• Speed Dating Event in Bacolod 2017 | Mea in Bacolod
    Speed Dating 2017 At Tippy’s Bistro – FEB 11, 2017
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    Have you ever tried speed dating before? You may say no because dating events like this do not happen very often in the City of Smiles. But, this Feb 11, 2017, you’ll get your chance to give speed dating a try. Tippy’s Bistro, located at the 10th Street Lacson, is going to have a Pre-Valentines […]

  • Enhance Visa Hosts First Canada Nursing Career Expo on Jan 30
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    Nurses can now look forward to working in Canada as Enhance Visa holds its first ever Canada Nursing Career Expo this January in three key locations in the Visayas. This event is open to nurses with at least six months hospital experience which will be held on January 28, 30, & 31 in Cebu, Bacolod, […]

  • Home based career seminar to be held on January 21 | Mea in Bacolod
    Home-Based Career Seminar To Be Held on January 21
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    The Purple Secretary, in partnership with Dojo 8 Coworking Spaces, is holding “How to Start Your Home Based Career Seminar” on January 21, 2017 at 1:30-4:30 in the afternoon. Venue will be at Dojo 8 Co-living Spaces, 21st Street Lacson Bacolod City, Philippines. This seminar will focus on the basics on how to start your home based career. […]

  • RESET 6100: the Bacolod Summer Festival in Pictures
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    Ya’ll know that I didn’t get to go on vacation this summer, right? Unfortunately, that’s how it is when you’re a freelance writer working through UpWork. However, I did get to experience a couple of upsides while the heat was on in the City of Smiles: #1 got to spend a lot of time with my son, and […]

  • Reclusion Perpetua Exhibit
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    Reclusion Perpetua “Reclusion perpetua,” or “permanent imprisonment,” is a crime sentence similar to life imprisonment. It is used in the Philippines. A person sentenced to reclusion perpetua must serve a jail term of at least 30 years and face additional penalties. (source) This coming June 17, 2016, the Reclusion Perpetua Art Exhibit will take place. Several […]

  • RESET 6100: Because summer isn’t over yet!
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    About 75% – that’s how much of summer has already gone by. For some of us, we haven’t even had our first trip to the beach or to the pool yet because, well, life happens. We still have that 25% though, and we have to make sure that every moment counts because summer waits for […]

  • Schedule & About ReKindle
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    Next ReKindle Run Check the PAGE for event details ReKindle has been happening since late last year, I think. The team has already done 3 runs, but I feel like people still think that ReKindle is only for the artsy-fartsy crowd who wear all black, paired with dark rimmed glasses (pardon the stereotype).Nope. It’s not just for […]

  • Flickers 3rd ReKindle Run by HAPI Bacolod
    Flickers in Pictures: 3rd ReKindle Run Organized by HAPI Bacolod
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    The third ReKindle run entitled Flickers happened last April 2nd at Tippy’s Bistro. It seems like only yesterday, the pilot run was born. Now, HAPI, which I am proud to say I’m already a member of, is organizing ReKindle events practically every other month, which is great news for those of you who have never been […]

  • The First Ever Visayas Cosplay Summit is a SUCCESS
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    Last March 5, 2016, the first ever Visayas Cosplay Summit was held at the atrium area of SM City Bacolod. Cosplayers as well as people who love anime, gathered in one venue to celebrate and appreciate creativity, individuality and the Japanese culture. Passers-by got to take a souvenir photo with their favorite anime characters. In fact, the costumes […]

  • Embers by ReKindle: ART in all of its forms
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    If you haven’t heard of ReKindle before, now is the perfect time for you to understand what it really is (and maybe consider attending it next time). Let’s first talk about what it’s NOT: it’s NOT a group of people and it’s definitely NOT just an event. It’s probably more of a medium for yourself, and other […]

  • Zoofari 2016: Information, Photos and Reminders
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    SM City Bacolod is once again presenting ZOOFARI – an indoor zoo featuring different animal groups. The event is already on its 6th year but even if it has been around for a while, Bacolodnons still cannot get enough of it. Information Location You’ll find ZOOFARI where the former SM appliance center was, at the back […]

  • My Year With the Negros Bloggers (NBSI)
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    Have you been following my blog religiously? Then you should already know by now that I am part of an elite paramilitary organization: ” Eagle Scouts”. No I’m kidding. That was a excerpt from the 1984 movie: “Red Dawn”. I’m actually part of the Negros Bloggers or, more officially, the Negrense Blogging Society, Inc. (NBSI). I joined […]

  • 7 Reasons to Attend the Next ReKindle Event
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    In case you haven’t heard, a group of individuals from the city started an event called ReKindle which aims to bring old and new artists together. It’s also an event that allows sleeping artists (this may be you) to showcase their work and get appreciated. I attended the second event which was named ReLight last December […]

  • ReKindle: Hanging out with HAPI people and befriending gays and atheists
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    HAPI hosted the first ever ReKindle at Tazoon Cafe on Oct 31, 2015. One of the aims of the event was to increase peoples’ awareness of current issues that many individuals sweep under the rug – gender identity, HIV, environmental issues as well as body image. Artistically, it also aimed to bridge the gap between new local artists […]