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Where and What to Eat

  • Tropical Snack in this Tropical Heat: Halo-Halo
    Posted in: Where and What to Eat
    Eat this. You’ll feel better!
    It’s HOT and everybody’s complaining, myself included. This was taken on Monday when I decided to have a little dessert to cool off from the heat. Presenting:

    Dana Buko Cocktail


    Full Menu – They mostly have snacks.

    Assembly Station

    Assembly Station
    The crew wrapping my treats 🙂

    The Halo-Halo

    I did not put ice cream on mine. All they had was Ube which I unfortunately don’t like.
    All done. Stripped of its coconut meat.
  • Authentic Japanese Ramen in Bacolod
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    Special Japanese Ramen

    Where in Bacolod can you get authentic Japanese Ramen? I’m sure there are a lot of places that I haven’t discovered yet but one place that I do know of is: the Negros Weekend Farmer’s Market. You can easily spot the stand once you’re at the food area of the market.

    How do I know it’s authentic?

    I haven’t been to Japan yet and therefor have not tasted the Ramen that they have there. But, the owners of the stand are Japanese (husband and wife). The husband makes the Ramen himself on-the-spot which I think is pretty cool. It reminds me of the movie “Ramen Girl”.

    They have other sizes of Ramen that you can order and they also have other types of Japanese food that you can try.

    How was the taste?

    It was my first time eating Japanese Ramen and it was wonderful. I definitely know where to go next time I have a craving for something Japanese.