pièce de résistance are, definitely, the recliners. Because CityMall Mandalagan’s cinema is the first of it’s kind in the City of Smiles, they went big. Instead of regular lazy boys, they went with electric ones that have a button on the side for easy reclining.

    How to use the controls: you will find the button at the lower part of your right armrest. The button should be lit with a blue light and divided into two halves. The first half allows you to recline with your feet up, and the second one gets you back to an upright position.

    FAQs About The First Movie Theater With Recliners


    1. How much per ticket?

    The price for one movie ticket is P250 pesos.


    2. Can I bring my own snacks?

    Nope. You would have to purchase your snacks at the cinema’s snack stand. This means that you cannot bring outside food.


    3. Where’s the restroom?

    The restroom is actually outside the cinema. You would have to do a bit of walking if nature is calling. However, during the viewing event, they opened an exit door which is a shortcut to the restroom. You won’t have to go outside.

    I’m not sure if they’re going to open the same door when regular viewing schedules resume, but I hope they do. It’ll be easier for viewers to access the restroom without missing a good chunk of the movie.


    4. Where can I find the movie schedule?

    You can double check the latest movies, their prices and their schedules at CityMall Cinema’s official Facebook Page. Click HERE to go to the page.


    5. Is the movie experience really that amazing?

    How amazing your movie experience will depend on you. During the viewing event, we watched The Greatest Showman starring Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams. It’s a musical (and I love a good musical) so I had a great time. You’ll definitely have a comfortable and leveled up movie experience, if that’s what you want to know. Besides, if you’re already paying P200+ for a movie ticket in regular cinemas, why not pay a  little bit more for premier seats?

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  • The Tides at Riverwalk Bacolod | Mea in Bacolod
    Uncrowded Swimming Pool: The Tides at Riverwalk Bacolod
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    I’ve seen a few summer posts on Facebook, the swimsuits are on display at the SM City Bacolod‘s department store, public school kids have returned the books they lent from the government, and summer class offers are popping up here and there. Is everyone ready for summer? I think everyone’s getting ready for it. I, for one, am dying to take that first summer splash into a swimming pool during a scorchingly hot afternoon. The nearest from where I live would be The Tides at Riverwalk Bacolod.

    The Tides at Riverwalk Bacolod

    I think that most locals already know about this place but not a lot of people come because it is inside a subdivision within a subdivision. That’s a little bit confusing, but it’s true. Villa Angela is one of the major subdivisions here in Bacolod City. You’d have to go through the entrances of this major subdivision before you can get to Riverwalk, another subdivision where this pool is.

    The Tides Riverwalk Bacolod | Mea in Bacolod

    Location/ Going There

    Inside of the clubhouse. Weddings, birthdays, and other events can be held here.

    You’ll find The Tides at Riverwalk Bacolod inside Riverwalk. It would be best if you can get there via a private car because you’ll have to get through the security at Riverwalk’s entrance. Not a lot of jeepneys pass by Riverwalk and the security personnel do not allow tricycles to enter the subdivision. You’ll find the pool inside the clubhouse. From the entrance, you can just walk to the clubhouse. It’s very near the entrance.


    If you’re going via private car, you can go to the farther side of the clubhouse to find parking. I did not get to take a picture of the parking area at The Tides at Riverwalk Bacolod, but it is right behind the kiddie swimming pool. Plants, that serve as fencing, separate the parking from the swimming pool grounds. There will be signs that will direct you where to park.

    Entrance and Pool Fees

    • P100 – Walk-in visitors and Guests (you only pay for swimming/tables and chairs; no more entrance)
    • P70 – Riverwalk residents

    The clubhouse charges P100/head for swimming. If you’re a resident of Riverwalk, you’ll have a discount. The price should be around P70, but you’d have to buy your tickets at the Villa Angela office downtown. You can absolutely walk in without a reservation. You just have to pay the person in charge on that day.

    Area/ Seating

    You’ll mostly see grass and not a lot of seating are available.

    When you step into the swimming pool area, you’ll mostly see grass, or rather, a lawn. There are not a lot of seating available apart from, about, three outdoor sunbeds. For you to have a table, you’d have to make a reservation which you can do so through the Villa Angela Office. You’d have to pay for your tables and chairs apart from your swimming if this is the case.

    What I suggest: Bring a big umbrella and a picnic mat. It’s FREE to set your mat up on the lawn. All you have to pay for is swimming.


    Kiddie Swimming Pool The Tides at Riverwalk Bacolod | Mea in Bacolod

    Kiddie Pool

    The Tides at Riverwalk has two pools:

    • Kiddie Pool – about 3ft or 4ft
    • Big Pool – about 5ft to 6ft

    The kiddie pool is kind of small so kids might be tempted to transfer to the bigger one. I think kids that know how to swim can handle the bigger pool even if they are just 5 years old, but it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on them for their safety. There’s always the pool stairs area where smaller kids can play in with the guidance of an adult.

    Warning: By the kiddie pool, you’ll see a sign that says: NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY so you really have to keep an eye on young children.

    The Tides at Riverwalk Bacolod also has a playground area which my son appreciates. I don’t know where he gets his energy from but he usually plays here after about half a day of swimming. The restrooms and showers are near the kiddie pool. All of them are clean, including the restrooms inside the clubhouse.

    Summer Swimming Classes

    The Aquaholics Swimming School does classes here. I’m actually enrolling my son again. Check out this video. You can take a good look at The Tides at Riverwalk Bacolod in this video too.

    Mea in Bacolod

    Hope you found this post helpful. I will try my best to update it with the number of the Villa Angela Office. For now, do share this post or LIKE my FACEBOOK PAGE. Thanks for reading!

  • Bacolod Bar List | Mea in Bacolod | Retro KTV
    Bacolod Bar: Retro KTV at The MarketPlace
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    Retro KTV at theMarket Place is a new Bacolod bar that’s a little bit different than most bars here in the city. It’s retro-themed, it has disco KTV rooms as well as an upper deck, and Barbie – their unique, head-turning barbeque grill.

    Retro-Themed Bacolod Bar at The MarketPlace

    Bacolod Bar List | Retro KTV
    When you’re at the MarketPlace, it’s easy to spot the KTV bar because it is just across Nena’s, the restaurant that serves the infamous chicken inasal. You can’t miss it! It has red chairs and tables outside, and a barbeque grill that looks like a car.

    Barbie and The Drinking Coach

    Bacolod Bar List | Retro KTV - Barbie and The Drinking Coach

    When I, along with other Negros Bloggers, visited, we were greeted by The Drinking Coach and Barbie. The Drinking Coach, also known as Mr. Manuel Barandiaran, oversees everything at Retro KTV. He also owns and manages Bounce which is a mobile bar. He is called the drinking coach because he entertains guests with drinking tricks during private events at the sound of a whistle. Barbie, on the other hand, is a 1970 Volkswagen Beetle that was brought to life and custom-made for this Bacolod bar.

    Retro in the Small Details

    If you miss the disco or retro era, you’ll love this place because The Drinking Coach made sure that you can feel the groovy vibe even in the smallest details. This is what the tables and placemats look like from when there was daylight.


    Some of the details on the floor are no exception too.


    Retro in the Big Details

    Did I mention that this Bacolod bar has several KTV rooms that are open for rent? Well, it has and each room is also retro-themed, complete with disco lights and a pole, yes a dance pole, in some. The room rates are consumable.

    The Purple Room – 5 to 7 pax – P850/3 hours Consumable


    The Red Room – 15 to 20 pax – P2200/3 hours Consumable


    The Green Room – 4 to 6 pax – P700/3 hours Consumable


    The Blue Room – 4 to 6 pax – P700/3 hours Consumable


    The Orange Room Upstairs – 10 to 12 pax – P1500/3 hours Consumable


    The Yellow Room Upstairs – 5 to 7 pax – P950/3 hours Consumable


    The Menu

    Another thing I love about this place is the menu. You’ll smile everytime you read the name of a dish because it’s either a song or a popular movie title. Below, are some of the dishes they serve.



    Check OUT My Favorite Menu Items From Retro KTV on MEA IN BACOLOD FB Page




    Justin Beibercue


    Spicy Chicken

    Check OUT My Favorite Menu Items From Retro KTV on MEA IN BACOLOD FB Page


    Ice tea and Mojito

    I would recommend that you guys try the mojito and the mudslide. The mudslide is really good. All the drinks they serve are also available at Botella which is also run by Mr. Barandiaran. It’s close by Retro KTV. It’s a couple of steps away.


    Another Bacolod Bar – Botella


    Personally, I would go here just before sunset, hang out at the upper deck or second floor, while sipping on my mudslide or an ice cold beer. You should be doing the same! Hope to see you and your friends there soon!


    Retro KTV & Bar

    • UNIT 10, THE BOXES, MARKETPLACE EAST, Bacolod City, Philippines
    • Contact no: 0917 676 5531
    • RETRO  KTV Facebook Page
  • A Gallery fit for Helena: Jojo Vito Designs Gallery
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    The Jojo Vito Designs Gallery reminds me so much of Neil Gaiman’s Mirror Mask, where the main character, Helena, found herself in a dreamland filled with peculiar yet fascinating creatures. You should see the movie, if you haven’t already, because it’s visually satisfying and creatively stimulating. But, back to Jojo Vito Designs Gallery.

    Bacolod Mask - Bacolod Masskara Festival - Jojo Vito Gallery - 2

    I’ve heard of the name Jojo Vito before (who hasn’t if you’re from Bacolod?) and I’m familiar with the beautiful masks he’s created, but I haven’t had the chance to step into his gallery to really appreciate his works of art. I got the chance to do so a couple of months ago and I’m really happy I did because it was then that I realized the level of creativity this person puts into his work.

    The Masskara Festival Mask

    Bacolod Mask - Bacolod Masskara Festival - Jojo Vito Gallery - 5

    Does it look familiar? It’s not just masks too, because Jojo Vito also dabbles in making custom-made furniture, trophies, ornaments, jewelry and so much more. He’s also been featured in so many shows and blogs because of his achievements and creative contributions to Bacolod.

    Kama-Kama by Jojo Vito

    Kama-Kama by Jojo Vito

    Visit, Appreciate & Paint

    For Bacolodnons, I would say that it is a must for you to visit the gallery at least once. For visitors of the City of Smiles, this gallery should be on your list of must-see spots in Bacolod. It’s a great place to buy souvenirs from and it’s also actually a nice place to spend the afternoon in. Most likely, the gallery will spark your creativity or your desire to create, so, might as well let it all out with a painting activity. I think this is what people need to know most about the gallery: you can paint your own souvenir for only P100 – P150.

    Bacolod Mask - Bacolod Masskara Festival - Jojo Vito Gallery - 4

    Staff and Faculty of La Salle Greenhills , painting their very own masks.

    Details of the Painting Activity

    Bacolod Masskara Festival - Jojo Vito Designs Gallery

    This is such a great idea because Bacolod is known for its masks so why not create your own even if the Masskara Festival isn’t around the corner yet? It’s easy to book too. According to the gallery, they can accommodate both big groups and walk-ins. All that’s needed for groups is to call ahead of time, for the gallery to get ready with everything. Here are a few more things that you may want to know about the activity:

    • The price will depend on the size of the mask you get. Of course, you get to choose what mask you want to paint.
    • Paint, brushes, paper, and tissue will be provided by the gallery.
    • You might just catch Jojo Vito himself hiding behind a mask, waiting to surprise you. Just kidding. But, if you do catch him in the gallery, make sure you say hello. He’ll be glad to answer your questions about the masks of Bacolod City.
    • And, always call ahead!

    The outside of the gallery is picturesque, by the way, so it’ll be a good background for capturing the moment. Now, are you ready to get creative with painting your own Masskara?

    Jojo Vito Designs Gallery Contact Details

    Opening Hours: 9am – 5pm, Monday – Saturday

    Contact numbers: 704-23-78; 0943-5473609

    Contact people: Rhea; Josephine

    Jojo Vito Designs Gallery ‘s Facebook Page

    Mea in Bacolod on Facebook


  • Relaxing at the Quarters Sports Lounge Later?
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    At the end of the day, you just want to be somewhere relaxing and chill. – MEA 🙂

    Bacolodnon’s are always looking out for the best places to hang out at after work or during a Friday (or Saturday or Sunday) night. Here’s one new Bacolod bar that you can check out: Quarters Sports Lounge located at the new structure (The MarketPlace Villa Angela) at the New Government Center, beside the Panasiatic building.

    I like hanging out here because:

    • The place is really a lounge. All you do is sit back, relax, watch the game, eat, drink and chitchat with friends.
    • Because there are no walls, the place is open and breezy. Perfect during humid nights.
    • Some of the tables are made of tires which I thought was very artistic.

    NGC Bacolod Bar Quarters - 4

    • The food is affordable and delicious. Same goes with the beer – affordable and deliciously cold.
    • They have a huge flat screen TV playing replays (I think) of basketball games. Husband and friends like this very very much. You’ll see a couch facing the TV and this is usually where they sit.

    NGC Bacolod Bar Quarters - 3

    • My personal favorite is the gaming area where you can play with different consoles. I think they probably already have a family computer set up. If that won’t amuse you, and I doubt that it won’t, you can gaze on the gaming area wall filled with sports and gaming images.

    NGC Bacolod Bar Quarters - 2

    • And, last but not the least, when you reach a certain age, you no longer have the desire to go out to noisy bars or go dancing at clubs. This Bacolod bar or lounge is the total opposite of these things. You can talk because the music isn’t too loud and you can really enjoy the company you’re with.

    If you’ve reached this point in your life (you and me both! apir!), you need to check this bar out tonight. Bring your friends along with you. Who knows, I might be there too.



  • Dylan’s – Not Just Another Bacolod Bar
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    An interesting Bacolod bar that let’s you have a conversation with the person you’re with, plays really good music, serves really good food, has cold beer, is not too crowded and has a clean restroom – give me this and I’ll visit it every Saturday night or i’ll try to, at least. – Mea 🙂

    I’m sure that there’s still more to explore in Bacolod. I can’t really say that I’ve been to all the places in my city because there will always be those special hidden gems that make the exploring worth it. I and my friend Joy visited one such gem this week, Tuesday. The place is called Dylan’s.

    Facebook: Dylan’s Bar

    Phone number: (034) 703 1167

    Address: 25th Lacson Street (across ABSCBN, same area as AMA Computer College)

    Please correct me if I’m wrong with the address because I am not very good when it comes to directions. But, enough about that because the address isn’t really the most important thing about this bar. As much as I would like to keep this secret gem all to myself, I can’t because it’s too precious not to share.

    Dylans Bacolod (2)

    Now let’s go to my definition of what makes a good bar. Please remember, though, that this definition is my personal take and it might be influenced by the fact that I am getting older:

    Dylans Bacolod A (3)

    1. The Bacolod bar doesn’t have WIFI or doesn’t blatantly advertise that they have WIFI. My main reason? It would be great to have an interruption-free conversation with the people you’re with.
    2. The bar has to have clean toilets. It’s more comfortable that way even if you won’t be able to tell after the 4th beer bottle.
    3. The bar has to be interesting. Don’t get me wrong, though, as I can definitely hang out at a run of the mill type of bar but the ones that have character leaves me wanting to go back for more.
    4. The Bacolod bar has to play great music and I’m not talking about the “tugsh-tugsh” kind (Bacolodnons know what I’m talking about).
    5. And, last but not the least, the bar has to have cold beer and serve good food.

    Dylan’s, for me, has all 5 plus a few more, just to be honest. Though I may not be visiting on a regular basis (I don’t drink that much, *wink*), I feel a certain connection to this bar. Ok, that sounds kind of weird but hear me out:

    I am a mom with an old soul.

    Dylans Bacolod A (6)

    The friend that I went to Dylan’s with, Joy, is also a mom with an old soul. What does that have to do with anything? Well, in today’s night scene, we don’t really feel like we fit in. Our “golden days” are long over and that’s not a problem at all but to be at a place where you don’t feel like your age is being dangled right in front of you, sort of taunting your advancement in years, is a good thing.

    Dylans Bacolod (3)

    At Dylan’s, you’ll find all sorts of vintage items like posters, pictures and a camera. Our most recent visit was really a treat because Bodi Carbon (part owner), was able to talk to us and show us a few things that customers donated: records, old magazines and a head of a wild board – a mounted trophy from a hunt, I’m guessing.

    Dylans Bacolod A (1)

    We also had the treat of setting our eyes on their original CD collection. They do not believe in playing pirated ones, just so you know (so authentic).

    I love great tasting food and a cold beer.

    Dylans Bacolod (4)

    We didn’t order something to eat that night we visited but believe me when I say that the food there is off the hook. I personally recommend the pizza with the basil leaves on top of it. That’s my favorite. The best drink to pair this with is, you guessed it, an ice cold beer.

    I appreciate a clean restroom and other womanly provisions.

    Dylans Bacolod (5)

    If you’ve read my other posts before, you know that I really do appreciate a clean restroom. I guarantee that Dylan’s, although a manly bar at first sight, has one. I was also surprised that there were bag hangers mounted on the bar – a very nice touch for us ladies.

    I love listening to the music they play.

    Dylans Bacolod A (5)

    Rage against the machine, Kid Rock, Deftones, I think Incubus – Dylan’s plays songs from these bands as well as other Greats. There’s probably a Bacolod bar out there that plays that same songs but it’s only at Dylan’s that I get to appreciate the song word for word, rhythm by rhythm and note by note, simply because it’s not drowned out by Skrillex-esque music coming from adjacent establishments. The music wasn’t too loud either. Joy and I were able to have a meaty conversation without having to scream at each other.

    Dylans Bacolod A (2)

    Not just another bar

    The name came from Bob Dylan, in case you haven’t picked up on that yet. But anyway, by now you probably get why I love hanging out at this bar so much. So when do you think you’re going drop by for a visit? I hope not in the sense of Bob Dylan’s immortal words:

    The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind
    The answer is blowing in the wind

    Don’t let another weekend go by without chilling at Dylan’s. And, P.S. if you have anything vintage just lying around your house, donate it to Dylan’s. Don’t let it disintegrate with unrequited love from you. It’ll be in good hands at Dylan’s.Dylans Bacolod A (4)