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  • Local Ramen Restaurant: Izumi Ramen House
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    We have plenty of Japanese restaurants in the city, but none really specialises in making authentic Japanese Ramen. Well, there’s one in the weekend market in DC Cruz that volunteers from OISCA, an International organisation, makes. But, they only cook ramen every weekend. Now that the Izumi ramen restaurant is open, Bacolodnons can enjoy ramen Monday to […]

  • Bacolod Bar List | Mea in Bacolod | Retro KTV
    Bacolod Bar: Retro KTV at The MarketPlace
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    Retro KTV at theMarket Place is a new Bacolod bar that’s a little bit different than most bars here in the city. It’s retro-themed, it has disco KTV rooms as well as an upper deck, and Barbie – their unique, head-turning barbeque grill. Retro-Themed Bacolod Bar at The MarketPlace When you’re at the MarketPlace, it’s easy […]

  • Roli's Cafe | Bacolod City
    Roli’s Cafe: The Taste of Classic Bacolod
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    Roli’s Cafe – I think it was more of Roli’s Diner back then. I can’t remember eating at the place when I was younger, but my parents do, and they say that it was one of the most popular places to eat. I asked my mom (who also loves to eat and cook) what Roli’s Cafe dishes were […]

  • Baby Back Ribs in Bacolod City
    The Ribshack: Serving Grilled Goodness in Bacolod City
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    Bacolodnons love anything grilled! Grilled baby back ribs smothered in barbecue sauce, grilled fish, grilled chicken, grilled pork – you name it and a Bacolodnon will eat it! People usually go to different places to grill different kinds of meat. But now that Ribshack is open at SM City Bacolod’s South Wing, people can now enjoy […]

  • New Milk Tea Place in Bacolod - Serenitea is Here
    New Milk Tea Joint in Town: Serenitea Bacolod
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    Did you know that a new milk tea place just opened up in SM City Bacolod? If you frequently visit SM, you may have already guessed that I’m referring to Serenitea. Have you had your Serenitea Milk Tea Today? It’s very easy to spot Serenitea because it is right beside the entrance of the grocery store. The […]

  • Kabbara Cafe: MORE Bacolod Lebanese Food
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    My husband worked in Saudi Arabia for about a year. When he came home, he had already developed the skill for speaking Arabic (though not fluently) as well as the taste for Middle Eastern food. It was inevitable for him to miss both. Although it has been hard for him to find someone to speak Arabic with, […]

  • Mekong: Tasting Vietnamese Street Food in Bacolod
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    Mekong is a river in South East Asia that runs from the Tibetan Plateau through China’s Yunnan province, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Although it passes through many regions, people commonly associate it with Vietnam. In Bacolod City, we now have our own version of Mekong. It’s not really a body of water, but a street food stand […]

  • Saddam’s Shawarma at Homegrown Bacolod
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    Saddam’s Shawarma, located at Homegrown Bacolod, serves all kinds of shawarma delights, from shawarma rice, to shawarma wraps, and, their most popular, shawarma fries. They invited me, along with some of the Negros Bloggers, over to taste some of the dishes they have. And, let me tell you, I don’t know what Saddam’s secret is, but their […]

  • Merkado Cafe: Fresh, Organic and All Natural
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    Is it just me or has Bacolod had a lot of organic restaurant openings over the past year? It’s probably just me because I’m at an age (I’m 29) where you come to your senses and realize that your indestructibility, more commonly known as youth, is slowly leaving your body year after year. Whatever the case, […]

  • Lebanon in Bacolod: The Kabbara Cafe, Inc
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    Despite Bacolod being a fairly small city, you’ll be surprised at how diverse the food choices here are. One good example of a cafe that’s offering diversity is Kabbara Cafe. It’s definitely a cafe that’s on my radar and it should be in yours too. The Kabbara Cafe is over at the newly opened The Billboards: BS Aquino […]

  • Vikings Bacolod Valentine’s Day Dishes
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    Vikings Bacolod is also celebrating this year’s Valentine’s day by presenting 10 sumptuous dishes that everyone can enjoy. These 10 dishes were specifically created for this year’s Valentine’s Day, so yes, you could say that it’s going to be a very special Sunday at Vikings Bacolod tomorrow. Love will definitely be celebrated – mostly the love for food – with […]

  • Quino’s: New Hot Dogs and a FREE Card
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    I have always wanted to taste some of Quino’s hot dogs and finally, one Sunday afternoon at the District North Point, I and my family visited the cafe to snack on some.  The Cafe at Ayala First off, I have always liked hanging out at Quino’s when we are at The District North, otherwise known […]